Washington Post: When DV Victims Go to Court Without a Lawyer, Odds are Stacked Heavily Against Them

CJE Director Kathleen Russell recently testified in the Connecticut Legislature on Sen. Alex Kasser’s coercive control bill, where she focused on the tragic preventable filicide case of 7-month-old Aaden Moreno, and his protective mother, Adrianne Oyola. This mother’s plea to protect her son fell on deaf ears, when Judge Barry C. Pinkus refused to extend her restraining order against the boy’s abusive father, who then threw him off a bridge to his death in 2015.

Their case is now the subject of a Washington Post editorial. Kudos to the Washington Post for their ongoing series on the dangers of appearing “unrepresented” in the courts. According to a report from the California Chief Justice, 90% of family law litigants in California do not have the resources to hire an attorney, and thus are labeled “self-represented.”

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