Shifts Happen – Transmission – Session 4 – “Source Wants What You Want”

The latest transmission of Shifts Happen – “Source Wants What You Want” has just taken place. Humbly, I do believe that this was one of my most powerful teachings and healings to date. It’s such a vital topic, for all of us.

To know without a shadow of a doubt that your desires are REAL. That your Higher Power wishes to deliver them into your LIFE – more than anything.

Today, in this session, we covered how, Source/God/Creation – which is well-being, expansion, and plenty, absolutely wants what you want. It would be the total antithesis of “Creation” to not positively create THROUGH you!

And … your Soul does not get it WRONG! It is not some terrible tease or torture that you want things like healing, restoration, peace, good health, love, harmony, and financial freedom. These feelings of desire, are because you are MEANT to HAVE these things!

So, if Source wants what you want, then WHY haven’t they been forthcoming?

It’s all to do with the Small and Large Self, and specifically which one of those selves you are deciding to do your “asking” through.

Also, the terrible confusion, for all of humanity has been – BELIEVING the small self is the powerful self and the ONE that manifests. (As usual, what you have been humanely trained to think and do is the opposite of what actually will work for you!) Today may just be the day, to help you understand manifestation at a much deeper and REAL level that finally gives you the AH-HA you have been waiting for.

I am confident this information and healing transformation can grant you the easiest and most direct way to start unlocking the flow of repair, compensation, rebuild and more … even the GREAT into your life!

Just like these breakthroughs for these members, today, in the Shifts Happen Global Class, after our Quanta Freedom Healing session together –

“These sessions are just getting more and more powerful. My life is making more sense, becoming easier. The pain is going and creation IS happening! Thank you!”

~ Anne UK

“Today’s session was the most powerful; Shifts and teachings I think I have ever embodied. It FINALLY makes so much sense as to why life wasn’t working for me – no matter HOW hard I tried. I know what to heal and what to do now.”


“Know I understand how I was in victimhood – even though I was shifting. After today’s healing, I have space inside, it feels like freedom and now I am in awe of gratitude for everything that has brought me to this point, I didn’t even know that these feelings were possible.”

~ Corrine Germany

Today’s session was full of energy and healing. The journey was so therapeutic and calming. I felt my life force being renewed and could feel a strong connection and union with the universe. I am grateful that every day I am able to move closer to Source and being able to manifest all of my intentions and wishes.

~ Cynthia Kenya

and …

“What I had been navigating over the past week was so relevant to what Melanie took us through. I was questioning “Why can’t I have what I want?”  and being zapped by lack and pain. The heaviness and dense matter were awful. After my “Quantum Spa Healing Session” I genuinely feel like this junk DNA no longer is dictating my reality and I feel like I can get on with my week, feeling lighter, more at peace, and in trust that it’s a matter of time before it meets me in the physical. What a blessing! Thank you Melanie for your powerful gifts and for helping us navigate this ascension journey.”

~ Sally Australia

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Video Transcript

Last week we did our Shifts Happen session on “Free To Be Me.” This was to help you have the confidence to be authentic, push against the narrative, dare to be unpopular, and unleash your true soul contributions in this lifetime.

Many of you reported really big breakthroughs from last week – I’m SO proud of you!

Last week was about aligning with your inner calling – your Soul Purpose. And I’m excited about the complimentary Soul Map Sessions I am doing with some of you incredible Super Thrivers here, who are booked in for the 2024 Group of personal coaching with me!

Now let’s go on to today’s healing “Source Wants What You Want”.

Please know, that if you are new to Shifts Happen 5th density healings, there is no problem with you coming into these healings, at any stage, and then circling back to any of the ones in your Membership platform that call you.

Life is circular anyway; it doesn’t go in a straight line. These foundational Inner Self ascension shifts are all relevant at any time in your life – and all you need to do is start trusting yourself as to what you feel drawn to.

Wherever you start is perfect.

And, please know these sessions are like a Day Spa for your soul, they are shifting you and helping you heal without you having to do very much at all. Much more beneficial for you than watching Netflix!

I’m just going to jump straight in – please know this – what you want IS what Source Wants for you – no matter what your vibration is.

You want love, health, and wealth, of course. You also want well-being, inspiration, purpose, and mission and to experience the soul contribution on this planet that will not only gratify you like no other but also nourish and flourish you abundantly.

You also want the resolution of painful issues in your life. Things that are hurting, limiting and stunting you.

These desires are Universal – and without exception, their real-life manifestation exists in the God/Source/Creation Light Codes that can enter and activate you – because Source always agrees with lifeforce, love, creativity, inspiration, unfolding, prosperity and plenty and there is more than enough Thriving for everyone.

This is God, Godding, desiring to create from the unseen world, the Oneness, into the seen world, as individual Creative expressions of the Oneness.

Believing that God/Source/Creation “All That Is” is anything less than this is a total blasphemy. Source doesn’t want you or anyone else to suffer loss, lack, limits or struggle, because that would be the very antithesis of lifeforce itself.

You may feel like you don’t deserve this – because of some reason, yet it is impossible to not BE what you already ARE, a fractal of the Godseed which is All That Is.

This force God/Source/Creation, that creates Universes, never decided that you are NOT this!

So, if Source wants what you want, and is abundantly ready to supply it, then what is blocking you from having your desires?

The answer is always the same – yourself.

This is a great thing because you don’t have any control over anything or anyone that is not you anyway. From inside of you is the only place that you can change to change your life, and this grants you the golden opportunity to quickly and powerfully turn this all around!

So now, let’s dig deeper…



To Have What You Want It Has TO Be Through You and Not Of You

If you wanted to dig a hole, would you use a toothpick or an excavator?

If you wanted to build a tall building, would you use a toy truck or a crane?

If you wanted to create the life of your dreams, would you try to with your powerless small self that lacks capacity, resources and fuel in the tank, or your empowered BIG self, that has all the firepower plus access to all that is needed?

The problem is the human condition of having much confusion between the two.

Today’s transmission and healing is about understanding your connection to God/Source/Creation, the communication channel which is your feelings and intuition, which wants what you want, and will grant you all of the inspiration, guidance, opportunities and synchronicities to get there….

…  is not of you – it is through you.

Your ego does not want to accept this, yet this is essential for you to innerstand – IF you want your true desires to become manifest.

In this human experience of duality, we all have a “small self” and a “large self” – Dark and Light.

Let’s start by investigating the small you, the “of you” – meaning “of the personality”. This part of you has an identity dependent on validation outside of you, rather than knowing your true connection and power inside of you. When you are operating in the consciousness of the small you, you are completely cut off from Source and the Outer Universal Oneness of support, therefore you are rendered powerless.

The small disconnected “wanting” comes from feeling empty as a result of being disconnected from Source, desiring to be rescued by getting what you think will take away the emptiness, and believing there won’t be “wholeness” until this desire is achieved.

Because of not getting this thing – it may seem like Source does NOT agree with you and want what you want, but Source does!

Source wants you to be WHOLE and at One and have an abundance in your life of “more of that”. The Divine Mind knows that if you are not whole and at One, anything you get will a) never give you durable satisfaction and b) takes you away from having the real keys to the kingdom of Who You Really Are.

Your Beingness, meaning your core root emotional vibrational frequency, in the small you, is one of lack and emptiness. This Beingness of lack is your Creative Asking of “what you want”, drawing the results of more of the same.

Drawing either dodgy offerings from Life, or none at all.

Quantum Law – so within so without.

Now let’s check out the Big You.

You feel at One, peaceful and already filled. Your identity is “home” as God/Source/Creation and you Being One, accepting the journey as perfect, no matter where the results are.

You know the true value of your Life is based on your Inner State.

There is a deep innerstanding that stuff was only ever wanted to have a particular inner state, and the state can be achieved unconditional of stuff.

Simply by letting go of negative energy and “wanting” and surrendering into filling with Source Light and feeling acceptance, gratitude and joy for your journey RIGHT now.

Source Healing and Resolution of Speedy Shifts Module 4 is perfect for this!

Your soul has brought you to this moment of now as the most PERFECT moment of now for your evolution – no matter how it looks.

One of the most powerful mantras you can ever say when you separate from the “good stuff” is –

I am SO grateful for how my life is now because it is granting me exactly what I need to learn, heal and grow.”

Now you have just handed yourself the keys to the Kingdom!

You have made no mistakes, your Soul and Source have been working it all out perfectly, no matter where you have landed or have seemingly lost right now.

This level of surrendered acceptance connects you immediately with your BIG self. Not being able to make this shift will keep you eternally battling in your small powerless self.

When your desire is not about the egoic small self-serving self, but is about the Oneness of Service To The All, now you have the combined interconnected power of Source/God/Creation and The Field itself, rising in 5D consciousness to super-charge your path and all the synchronicities and positive permutations to bring this into reality.

When you realized that the Real You is the BIG YOU, you know that serving Creation and Humanity and not listening to the small needy self, is your pathway to all that you want! You get to connect with YOU – you are the Field, You are Humanity, You are Creation. You can love the journey of being these things without any set results, and because nothing is missing, you step into unlimited expansion.


The difference between the small voice and the BIG voice

The small 3D self is activated when you are triggered into an unhealed, not-yet-whole part of yourself that is not at One with Source/God/Creation. This part of you is in the darkness and not in The Light yet.

Rather than surrendering that part to Source and replacing it with the Higher Light Codes of Source, you are trying to think your way out of the pain, lack and emptiness. Then the ego, as lower consciousness, kicks into gear – with fantasies of acquisitions that will take the pain away. Ideas of wanting this or that so that other people will appreciate or recognize or want you more, and more than anything so that finally you can start to feel value for yourself.

Also … “comparison with others” – the ego is famous for that painful trip. Maybe you wish to compete with the person who took all of your possessions away. You feel panicked about your life until you can regain these things, or resentful, or victimised.

You will be supplementing the unworthiness and defectiveness you already feel on the inside, with ideas about how you can’t “have”, “be” or “do” until you get this particular thing delivered into your life.

The 3D small voice is of course painful, critical, negative, demanding, and even self-annihilating. It can’t think in positive ways, doesn’t know how to feel good about the journey, creates itself as a victim, doesn’t know how to access the resources or ways to create, and is obsessive, never restful or experiencing peace or enlightenment.

How can it be “home” when it is disconnected, in the dark, and doesn’t know the REAL truth about YOU?

The large 5D self is a whole other story.

The thoughts are an extension of how the Big Self already feels inside, surrendered into acceptance and gratitude – refusing to believe anything is missing and loving valuing the whole soul state above all else and in wonderment of the journey,

This isn’t delusional Pollyanna denial – it’s the state of Oneness with Source.

Let’s see how you get to have the experience of Source wanting what you want.


Aligning With Source Granting You What You Want

When aligned with the blessings that are yours by Divine Right, at One with God/Creation/Source, the Source of All That Is, you are not needing rescuing from bad feelings.

Rather you are living from the place of great inner feelings.

Inner feelings that are your state unconditionally, because you have let go of trauma and replaced it with Light. Because you want THAT more than anything.

That’s 5D baby!

From this place when you think about “creating this healing, solution, next step, new boundaries, mission, love relationship” – whatever it is, you are excited for the JOURNEY. The expansion, the deliciousness of your experiences and growth.

You are GRATEFUL for this!

You know there are NO mistakes in what is happening here!

THAT is wholeness!

And of course, you may want a “thing” that Source always agree with you about – yet you are in 3D with it. You resist what’s happening. You say it’s terrible, you dwell on it being hard, painful, and shocking and stay there, or if you are a Shifter, you try fruitlessly to shift your way out of that!

You are missing the POINT!

You, as a SOUL set up exactly these circumstances for yourself, to come to this place in your life to heal what you probably suffered for lifetimes, and you should be excited about that!

If you can be grateful, accepting and love YOUR growth for no matter where you are, you will open up the coffers of Source Plenty.

YOU have to be the PLENTY!

Acceptance, gratitude, wonder, and BUZZING off the truth of what your soul has so miraculously created for you, and the wonderment that Source has waiting for you – the literal magic?

This is it – this is the key. Without being in the STATE of acceptance, gratitude, and wonderment for where you are RIGHT now and the joy of the magic of this incredible opportunity to UNLOCK yourself, you will never manifest anything worthwhile.

(*Please note I go into this in much more detail in the video!*)

Okay – so now do you want to do the Healing Shifts to start unlocking and activating this?

——————–End of Transmission————————

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