Shifts Happen-Series 3- Session 12 – Being Financially Free

I love the journey of quantum prosperity we have been on together, all leading to today’s session –“Being Financially Free”.

Let’s just recap where we have been in this Series 3 – Manifesting Prosperity – Session 1 from Series 3 was – “Becoming Abundant” – you learned that financial prosperity can thrive in an energy of acceptance for “where you are at” right now. As well as gratitude for your journey of development, healing, and expansion.

This sets you up on a beautiful frequency foundation to generate abundance!

Then we had Session 2 – Passion, Creation, Reward – the opening up to your true Soul desires and mission, igniting motivation and synchronicity from the Field of All That Is, and knowing the amazing reward of being “on song”.

Then we have Session 3 – “My Energetic Financial Flow” – learning how to open up the flow of “plenty” and “more” within a healthy ecology of money. I know last week was a huge eye-opener to many of you when you realized how much the Quantum Law of “more” loves “flows” and how to ignite that in your life.

This leads us now into today, Session 4 – “Being Financially Free’.



A Quantum Examination Of Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom means different things to different people. It depends on “who you are in the world” and what your requirements are. Do you need a lot of money or not so much for your life to work?

Let’s look deeper.

Absolutely … for everyone, financial freedom means no longer having to struggle to make ends meet or having to exchange time for money – meaning that you are trapped in living to work instead of working to live.

That is serfdom; it’s slavery.

It’s so sad that the majority of humankind has been programmed into believing that this is acceptable and normal.

The truth of Source/God/Creation in Oneness with your Soul is that you ARE Freedom. Yet you have been programmed to be exhausted, emptied out, stressed, and stuck on a treadmill.

It’s great that you are members of Shifts Happen, to leave behind old painful programming and access the TRUE life that your soul was born to live.

Now that you are energetically rising out of the old limiting programs, you can access a 5D world where you CAN be financially free. After expanding yourself regarding prosperity in the last few sessions, you probably feel more “possibility” inside, more clarity, and you may even have inspiration and progress regarding connecting to your mission.

But … do you have a struggle with “Financial Freedom?”

Is there a fear or blocks around this question, “Will I have enough money to do the life I want to live?’”

Many people think financial freedom is about having a hot car, expensive clothes, fancy dinners and going to exotic holiday destinations.

That’s an egoic program. It’s not true.

Some people have this, and they are bored out of their brains and desperately unhappy. The reason is that this is feeding the ego, from where no genuine, durable satisfaction can ever be felt.

There is no freedom here, it’s a trap. Because there is always a requirement for MORE material things and more and more and more, to try to feel “full” on the inside – that is not freedom; it’s a living hell.



What IS Financial Freedom REALLY?

Remember the energetic, emotional truth that we have already discussed about your real Self and Life, regarding how you never wanted anything material other than to feel good?

From this powerful baseline truth, you can innerstand that Financial Freedom is not the freedom to buy anything in the world that you want, rather it is the FREEDOM required financially to be YOURSELF.

Most people don’t even know what that level of deservedness is or feels like – the indoctrination has been so powerful into serfdom and working to live – either to serve a parasitical system or the internal parasite of your ego.

Let’s be honest – working hard to have the necessities to “live”, or the things that make your ego feel “significant” does not allow you the space, energy or time to BE yourself.

Which is the TRUE destiny of financial freedom.

The following is the true essence of financial freedom, “I can create. I can generate, be and experience who I TRULY am, which is the opposite of being a slave to the system or my insecure requirements to try to feel “okay”.”

Financial Freedom is about having your essential living covered to unleash your soul passion, your unique contributions, and what it is that’s going to set you alight and on fire into the only life that would ever truly gratify you.

Financial freedom and prosperity are connected.

Both are impossible when you are exhausted every day just to keep the bills paid, the roof over your head and food on the table or the “stuff” to try to feel okay about yourself.

So, how do you move into a place of financial freedom from a place of feeling stuck and unfulfilled?


Unblocking indoctrinated beliefs not allowing Financial Freedom

There is a need to do the inner work on the layers of false and painful beliefs that you have been indoctrinated with.

Things like  …

“Life is hard and a struggle.”

“I can only earn this amount because of my education/age/abilities (whatever the limiting belief is).”

“It’s normal to get a job, pay the bills, go to sleep and do it all again.”

“I have no idea how to earn extra income or change the way I live.”

“Life is hard, I am meant to struggle.”

“This is all there is for me, just like my parents.”

“To be loved and accepted I have to have and present to the world in a certain way.”

This is a 3D slave system that you have been trained into.

But … you can turn this around.

The shifts that we are going to do today in our healing session will address painful limits regarding Financial Freedom and will energetically move you from “non-possibility” (if you can’t feel the expansion inside, then you can’t create it in the physical world), into a new trajectory that you may never have been able to access, until now.

One where “the streets are lined with gold”, and you are now open to receive inspiration, cues, guidance, opportunity, synchronicity and miracles from the Field. There is nothing too intricate or spectacular that God/Source/Creation, with unlimited available permutations, can’t deliver.

I’m not talking about dodgy “get rich schemes”; I’m talking about a fulfilling real life where you are no longer exchanging time for money, and you can start unleashing your ability to be fully YOU – whatever that looks like.

This isn’t about the amount of money. It’s about enough money to have the freedom to fulfill your soul – which will always lead you to expansion and prosperity.

From a fulfilled soul place, the money that you spend with financial freedom WILL satisfy your soul. It will bring meaning and further expansion to your real self, rather than be something to try to feed the bottomless pit of the ego.

Your soul IS freedom, it IS Creation, and in Oneness with God/Source/Creation – which is where Quanta Freedom Healing shifts align you with. The ignition key gets turned.

Then, of course, the logical mind tries to grasp “BUT … How do I get Financial Freedom?” yet that is also 3D. When you have opposing traumas blocking you – trying to think your way out of them is like putting “ice cream on top of poop” – your consciousness does not ALLOW for new expansive thoughts until you have shifted on the inside and then your mind has access to Higher Trajectories.

Also, the mind only believes in “what it has experienced.” It doesn’t believe in the unknown, yet your soul has access to and Knowledge of ALL of it.

This is why you have to shift.

Now, in combination with shifting from within, let’s look at some of the practical aspects.


Letting GO to Let In Financial Freedom

You now know you need ACTUAL freedom to be yourself, live and create your soul’s desires, and BE financially prosperous.

Financial necessities can make this near impossible.

What is your Hamster Wheel that is stopping you? Why do you have to exhaust yourself in a job every day that only basically covers your bare essentials, and there is nothing left for you after that?

Are your overheads too big? Are you in a big mortgage because of … why … exactly?

If so, let go … downsize to get freedom.

It’s not a step backward, it’s a huge one forwards.

Do you live somewhere where the cost of living, or your mortgage or taxation system is too brutal – meaning you have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet?

Let go and go somewhere else.

But then you say – “I can’t do that!” Yes, you can! You are not behind bars. You have convinced yourself you are, but you are not.

If you stay in this prison, there is only one alternative way out – work into the night trying to create other revenue streams when you are exhausted, barely functioning, and certainly not going to be channeling creativity, all because you keep waking up to a crappy job tomorrow.

If you are working in a job you hate to pay the bills -that is a dying, not a living.

You would be better off going to a foreign country with cheap accommodation, doing a part-time job, living simply, getting some fresh air and sunshine and start having the space, well-being and time to channel something meaningful.

Maybe you living in an environment that is not healthy for you causing you to have to spend a whole heap of money on your health to try to survive it, where you could move out, begin to heal and restart your life in a much simpler and less expensive way.

That is Financial Freedom!

That is space for TRUE prosperity to arise.

The real question is, “How attached are you to the 3D Slave System?”

Does it feel good? Or, now that your 5D self is activating, pushing anything that is not of the Light to the surface, does it feel like total garbage?

I bet it is the latter.

Is your body breaking down as well, with your Inner Being screaming at you, “Wrong Town!”

You may think, but what about the kids? What will other people think?

Do you want your kids to grow up indoctrinated into slave systems, too, or to live from their soul, follow their hearts and enjoy their freedom, lifeforce and creations?

Do you care what other people think, especially those who are still trapped in the slave system and will be until they die, despite the fact this system is crumbling anyway?

Will you be lying on your deathbed from some illness that came because of financial stress, blocked creativity and a depressed soul, justifying it by thinking, “But I had a beautiful house, and my kids went to private schools.”

(Even though these are 3D slave indoctrination camps, too!)

Or do you want to lead the way, giving other people the freedom to unleash their soul into the unlimited Field of plenty, possibility, and creation because you had the guts to create the necessary detachment, freedom and space to do it?

In Oneness with Source/God/Creation, please know you don’t need a lot of money to create a lot of money – this force ALWAYS provides the way (remember how I shared with you my journey into real estate was with very little money and a miraculous brokered deal?)

Your OUTER world can’t provide you with Financial Freedom when you are trapped in financial slavery. There is not the space for it to move into your life, yet once you honour your soul and create relief, space, and freedom, and let go of 3D slave attachments, then the plenty, miracles, and full blast of Source-Filled financial prosperity can start entering you and your life.

Of course, it takes guts and courage, and it means listening to the language of your soul which isn’t programmed into 3D falsities, it is leading you home. Not just to freedom of your soul, but also financial freedom where you are flourished and nourished and taken care of in a beautiful synergy with God/Source/Creation flowing through you as you.

Okay … so lets start the shifting to step onto that 5D prosperous, abundant  timeline.

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