Mitchell Papers Show Dark Money Divorce Lawyer Retainer Payments Linked to Minor's Counsel "GAL"


Over the past decade family law attorney Elise Mitchell was awarded court appointments to represent children as the county courts sought to provide the public with an appearance of diversity in divorce and custody cases. Mitchell is Black. 

Now Mitchell’s own adult  child, Ogechi Ajawara, has linked social media and  digital footprints that  expose what appears to be his mother’s involment in a California divorce case rigging and tax evasion scheme. 

The scheme has operated for over a decade and is  centered around Silicon Valley judges James Towery and Stuart Scott with links  to Los Angeles and Orange County Courts. The target, California  real estate and high asset community property estates  subject to  division in a divorce  or probate case.

Mitchell’s emails and dark payment transactions are linked to family law attorneys Stefan Kennedy, BJ Fadem, Constance Carpenter, Jessica Huey, Christina Adames and Nicole Myers , all operating in high asset divorce cases in  Silcon Valley. These lawyers, like their Southern California counterparts obtain immunity from their court appointments and as such are able to pad their bills with impunity. 

In  2018,  confidential files were reportedly left  at the San Jose Catholic School where Mitchell’s  daughter attended with the daughter of now Judge Cindy Hendrickson. After the leak, Mitchell  was shadowbanned and only given cases predetermined to be on the losing end of a real estate – private judge scheme operating in family court probate and divorce cases. 

More recently leaked files show that during the 2020-2022 pandemic, as courthouses were closed, Mitchell  nudged into private judging cases, representing the wives who were set up to lose due to case rigging involving California’s public court judges.  

Payments Mitchell collected in  cryptocurrency,  cash gift cards, and fradulent real estate titles  keeps Mitchell  funded as ineffective counsel in rigged divorce cases, while giving an appearance that Santa Clara County offers ” diversity ” in court appointments. 

Mitchell’s data footprint has revealed payments consistent with tax evasion and money laundering linked to the accounts of Pala Psychotherapy,  and cases of litigants in secret custody  matters, or divorce cases,  including  Gracie Razo, Abigail Portillo,  Juan Macias, Irene Medoza and Gary Ibarra.

More recently Mitchell has been  linked to a fraudulent CLETS DVRO scheme that began when she was paid by the NFL for a former San Francisco 49er in a custody / Domestic Violence case.  That case later saw Mark Erickson take over, after it was determined Mitchell stood to expose the case rigging scheme connected to Judge Towery’s courtroom and the Santa Clara County DA’s office through judge Towery’s wife, Karyn Sinunu Towery.