Your Relationship with Money and Financial Abuse

Your Relationship with Money and Financial Abuse

Many of us within this community will have suffered horrible financial devastation due to narcissistic abuse. We may struggle to regain the prosperity we once had.Or we may rebuild, only to find ourselves smashed down into poverty and debt again.

This happened to me more than once, and without Quanta Freedom Healing I could never have become self-generative and a source of abundance to myself in every way.

So, I’m really excited to go deeply into the Quantum Truths about your relationship with money, and how your own beliefs and survival programming can leave you vulnerable to financial abuse.

You’ll discover so much in today’s inspiring new Thriver TV episode! In this video I also teach you how to shore up the four pillars of your inner identity – so that you are no longer reliant on others for love, approval, security, and survival.

Then, whether you are someone who feels like they can’t survive on their own, or a person who always seems to find themselves funding other people’s lavish lifestyles, I have EXCITING NEWS that will enable you to tap into your prosperity, abundance, and flow, to create the life of your dreams!



Video Transcript

Hey, beautiful Thrivers and welcome to Thriver TV! I am super duper excited to talk to you today about a dynamite topic, which is your relationship with money and how it all fits in to financial abuse. So if you are sick of being financially exploited, abused and mined, you really need to watch this video.

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Quantum Law And Financial Abuse

Firstly, I need to explain quantum law because this is a really important foundation, and people often ask me what is quantum law?”

I, and many neuro- and quantum scientists, believe it is the vibrational reality that sets up everything we know as our existence and our physical reality. To put it simply, it is the truth of what’s really going on at the core deep levels. What’s really empowering about that is that the truth sets us free.

So we’re going to be talking about your relationship with money at a quantum level, and specifically the trauma programs that are holding  in place the horrible challenges and financial losses that you just don’t want to live with anymore.

We all know financial abuse from a narcissist – and I went through it profoundly twice – is horrific. Many of you have experienced this and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Trauma programs always relate to the four pillars of our inner identity – love, approval, security and survival. Trauma programs mean that we have fear, we have energy leaks and we hand our power away in order to try to get that love, approval, security, and survival – all four of those pillars come into play a lot with financial abuse and our relationship to money.


Love and Approval

Let’s start off by having a look at love and approval. Love and approval often plays into how we have energy leaks with money. It can be things like, “I have to give to get, to try to prove my love, my worth and my loyalty to somebody.”

Narcissists play on this a lot. They might say to you things like, “You’re not proving to me that you’re a good partner,” or, “You’re a bad parent,” or, “You don’t care about me, your sibling.”

Or maybe it’s an elderly parent who is guilting you into believing that you need to take care of them financially, paying their bills, their fines and their costs, and taking responsibility for them where they’re not taking responsibility for themselves.

However it happens, you end up paying for things and granting money to others.

If we’re really honest with ourselves – and I did this a lot in my relationships – we do it because we want to be loved. We acted out of fearful reasoning that, “if I don’t do that, you may not love me. You may not stay with me”.

This brings us back to what we always to in Thriver Recovery and our amazing community here. We realize that to change our life, we can only change ourselves. To change ourselves, we have to be humble, we have to be real, and we have to be honest.

We can’t work on a narcissist. We can’t change a narcissist, or an abuser, or a financial abuser: but we can change how we’ve been showing up and what we’ve been doing, so that we are never going to be susceptible to such abuse again. That’s what this conversation is about.

We can have a thing about deservedness. We may have been brought up with all sorts of programming when we were young, such as, “Well, what makes you think you deserve that? There’s starving people in the world. Why do you think you deserve that?”

We’ve been told to play small and we didn’t understand the unity consciousness of plenty, which is that if I deserve and can be abundant and prosperous, then I can help elevate other people into their deservedness, abundance and prosperity. Rather, we were taught a separation scarcity consciousness that if I have, then somebody else has to miss out. So, we’ve all been drowning together in those sorts of beliefs and those sorts of programs.

Narcissists are very, very good at what they do. Financial abusers will make you believe that you’re a bad person and you are undeserving, or that you deserve to be punished because you’re such a horrible person. They may say other people think you’re a horrible person – and this could be true because of all of the gaslighting, smearing and triangulation that this person does.

You start to think that you’re defective, wrong and bad. The narcissist, of course, being so superior, entitled and selfish (I cover this more at the end of this  video) will outright accuse you of being that person. So, you start questioning yourself and your intentions and your beliefs around money, and you do start feeling bad about it. Absolutely.

Now, we can also have a lot of guilt programming that really plays into the whole love and approval thing. We feel bad and wrong for people who are suffering  – or who play the victim and tell us they’re suffering.

These can be people who are very parasitical, and who were always positioning themselves to take from you, mine and exploit you, and empty you out. If they know that you’re susceptible to being guilted, they will guilt you to the max to be able to do this. They activate the kind of guilt that says, unless I’m giving what I’ve got to everybody else, well then, I’m a really bad person. We can have this kind of martyr complex and playing out as an adult, whether it is with friends,  a neighbor, a colleague, or of course a lover or a spouse.

As a child, you may have been told that you had to give – you had to hand over your time, your attention, and your energy to a narcissistic or a very broken, victimized, codependent parent. This led you into the belief that “unless I’m granting you all I’ve got, well then, you’re not going to be healthy enough to love me and approve of me”.

Men play that out a lot. Good, great guys can get with narcissistic women who – in their their hubris, ego and fantasy constructs –  will guilt them into handing over their money and all the things they feel entitled to have. “I need the latest Gucci handbag,” “I need this,” “I need that,”  “I need the other,” and “It’s your duty to give me the money to have what I want.”

There’s a lot of men who feel like, “Well, unless I make her happy, she’s not going to love me.” And that gets played out.

Of course, there are also a lot of women in our community who have been mined by narcissistic, entitled men because we were trying to earn their love by giving them everything we had.

So this touches on the love and approval programs we can have, that have played right into the hands of somebody exploiting us. When we do the inner work on those inner traumas and beliefs about money, then we change our relationship with money so that we can no longer be exploited and we can actually start generating money in a healthy way – more about that later.




Security And Survival Programming

Now let’s have a look at security and survival programs. These are massive, especially for women because they’re things like, “I can’t survive without a man.” This is enormous. It’s in the zeitgeist. It’s in our inner wiring for so many women, because it was literal.

Not so long ago, if women didn’t have a man in their life or if he left her, she may not have property rights. She might not even have the rights to her children. She may not even be able to literally survive unless maybe she joined a convent or she prostituted herself.

This is not blaming men because there are wonderful, beautiful men in the world. Even back in the day of the suffragettes, there were great men that stood with them. It was really a system that was very designed for women not to be able to have their self-definition and their power.

When we look at our mothers, our grandmothers and our great-grandmothers, most of them would stay with men, no matter what happened. Even with extreme financial abuse, because they really believed that they couldn’t survive without a man.

I played that out horrifically in my life, to the point where not only did I put up with abuse, because of the terror of “I can’t look after myself financially” – even though from the outside, it would have looked like I certainly could, because I was already successful. But it was a deep inner emotional terror that just never left me alone.

I had men that were not my rock who would look after me financially and drive the bus. They were actually the hammer that gave me the results of my fears.

This is quantum law:  so within, so without. When we have an unresolved terror inside of us, it will meet us in the field because it’s a strong energy signature that draws to us more of the same. So, that was my pattern, that was my program. It played out for me, as it played out for so many women that I have seen in my beautiful community.

Over the last 15 years, I have seen women who own international businesses, condominiums and multiple properties,  feeling like they were going to die when they were left by the no-hopers who were bleeding them dry and parasiting them for everything they could get.  They would literally feel like they were going to die because their zeitgeist in their energy fields was stuck. For a woman, these hereditary traumas have her feeling like she’s been thrown out of the hut and she’s going to die.

We also carry a lot of those traumas for our children. “I need a man to look after me and my children.”  So a lot of women have struggled to be self-generative, to come up and out of that trance and that inner programming to be self-generative. I promise you when you do, it is like a whole new lease on life.

At my age now, at 55, I have a wonderful partner in my life who adds to my life, but I’m completely self-generative. I healed and programmed that up to feel completely safe in life – and you can too.

There’s a ton of other beliefs around money, so I’m only touching on the biggest ones that I see in this community all the time.

A big one that can be very insidious, and people don’t realize they’ve got it, is that money is evil. We’re taught this, and it was in Bible scripture. We’ve been brought up to believe that money is corruption, and that corruption and power is because of money. We can have lots of funky beliefs about this.

Money as an energy can be used for good and it can be used to harm. It’s like food. Food can heal; food can harm. Money can heal; money can harm – it’s exactly the same thing.

Believing that money is the root of all evil may mean that we’re doing a job we hate because we can take the bad for the bad, but not for the good. So if we were doing a job that we loved as our purpose and our contribution on this planet, then we can’t accept money for it. This is why so many healers and other people who we would love to make a living doing the job of their dreams, never get it off the ground.

The whole money is evil stuff is deeply generational. It’s also to a planetary program concept that’s very unhealthy: it’s me versus you, scarcity and separation consciousness – all of those things that mess up our relationship with abundance, prosperity and flow.

We can be very susceptible to drawing a narcissist into our life because they are all about money in an evil way and they are the ultimate separation concept. They’re not connected to source, flow, prosperity, abundance, oneness, sharing, self-generation or generation of others. They are absolutely about me versus you; I win, you lose; I gain, you get destroyed.

They are a parasite. They’re an inversion of unity consciousness. They’re actually separation consciousness. They’re anti-life.  A lot of this happens around money because the narcissist’s false self is so attracted to stuff – the ego food, which is a claim, notoriety and look at me, look at me, look at me. It’s all out of fear – there’s nothing about it that’s healthy. Fear they’ll never have enough. “I’m not enough and I need stuff to be enough” is fear.

What comes with that fear? Greed, entitlement, manipulation, mining, exploitation and cruelty to others to try to survive. That is all about painful beliefs about money. We cannot have people in our lives with painful beliefs around money unless we have them because of quantum law. So within, so without.


In Conclusion

There’s a lot to clean up here. For somebody like myself, I was good at making money but I would always lose it and end up back at square one, in tons of debt and having to claw my way out of it. I had lots of funky bad beliefs around money. Some of them I’ve shared with you today.

It’s very common in this community and this is why I’m so excited about my upcoming four-hour workshop with all of you. We will look at exactly what’s going on within you in the limited traumatic beliefs that have caused financial abuse and/or not living the prosperity of your dreams in healthy, win-win ways. We will get connected to the purpose, the mission, the outflow that you love, so that you get remunerated beautifully for doing what you were born to do on this planet. I’ve already helped lots of people connect to that, and I want to help you connect to that. This is what I love doing – sharing this life with others who want to come up to this vibrational level with me and live life in this way, because there is more than enough for everybody when we do that.

Check out the link here, to my Manifesting Financial Prosperity Workshop – and don’t worry if you miss it because you’ll get the recording.

Please know this is not just for people who’ve been financially abused by narcissists. It’s for anybody who wants to sort out their financial abuse traumas and programs so that they can really go to a higher-dimensional creation level with this stuff. So invite your family and friends!

What’s really cool about this workshop is there’s so much value that you’re going to be learning about, but you can enter it for a tiny amount because I want everybody in there.

I hope this excites you as much as it excites me, and I can’t wait to see you in the workshop!

I hope today has helped shed some light on what’s been going on, how you can take your power back, reprogram and clean up those energy leaks. That way, you will never have to go through being exploited and financially abused again, and can live the life of your dreams.

I look forward to your comments below.