Dolnick – Melcher Head Orange County & LA Gangs

Alex Dolnick’s Crypto Accounts Unveil California Family, Criminal & Traffic Court Corruption 

When Alex Dolnick uploaded the word combination for the Dark Data Password contained in Dicvorce Attorney  Elise Mitchell’s files,  social media and data accounts, she unknowingly connected the dots in California’s Largest Public Corruption Scandal arising from a decade long open source investigation that had been secretly monitored by the FBI.   

Dolnick has unlocked secret files that stand to indict 500 lawyers, judges and cops who work as Sheriffs or bailiffs along with court clerks, court reporters and charity operators.  Gangs operating from within Calfornia’s courts have been concealed by lawyers and duly elected judges on the gang payrolls. 

With the help of social media,  cybersecurity hackers and open sourcing investigation cross references,   over 100,000 court files  and appeallete records   in Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, Marin, Napa , Contra Costa, San Diego and Santa Clara County have been cross referenced to expose the  country’s largest public corruption activity  linked to Silicon Valley and Hollywood. 

Dolick’s acounts opened data footprints for Christopher Melcher, Laura Wasser, Trent Lewis, David Weinberg, Trent Lewis, Jack Trotter, Thomas Girardi, Michael Avenatti, John Eastman, Sheri Eisner,  Melina Johnson and Reva Goetz. These footprints and cross reference reveal  billions taken from California families involved in divorce, probate, and business disputes handled by JAMS in mandated arbitration or private judging cases.  

Data footprints will be loaded by region upon scape completion.