Mom Locked in Custody Dispute Before Shooting Her Two Boys

[PENNSYLVANIA – Bucks County Courier Times] Trinh Nguyen, 38, is accused of shooting her two sons, Nelson Tini and his older half-brother Jeffery “JT” Tini, 13, in the head while they lay in their beds on Monday morning, police said.

The father of one of the two boys, Edward Tini, in court documents, called his ex-wife, Trinh Nguyen, a flight risk and a “classic parent kidnapper.”

Recently, Tini sought to prevent Nguyen from taking their 9-year-old son Nelson on a planned trip to her native Vietnam in the coming months, which the couple agreed on last year.

He expressed concern Nguyen would refuse to return to the U.S. citing a 2015 incident before they were married where he said that Nguyen took their then-3-year-old son to Texas and threatened not to return, according to documents filed in Bucks County Court.

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