Santa Clara Court Attorneys Lisa Herrick & Fariba Soroosh Exposed by Tik Tok Lawyer Brian Pakpour

Invitation To Sacrmento Inns Of Court

When Yolo County Tik Tok Divorce Attorney Brian Pakpour accepted an invitation to attend a Sacramento America’s Inns of Court meeting, he connected to  the inner circles of the Sacramento court corruption  with area judges and lawyers. That  one evening linked the Tik Tok lawyer to Santa Clara County prosecutor Jay Boyarasky who assured the invitation in order to  scrape Geo  Tags  and phone data that connects Pakpour to the largest public court corruption investigation in California’s history. 

The scrapping of Pakpour’s data footprint linked him to a money laundering scheme operating in  Santa Clara and Sacramento courts  through a domestic violence charities  known as WEAVE  and WOMENSV. 

At the forefront of the scheme are Santa Clara court attorneys Lisa Herrick and Fariba Soroosh who have been working pocket probate, custody and divorce cases with private  lawyers Nicole Ford, Elise Mitchell, Heather Allan, Jim Hoover,  Walter Hammon and BJ Fadem, for over a decade. 

Data Footprints of Ms. Soroosh and Ms. Herrick appear to indicate  how dark  money has moved in and aroound  divorce, probate and custody matters in California for the past 20 years and in secret accounts not controlled by regulated banks.