Stan Hyt 30 years with the LVMPD entered the race for Clark County Sheriff!

Stan Hyt 30 years with the LVMPD entered the race for Clark County Sheriff!

Clark County Nevada

September 19, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Stan Hyt candidate for Clark County Sheriff.

Hyt a graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Soon after in January of 1978 he was hired by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and served 30 years with this department.

Hyt said he will protect the resident’s rights not to wear a mask and get Covid vaccines. Hyt said his wife and he already had Covid and he took NyQuil. Hyt said that he would stand up for our civil liberties.

Hyt said the new mandate to become a Las Vegas Police Officer, you have to take the Covid vaccine. Hyt doesn’t understand how the current sheriff who is a candidate for Republican Governor can mandate the Covid vaccines and endorses sanctuary cities be a candidate for Republican Governor. Hyt added that Joseph Lombardo current Clark County Sheriff has broken off relations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Hyt said that he would like to meet with the leadership of all the law enforcement agencies, county, state, and federal.

Hyt said the mandates for the vaccines are unconstitutional.

Hyt said we need to stop the endorsement of Sheriff from the current Sheriff and let the people decide without any influence.

Hyt said weapons are legal to have, there is no reason why an officer should pull a resident out of their vehicle for a traffic stop when the resident informs the officer that there are weapons in the vehicle. Officers are not allowed to “fish” they need “probable cause”. Hyt said that this is an abuse of authority. Hyt supports constitutional carry.

Some of Hyts focus is to improve police morale, use nonlethal force, smaller taxes, and have less government.

The Host indicated that Metro’s Internal Affairs, The Citizen Review Board, and the Use Of Force Review Board are all a “joke” set up to pacify the public and to protect bad officers.

Hyt took pop shots at the two current challengers in the race for sheriff indicating that Assemblyman Tom Roberts’s votes like a democrat and many questions came about during the October 1st shooting at Mandalay Bay that caused his exit from LVMPD.  Hyt also commented on former Undersheriff Kevin McMahill as another Lombardo and stated that McMahill stands by the mandates to vaccinate all police officers including new hires. Both are former officers retired from the LVMPD.

The Host asked about Las Vegas City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Stavros Anthony as a possible candidate for Sheriff. Hyt said that he met with Anthony and he indicated that he would not run for Sheriff.

Hyt said that we need to bring the Gang Unit back to the LVMPD indicating that they are a valuable asset adding that LVMPD has a budget of $630 million dollars annually. With 5 thousand employees and many ranks and files leaving the force.

The Host asked about an annual physical fitness test requirement for LVMPD officers and Hyt stated that he didn’t want to take away an officer’s livelihood because they can’t pass a physical requirement. The Host indicated that physical fitness should be part of an officer’s requirement no different than the military especially when you are dealing with a potential adversary on the streets.

The Host asked what type of programs are in place for police officers that are going through the Clark County Family Court System when you have officers losing their children, losing their assets, and struggling to put food on the table for themselves. Hyt said that he would not oppose a program that would help officers that are going through these crises including alcohol addictions.

The shooting of Stanly Gibson, Erik Scott, and Trevon Cole was also mentioned in this interview.

The Host also brought up the safety of inmates within the Clark County Detention Center.

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Stan Hyt candidate for Clark County Sheriff on the Veterans in Politics Video Internet talk-show