Attorney Chris Melcher's Data Footprints Suggest Links to Public Court and Cops on the Take

Melcher Crypto Payments Linked to Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputies Working as Court Bailiffs 

Data Footprints for Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputies Manuel Rey  and Carrie Swenson  , exposed by LA Divorce Attorney Christopher Melcher who works as a ” volunteer” Sheriff Deputy in Los Angeles,  reveal patterns of white collar gang activity tied to California’s  family and criminal courthouses.

These patterns show complex bribery schemes connected to divorce case rigging. The scheme includes kickbacks to  Sheriff deputies working in public courthouses,  or  hired on overtime to work secondary employment for the 49ers, LA Dodgers. 

These data dumps also reveal cops connected to public and private court judges as well as  secondary  side hustles for  businesses performing arbitration, mediation and private judge services. 

Sheriff Sgt. Manuel Rey 
Bryan Oliveri 
Rick Alanis 
Judge Mary Greenwood
Jim Helms 
Julian Quinonez 
Lisa Herrick
Sung Park 
​Sandra McManus  
Brain Tanaka  
Carrie Swenson 

Sgt.   Carrie Swenson 

​Bryan Oliveri
Tracy Fleming 

David Gomez 
Judge Mary Greenwood 
David Luca 

Rita Reser  
Kimberly Nielsen, LMFT 

Captain Jim Helms 

​David Gomez
Steve Myers  
Steven Villarreal II  
Gary Myers
Matt Rosen 
Steven Fox 
Rick Sung  
Mark Tarasco
Garland Mayfield 
Mark Roggia
Javier Moreno 
Henry Rocha  
Judge Vanessa Zecher 
Scott Meeks