Shifts Happen – Session 10 – Passion, Creation, Reward


In last week’s Shifts Happen session, the first of series 3, “Manifesting Abundance” was about developing an attitude of gratitude, letting go of victimisation, regret, resentment and everything from your past that may haunt you regarding being abundant, as well as connecting to your God/Source Self to reset as an Abundant Being.

We worked through this information last week and did some powerful Quanta Freedom Healing shifts.

This essential foundation of gratitude, which means acceptance of “I am where I am at because this is perfect FOR me no matter how it seems” grants you the ability to go to the next step.

Which is Passion, Creation and Reward.

Let’s explore what this springboard is and how to step onto it.



What Is Passion?

Passion comes from the soul; it isn’t from the head.

Passion is something that you feel inside as excitement, deliciousness, and being LIT up. It just doesn’t feel like work, and you can spend hours doing something with full gusto.

Can you imagine that if you were connected to your True Abundance, that this is what you would feel like much of the time? And certainly, this comes into Being when you start “creating” what it is that you are here to BE and the abundance of your soul – to share with the world.

When you no longer are trying to “do” something to stop feeling so lousy or victimised, you have opened up space within for passion to erupt and emerge.

What is the greatest crusher of passion? THINKING! Being your own kill-joy. It would be like a child feeling passionate about a “calling” they are feeling in their soul, and the parent says, “Don’t be ridiculous, no one can make money from that!”

If you are doing this to yourself, you haven’t realised your SOUL does not get it wrong. In the Quantum Field, you have a future self (and much more), feeling excited about something, and this is a BIG “Yes!”

But if you go into your head with all of the “But HOW can this unfold?” “What if I fail?” “I don’t have the answers to how to make it work” you are NOT living as a 5th Density Being.

As a 5D Being, harnessing the creative power of The Field, (All That Is), you KNOW it is impossible with the logical mind, which only has memories and logically “learned” information, to be ABLE to work it out!

The logical mind says, “I can’t do it if I don’t have the answers. I’ll believe it when I see it. I need others to reassure me or get absolutes or guarantees before I embark on that journey.”

Your logical mind only processes 40 bits per second of information and is incredibly limited. It is in “Separation Consciousness’ It does not have access to All That IS.

But what happens when you LET GO of Being 3D and step into the 5D world – where you are harnessing the Absolute Mind and the information that IS the Entire Field that is responding to the frequency of your Inner Being?

Now, you are in Unity Consciousness – access to the Entire Field.

You know you only need to follow your passion. You know your Soul and God/Source never get it wrong. You pull up your Big Boy or Big Girl pants and stop listening to the small, scared, demanding guarantees voice. You move into your heart space and passions and follow THAT. You stop trying to make sense of it. You stop analysing and simply follow the call.

Source is Large and in Charge – you know that having the faith to follow is your greatest mission.

Gratefully, in our wonderful community, we have the healing super-tool Quanta Freedom Healing (especially now with Speedy Shifts) helping you unleash yourself, let go of limiting beliefs and fears, knowing that Source/God/Creation always provides, there is no way you are meant to go without or be hungry and cold.

Yes, you may need to let go of large structures in your life that were all ego-based and not the truth of your soul. Structures that are keeping you a prisoner. Do they light up your soul? Are they a representation of your True Self? If not, let them go.

It’s also ridiculous to put your life on hold by saying that you want to wait until this situation is better, or house prices rise again, the kids leave school, or interest rates drop … or whatever it is.

Your soul, quite frankly, could not give a crap about conditions and waiting. Your soul is unlimited, unconditionally, and just “is”. It says, “This is where you are called to now, and there are NO losses, no missed opportunities, or statistical or practical limits.” Your soul and Source are One, unlimited, and have every variable available to create “the way”.

Freedom and your soul call reign supreme, not external situations.

What is yours by Soul Right can not be taken away. It will return in abundance, plus some, if you honour your soul – which is abundant and unconditional and is the generator of your Thriving and True Flourishing and Nourishing.

Passion is where the Mission is – Mission is where Prosperity is at all levels, including money.

You may have ego structures and attachments that absolutely need to go to allow you to unleash yourself.

And so be it – it’s totally for the best. This is how you let loose passion. No regrets, guilt, or obligations that are tied up in people, situations and things that are not right for your soul.

Go free, and then you can access passion.

If you choose the “sensible” route, you are in “Wrong Town”. Sensible has its place, like not trusting people wildly just because you have an “impulse” or a “chemical rush” when you get with them (which is a BIG warning sign), like getting involved in a get-rich scheme and being manipulated out of money.

That’s reckless, that is not what I am talking about. Rather, let’s say you have years of qualifications and you know that profession doesn’t agree with you anymore. Let go and Let God/Source enter your soul and guide you to “what is next.”

In hindsight, when you connect to your true soul calling, you will see exactly how everything you did lead to now and wasn’t wasted. It was meant to be. It has all been important to create the True Self and Life you were destined to be and love.

If you are not feeling the passion, then you are not connected to your Soul Calling – it’s that simple.

Check-in with yourself about your “inner passion.”

Do you know what interests you? What are you drawn to? What lights you up? What would you love to share with others to benefit their life?

Authentic Service IS passion!

If you are not there yet, it’s because you are not allowing yourself to be. You haven’t made peace with “where you are at” yet, to let the Light illuminate within what it is that you are passionate about – your soul calling.

Innerstandings are still required. My suggestion is to go back to last week’s lesson and repeat the Quanta Freedom Healings. You may also do some Speedy Shift Healings on “the confusion about what I am passionate about being, doing, and sharing with the world.”

Shift to “peace” and “space” always, then the answer comes. Take note that if you are not already passionate, that Speedy Shift won’t work unless you have shifted into an Abundance Inner Foundation. You need that first (last week’s session.)

The very fact that you are connected to this work, in Shifts Happen Membership doing the healings, means you absolutely have a Soul Mission to unleash. Star Seeds are called to do this!



How Is Creation the Next Step?

Creation means acting on your passion. Not dreaming about it and doing nothing – rather making the inspiration and passion spring to life through your application.

Your Source Soul Self is providing you the cues, the ideas, the urges of “Call this person”, “Do this thing”, Look over here”, “Start by doing this” …

Back in the day, I was just following the cues. I followed what felt great, and I applied myself with incredible gusto. I still am doing this. There are some things I can plan – yet most of what I do can’t be planned – it’s spontaneous. I live in the now and the moment and that’s where the power and creation come from.

Yes, you may write out your goals for the year. But maybe these will change. As the information and the inner guidance change, you will change. As world situations and events change (boy, is that happening on steroids), your guidance will adapt accordingly. You will have to adapt. 3D beings are attached to a set path and structures, whereas a 5D Being flows, adapts, morphs, and moves.

To me, the best goal you could ever have is this: “I am an unlimited being, signed up to expand, serve, and generate abundance, breakthroughs, upshifts, and prosperity for myself and others.”

Creation means creating. It means effort. It means commitment. No creative endeavour fell into anyone’s lap by just doing a little bit here and there and hoping that it would pay off. If you are lazy, then you are not committed. If you aren’t willing to give up time wasted, such as mindless chatter or indulging in addictions and watching Netflix, you aren’t committed.

If you have passion (essential), why aren’t you in Creation?

This is where the false beliefs need to be found, loaded up, released, and replaced with the Light Codes (Source Activation) of your True Creative Source Self.

Do you think you are not capable? Are you scared of starting from scratch? Do you dislike hard work? Are you afraid of commitment? Do you shy away from responsibility? Are you scared of failing? Are there things you don’t want to give up that would need to be if you commit? Do you distrust yourself? Do you feel obligated to others? Are you fearful of what people will say?

There could be many more blocks – that’s usual. But they don’t need to remain inside you!

When the fears are released and you declare, “I am a channel and willing creator to unfold my passion into reality for humanity” then you are off and running.

Then, you can feel passion, follow inner cues, commit, show up, work hard, and do what it takes.

Now let’s check out “rewards.”


What Are the Rewards?

The rewards are “in the moment” when you are on a mission, in passion and acting on what you are guided to do.

You feel alive. You know you are on target (if you stay disconnected from results). You feel the delight of knowing that you showed up to bring your unique contribution to the planet – whatever that is.

Because you are already living abundantly in gratitude, and you are cleaning out traumas (false beliefs and limits) every time that you feel them “ping”, you are expanding further and further into the Field divinely connected to your mission.

The right messages, people, opportunities and situations show up. When you hit brick walls again, you shift and let go of trauma and fear, and the right path appears. You know what to do, as if by magic.

The greatest reward of all is knowing that you are now living as a Quantum 5D Being, and your faith in Source and your Soul gains strength. You start to ‘be” Creation Itself.

You experience being taken care of and having enough to get by whilst you are building. This happens because you value your soul instead of your ego or what other people think. You are free to be yourself, your directions, passion, and connection with others who are travellers on your soul path with you, which will include other people who are authentically living and moving into 5D expansion.

You are being called to leave behind limited 3D incomes and situations and start emulating the universe itself – unlimited expansions, possibilities, and plenty.

As a 5D Being, you are The All; you have access to everything that you need and want to expand and be unlimited. You are an Unlimited Being.

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