sad, pitiful woman on blackground

How Holding Onto a Victim Mindset Keeps You Stuck After Divorce

sad, pitiful woman on blackground


We’ve all been through some stuff. Whether you’ve experienced childhood trauma, emotional neglect, physical abuse, addiction issues, or something entirely unique to you– we’ve all waded through difficult times.

Over the course of the last two months, I’ve interviewed hundreds of single moms for a book project I am creating called Shattering the Stigma of Single Motherhood.

What I’ve discovered through these interviews is that the women who are successful and have the financial means to participate in the project do not feel like they are a victim of their circumstances.

They have accepted what has happened to them and created a plan to move on and move forward– even stronger than they were before.

The women I interviewed who are still struggling are those that are waiting for someone to come rescue them. They are still blaming an ex-spouse, an ex-lover, a parent, or someone else as to why their life is so bad and why they can’t get it together.

The fact is if you are still operating with a victim mindset, that could be why your life is not improving. Playing the victim is a common way to avoid taking responsibility for your life. When you play the victim, you give up your power and control to someone or something else. This can keep you stuck in a negative cycle and prevent you from rebuilding your life.

So how do you break free from the victim mindset?

It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Here are a few tips:


Take responsibility for your own happiness.


Stop looking to others to make you happy.


Focus on your own growth and development.


Don’t dwell on the past.


Move forward with positive intentions.


Be kind to yourself – give yourself permission to make mistakes.


Believe in yourself – know that you have the power to change your life for the better.


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Yes, someone or something has probably wronged you in the past. But, that person has now moved on (happily) with their life, leaving you struggling and wondering what’s next. It’s now time for you to take that control away from that person by owning your life and your success. Let this be your sign to take control again!

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