Love for LA Dodgers Exposes Sheriff Deputies in Second Bribery Scheme Connected to Appeals Court

Santa Clara Sheriff Sgt. Manual Rey Connects to Ghost Knowledge Account in  Family Court Files 

 When Sargent Rey’s digital footprint connected to the LA Dogers  and former Family Court Public Information Officer Joe Macaluso,  he exposed a Ghost Knowledge Account funded through cryprocurrency transactions  by divorce lawyers, judges, and court appointed witnesses. These accounts reveal Santa Clara Sheriff Department Gangs operating through a” 7:30 Club” in Santa Clara County, and police officer associations throughout the state  running a money laundering and bribery scheme that involves the   rigging divorce and cusotdy cases up through the Court of Appeal. 

It was the linking of Rey and Swenson’s digital footprints that exposed the state wide operation weaving throughout California’s courts and law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Gilroy and Morgan Hill. 

Digital footprints exposing these Santa Clara Sheriff gangs connected to family court cases and the Sixth District Court of Appeal are being scrapped and uploaded to an investigative database. That database is being sold through Bay Area News Group reporters and shareholders in the private companies known as JAMS, ADR Services and Siganture Resolutions. Businesses that conduct 90% of California’s mandatory arbitration and private judging cases.