Supervisor Susan Ellenberg Caught Up in Family Court Corruption Through Ties to Walter Hammon

Walter Hammon Investigated for Interfering with the 2018 Supervisor Election

Susan Ellenberg was like many other women riding the #metoo movement into historic midterm elections. Promises of big changes made in 2018 fell short when Ellenberg cast her first votes in 2019 and demonstrated her loyalty to lawyers including divorce attorney Walter Hammon  who was front and center in Ellenberg’s campaign. 

Walter Hammon is a “clean-up” divorce lawyer, retained by the most nefarious  spouses divorcing in Santa Clara County. Most recently Hammon represented an employee of the Santa Clara County District Attorney, Jeff Rosen, where Hammon’s client  reportedly sexually harassed a subordinate, sending  two families into the local courts. Hammon reportedly took the case as a favor to Rosen, and to hide the settlement the county made with the employee in 2018, just before a 2019 law would require the case to be fully disclosed. 

Divorce lawyers Sharon Roper and Valerie Tarvin reportedly cleaned up the other divorce arising from the DA office scandal, where the husband, an employee for Uber, was suspected of abusing his immigrant wife after he learned of her infidelity. The divorce was quickly settled up and the settlement with the county kept secret. 

Santa Clara County employee Terry Harman has been covering up sexual abuse and harassment in the DA’s office for years. Harman reportedly threatened  employees who tried to speak up and ignored complaints from the public brought directly to the DA, or through the county’s Whistleblower program. Harman also reportedly helped cover up sexual abuse claims against Dominic Caserta who ran against Ellenberg andwas reportedly ” outed” as a strategy designed to assure Ellenberg’s win. 

Hammon, whose sons work for criminal law firms and hold leadership positions in the State Bar, is being investigated for RICO and Antitrust activity along with other lawyers from the county.  Hammon, who opposed Bradford Baugh and James Mc Manis for show, has  also been linked to Rebekah Frye and the Los Gatos police, where domestic violence is falsely charged,  or carefully covered up,  for the right price. 

Frye has also been linked to drug deals involving local youth, some of whom Frye knew faced financial problems because of their parent’s divorce. 

Walter Hammon is being investigated for collecting campaign donations for Susan Ellenberg in a manner that violates the Political Reform Act and that included his Trust Account, Hammon reportedly  collected and donated cash that was not reported on Ellenberg’s campaign forms. 

Parents in the county worried that Ellenberg’s close relationship with Hammon would prevent her from helping families struggling with the county’s family courts and complicit District Attorney, out of the gate Ellenberg may have demonstrated parents should have been worried.