Shifts Happen – Transmission 5 – Dissolving My Inner Critic


As you prepare for this holiday session, I know it can be a time when a LOT of stuff comes up!

Things like challenges with family and loved ones. It can also be a time of painfully feeling separations and losses that you have experienced or are now going through.

Not only do I wish to help support you with any heartbreak, loss, pain and fear that you may be experiencing, but I also want to help you never have to go through ANY of this again.

I remember, vividly, how painful holidays used to be for me and the hours I spent on my couch doing the inner work to be able to not just face festive times, and feel okay with losses and disappointment, but also to start looking forward to rebuilding my life.

This is why I’m offering you 4 upcoming healing sessions, to help you move through this holiday season with power, grace and ease, and set up 2024 as your BEST year ever.

Yes – awful things have happened to so many of us in 2023 (myself included!)

But, how can we rise up to be even stronger, more capable, and more connected to positive manifestation as a result?

This next month’s round of Shifts Happen is called “Self-Foundation”, and contains the following four weekly 90-minute plus sessions.

Dissolving My Inner Critic – This was Today’s Workshop 

Most of us have been in the habit of critical and even annihilating self-talk. If someone were to harass you constantly, speaking to you the way that you do to yourself, you could probably get them arrested! It is impossible to blame and shame yourself into shape.

This week’s workshop is about healing this and encouraging and nourishing yourself into healthy and happy expansion.

The Value That I Am – Monday 25th December 7 am – Queensland Australia Time

People don’t treat you how you treat them, they treat you how you value yourself. Please know, that you will never allow love into your life less than your level of self-value.

In this week’s timely Christmas workshop, you will shift from trying to be valued by others, to anchoring into self-value and then receiving it from genuine others.

Deservedness of My Best – Tuesday 2nd January 7 am – Queensland Australia Time

This session is about your New Year’s resolution to “deserve your best for 2024” It’s common to believe others deserve more than you, yet if you are full, blessed, and nourished you have optimal energy and resources to serve life and others.

This workshop will profoundly help you shift from martyrdom, feeling obligated, guilty, and taken advantage of, to be an effective and powerful contributor to yourself, your missions, and all of humanity.

Becoming A Boundary Beast – Monday 8th January 7 am – Queensland Australia Time

Your new life in 2024 is about releasing yourself from “going along to try to get along”, not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings or fear of risking confrontation, discomfort, or anger and rejection from others. Without boundaries, it’s not possible to change your life from painful to successful.

In this session, you will learn the truth about how to set boundaries as well as the inner shifts to release you from the fear of setting them like a boss!

The first workshop of 4 has just been completed (see transcript below), but you can get the full session on replay (which is just as powerful), plus catch the other 3 parts live or on replay, by becoming a Shifts Happen Member here.



Video Transcript

This is the first session of four, for our next round of Shifts Happen – called “Self-Foundation”, and I know that by working through these 4 workshops you will emerge as a “self” that you barely recognize – in such a good way!

This may be great timing for you because Christmas and New Year could be a painful time. You may have lost many people this year – family and friends and even significant intimate partners because of this profound shift that all of us, and this planet are going through.

Those of you spiritual warriors shifting from 3rd density to 5th density, consciously know that you simply cannot keep “going along to get along”, and not be your authentic self. Some people in your life won’t accept this true-to-self version of you, and also you may no longer want to live life denying your soul, to fit in. You know it’s time to fully be yourself, expand, and get on with the life that your soul is urging you to live.

Please know from my heart to yours, this isn’t possible unless you address your inner critic.

Most of us have been in the habit of talking to ourselves in shocking ways! Today’s transmission and healing is about shifting into healing, encouraging and nourishing yourself into healthy and happy expansion.

Thank goodness!

Would you like to innerstand this more deeply?

Great! So let’s unpack this!


False Inner-Critical Programming

The inverted false programming we have received on Planet Earth, the “might is right” model, has caused incredible self-harm. We were taught to be self-critical by others who were critical of themselves.

Shame is a very destructive emotion. Any powerful emotion manifests “more of itself”. Therefore if we critique ourselves over what we feel we haven’t done right or should have done better, this creates self-shame. This is the dis-ease of not being acceptable.

This then energetically fuels more of “showing up” in life in unacceptable ways. (I’m about to explain how!) Which then manifests more shame, more inner criticism, more unacceptable behaviour and the vicious circle goes on and on.

Let me give you a real-life example.

You drink too much and are ashamed of your behaviour when you do. You think you are facing your issues by using terrible self-talk about how awful you are when you drink. This is internally incredibly painful to the part of yourself that is unhealed and traumatised and has been drinking to try to numb out the pain.

This inner unhealed part now feels even more traumatised. The urge to drink, and self-medicate away the pain is intensified. Of course, a bust happens and you drink to excess again, not just manifested from the original unhealed trauma but also from the unhealed self-annihilating Inner Critic.

Here is another example.

You have set boundaries with people in your life and find yourself all alone. Then you may start blaming yourself, and feel like it must be you – because you are the common denominator. You tell yourself that you are unlovable and unacceptable and just can’t do human relationships.

Then you may stay away from people, or find yourself connecting with people whom you have to detach from, or maybe you can’t help yourself overreacting and sabotaging any new relationships.

Either way, you find yourself alone and again battling with your Inner Critic.

There is a much better way to change this all around, and it starts by embracing the fact that you have an Inner Critic destroying your happiness and life.



What Is Your Inner Critic?

This is the part of you that sees yourself as different from how God/Source/Creation sees you.

Source is All That IS and has zero requirements from you and no need to berate you. How could Source want anything from you when there is nothing that it doesn’t have or isn’t experiencing anyway?

Rather, the relationship that God/Source/Creation is having with you, allows you the free will to choose your own Beingness, and then Source creates through you more of itself via Quantum Law – “I love you so much unconditionally that I will grant you more of WHO you are Being.”

Meaning that if you decide to employ self-acceptance, love, and healing, then you will manifest that in your life, or, if you employ self-judgment and condemnation, then you manifest more things to judge and condemn yourself about.

By God/Source/Creation – Quantum Law so within, so without – co-generating this WITH you, not only is this the greatest display of unconditional acceptance and love, but it is also the highest empowerment that the Creator of All Things can grant us – handing us the evidence “ye are Gods”.

(You ARE Creator.)

Why do we have an Inner Critic? Because we were taught that God was critical, judgmental, and damning and we took that behavior on. Yet, this wasn’t a path to heaven, it was a passage to self-annihilating suffering and hell.

Would it not be more loving and empowering for someone to say “I can’t force you to be a certain way, yet you will experience the OUTCOMES of your behaviour that will show you, through experience what works and what doesn’t work regarding how you wish your life to go?”

Likewise, wouldn’t accepting and loving yourself through your experiences, knowing they were simply experiences of “What does and doesn’t work in relationship to who I want to be, and where I want to go”  be much healthier? Would you then be able to course-correct and make choices that were more self-satisfying and successful?

Yes! Absolutely!


The Devastating Effects of The Inner-Critic

Trying to blame and shame ourselves into shape has no upside.

Let’s look at this simple example – you are trying to lose weight, and you are hard on yourself about this, because you “hate” being overweight. There is some chocolate cake in the fridge. It is torturing you because you can’t stop thinking about it.

You think that telling yourself a stern “No” with awful self-condemnation will stop you from eating it.  Yet any “No” with emotion involved (self-criticism is very steeped in emotion – because it’s painful) is a big energetic “Yes”.

Remember that emotional energy generates more of itself – regardless of the quality of the emotion. Good or Bad it makes no difference. It’s the VELOCITY that counts. Emotion = Energy-In-Motion.

So, that BIG emotional FOCUS on the chocolate cake, beating yourself up for thinking about it, makes you give in, telling yourself that just one slice won’t hurt.

So, you have one slice.

Then you feel ashamed and blame yourself more for having it.

Then before long you go back and eat the entire cake.

You just shamed and blamed yourself more for the exact thing you were self-critical about in the first place.

See the vicious circle?

Everything, without exception, operates the same way with the Inner Critic – there is nil healing, growth, or freedom from these issues in your life.

Because you just condemned yourself to re-offend with no off-ramp.


How To Turn Your Inner Critic Off

First of all, I hope that you can recognise the ego’s game, justifying the Inner Critic, convincing you that if you accept and love your issues to heal them, you will tolerate them and stay stuck with them.

Let’s be very clear the things in your life that don’t deliver what your Source/Soul self wants – Love, Health, and Prosperity – DON’T feel good, because they are not your soul’s truth. Your natural inner expansive Source Coding, made in the image and likeness of God/Source/Creation, does NOT accept this as your life, and is efforting to break you free of these things always in ALL ways!

However, you will stay stuck in these repeated painful patterns if you keep blaming and shaming yourself about them, attempt to numb them out with distractions or addictions, blame “the outside” for these things, or just stay unconscious about what is REALLY going on!

(I know that is not you people in Shifts Happen!)

Let’s recap the mantra that is SOUL and LIFE changing, and can be as much of a habit as putting on clothes to leave the house!

You feel a painful trigger and breathe and open your body (relax), take your attention inside of you, and say to yourself …

“I bless and accept this feeling. It’s showing me a part of myself that requires healing.”

This stops you from spiralling into “stinking thinking” and disconnecting from yourself. Now you are healthily self-partnered, more at peace and able to deal with these arising emotions.

Then, if you choose to do the inner Quantum shifts to release and reprogram your Inner Critic, you can dissolve away the self-annihilating traumatic beliefs. This will help you heal beyond being criticised by others and yourself, which is incredibly traumatic.  Especially if you suffered a traumatic critical parent, partner, organisation or someone else.

(We are going to do these shifts today.)

And, you can apply self-soothing self-talk. There is so much shame and blame in self-critique. You are not good enough, unacceptable, a screwup who can’t do it any better. To continue with this talk, as a habit, even after shifting yourself, means you will just keep adding toxicity to the trauma bucket that you are cleaning out!

This is an example of soothing self-partnering under such circumstances…

“(Endearing terms like sweetheart or mate or your name) I love and accept you and I’m here to help. You are doing an incredible job to still be here and I’m so proud of you. I’m never leaving you again, because my greatest mission is to love and heal you back to wholeness so that you can shine as the incredible Being you are.”

This is loving, accepting, validating, and encouraging.

It’s everything that self-criticism isn’t.

Healing self-citicism for real is a combination of releasing your inner critical voice traumas and mindfully speaking to your Inner Being lovingly in those times when you used to beat yourself up.

What comes first the chicken or the egg? Do you do the inner shifts first to take away the acid of the traumatic triggers that cause you to have shame attacks and self-critique, or do you lovingly self-soothe to talk yourself out of committing self-critical annihilating barrages?

It doesn’t matter which comes first, but employing both to heal self-criticism is a beautiful, supportive, and fast-healing self-practice. As we discussed previously, you Quantum angels in training to remember Who You Really Are, are realising how much more effective your inner shifts are when combined with self-loving inner dialogue. I see so many of you, through our Shifts Happen sessions, doing an amazing job with your breakthroughs by doing this!

Okay so now let’s start our round of 6 Quanta Freedom Healing shifts to help you dissolve your Inner Critic, and start loving and supporting yourself into success!

———–End of transmission———-



I so hope that this transmission has made sense to you, and explained why we can NEVER be hard on ourselves to heal or do better.

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Now back to today’s topic …

Has your Inner Critic been a big issue in your life?

Did this topic make sense to you?

Do you feel more clarity around this topic now?

Does the solution resonate with you?

I’d love to hear from you below!

Lots of Love, Mel xo