Father and Son, 11, Left Abusive Mother, But She Re-Entered Their Lives and Stabbed the Boy to Death

A woman allegedly stabbed her son, and then herself, deputies said. Victim Bruce Johnson Jr., 11, succumbed to his injuries — but not before telling investigators his mother stabbed him, according to the Lea County Sheriff’s Office in New Mexico.

“The investigation revealed that Bruce, Sr. had moved to Hobbs with his son from Oklahoma and left Mary behind after allegations she was abusing their son,” deputies said. “Bruce, Sr’s intent was to file for a divorce due to the abuse and because she was often violent with him. He explained Mary had not seen their son in approximately 40 days and had been begging to see him. Mary then came to live with them in Hobbs to spend time with them before the divorce was filed.”

There were no reports of abuse or neglect since they moved to New Mexico, but there were at least two reported incidents while they were in Oklahoma, deputies said.

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