THE CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATOR SCAM: $50,000 – $70,000 FOR A “CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATION,” AND ANOTHER $20,000 FOR HER “EXPERT TESTIMONY” From people that I have talked with and reviews that I have seen, Alissa Sherry is one of the WORST child custody evaluators in Texas. EVERY PERSON that I have talked with about her cannot stand her and thinks she is incompetent, lazy, and terrible. Perhaps that is why anti-family attorney Marshall Thompson, Bar Card Number 24059139, of Thompson, Salinas, and Londergren LLP, wants to keep using Alissa Sherry as the evaluator. That and the fact that her “evaluation” and her “recommendations” put Dr. David O’Conner in a bad light. The Child Custody Evaluation Scam often does not get the attention it warrants. The Child Custody Evaluation is an OPINION, often given by a person who who skews the report based on his or her biases or influenced by money. In many cases, their reports are trash. The evaluators are often people who meet with parents and children just enough to give them stuff to write into a report to give them an air of erudition and validity, but are full of omissions and incorrect conclusions. Yet attorneys and judges rely on these reports and people to restrict a good, loving, and fit person of his or her rights, destroy parental bonds, and sometimes charge upwards of $50,000 for their “services.” Some child custody evaluators are corrupt, others are just inept. In most cases their services are unnecessary, but are just another way to deprive people of money for useless services ordered by a judge or requested by an attorney. They often cause more damage than good. They are an integral part of the family destruction industry. Even though all the EVIDENCE indicates Dr. David O’Conner is a great and loving father, and there was NO EVIDENCE that Dr. O’Conner is in any way the the slightest threat to their son, Marshall O’Conner wants to continuing proceeding with a lawsuit on behalf of Trish Ho, Dr. O’Conner’s ex-wife, based on “Dr.” Alissa Sherry’s report – and he wants to Dr. O’Conner to pay his ex-wife’s attorney’s fees so that he can continue litigating. #AlissaSherry #MarshallThompson #JudgeKarinCrump #250thDistrictCourtTravisCountyTexas