Update on Complaints Against Alissa Sherry / Legal Consensus and TSBEP / TBHEC Complaint Process

PETITION UPDATE – www.change.org/p/texas-state-board-of-examiners-of-psychologists-tsbep-investigation-into-forensic-custody-evaluator-dr-alissa-sherry-and-legal-consensus/u/25214343

Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP) Instructions for complaints: 

“State in simple, narrative language why you think the professional violated the Psychologists’ Licensing Act or Board rules.” 

But then when you read the fine print: 
“There must be sufficient evidence to establish probable cause of the misconduct. Therefore, if no probable cause can be determined as a result of the investigation, or if there is not sufficient evidence to withstand a court hearing, the complaint is referred to the Dismissal Committee”  

You are lead to believe you can fill out one page of complaint information in layman’s terms.  The TSBEP takes 18-24 months to make a determination, eventually dismissing because the complaint won’t stand up in a court of law.  By this time people have moved on, are broke after battling the family court system and have no ability to draft a second complaint that will stand up in a court of law.  The TSBEP has set their complaint system up so that anyone that complains about custody evaluations or psychological evaluations is guaranteed to not succeed. 

And when an inquiry is made on how to appeal the decision Darrel Spinks the Executive Director of the TSBEP stated “The dismissal of a complaint may not be appealed by a complainant or a third-party”