Shifts Happen – Workshop 6 – The Value That I Am

This is the second, of our next round of Shifts Happen 90-minute episodes called “Self-Foundation”.

It’s so beautiful to see how much our Shifts Happen Community is expanding globally, and I love the reports of how many people are experiencing profound inner shifts and drastic outer results as a result of our epic group healing sessions together!

I promise you – I am so grateful – they are as powerful for me as they are for you – THANK you!

Today, it’s Christmas Day in Australia. And as I did this session it was early morning Christmas Day.

I’ve been cut off from family, whilst being in Cape Tribulation because of the cyclone, and the damage it has done here in Far North Queensland. It’s sad to be separated from family and friends back in my birth state, yet I feel so blessed and grateful that I got to hang out with your Dear Thrivers in such a connected soulful way this Christmas Morning.



Video Transcript

It’s Christmas time, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, for those of us who are celebrating Christmas Day today, and for you other beautiful souls tomorrow.

At this festive time, it’s not always that wonderful for everyone. This can be a very painful and emotional time for many of you beautiful people in this community.

Maybe you have been able to heal a lot of your previous abuse, and you have now landed in a great place. Or maybe there is still loss, separation, painful memories and even challenging times for you to face this Holiday Season.

I know that so many of you from last week had big shifts regarding your inner critic, and are also moving out of the patterns that you were criticising yourself about, into much healthier ways of Being … and this is really beautiful. I hope that this has been an amazing relief for you! And very important timing for this holiday season.

Now we can tackle the innerstanding of your True Value.


The Value That I Am

Maybe you have been able to heal a lot of your previous abuse and you have now landed in a great place. Or maybe there is still loss, separation painful memories, and even challenging times for you to face this Christmas.

I know that so many of you from last week had big shifts regarding your inner critic, and are also moving out of the patterns that you were criticising yourself about, into much healthier ways of Being … and this is beautiful. I hope that this has been an amazing relief for you!

Now we can tackle the innerstanding of your True Value.


Where Does Self-Value Really Come From?

We believe people will treat us how we treat them – but this is a completely false premise. People treat you and love you in alignment with how much you value, and how well you treat yourself.

You will never allow love into your life less than the level of value that you have embodied regarding yourself. If you value something in your life – like a car, a house, a possession, or even your child – how well do you care for this person or thing?

This brings up the very obvious question – how well do you really care for yourself? And in what ways do you demonstrate this?

Last week we made very important shifts, regarding how you speak to yourself, and building on this, we can extend this out further. Are you trying to be valued from the outside? Such as by finding the affirming comments, results, recognition, and results that will allow you to finally feel valuable. There is a better way, you can anchor into true self-value, that will stand the test of time and be intrinsic no matter what is going on with other people and situations outside of you.

What a relief!

In the world that we are presently living in, with so many parting of ways and huge divides happening in many people’s lives as we see old structures and ways of being crumble, it’s becoming vital to value ourselves and be able to stand strong, in the faith and belief of our worth.

This week’s transmission and healing is about shifting you from trying to get outer valuing to embodying self-value and co-generating being valued with people who also value themselves and have the resources to authentically value the truth of Who You Are.

Spoiler alert – this is NOT going to be everyone, it may not even be the majority, and it definitely may not be the people who you would dearly love to be valued by.

Let’s investigate this more deeply …



Feeling Undervalued

I know that so many of you, myself included, have been the black sheep of our families. You saw life differently; you weren’t content to just “go along” with trivial things that didn’t seem important. You saw underneath and beneath the veil, and wanted to face, converse and do something about things that you believe mattered. Yet, you found this was unpopular, even scorned by your family or peers. You may have been rejected, ridiculed, and even abused by the people you love.

Has this happened at a greater intensity for you in the last few years? You may be feeling desperately alone, and questioning yourself. Is there something wrong with me? Am I defective? Am I unacceptable? Was I meant to always be the outsider?

Of course, our false programming has taught us, that our value depends on how other people treat us, yet our true value is all about what we believe about and how we treat ourselves. Fortunately, now, we are not alone – there are many other “Starseeds”. (Google this word and read up on some descriptions if it is a new term for you. Let me know in the comments below if you resonate with this information.)

You may be a person on this planet, at this time, who is awakened to the importance of raising consciousness, doing the inner work, and being the change that you wish the world and humanity to experience. Being in Shifts Happen, this is absolutely what you are up to.

We need to be honest with ourselves, as the ascension callings and shifts become more intense and obvious for us. We always knew we felt “different” from the normal status quo. We felt at home with the bigger spiritual and galactic understandings of life. Even if you are new to this information and way of healing yourself Quantumly, you may have started to recognize how much better and real and true this way of living feels for your soul.

Once you have started to awaken, you can’t go back to sleep, not without even more suffering.

What is there to go back to anyway? The old 3D world is about smallness, ego, obtaining stuff to try to be fulfilled, staying stuck with internal shadows and victimisation, and ignoring your calling towards igniting and activating the Light inside you that is your Source Self.

That is becoming more and more unbearable.

No one said this journey was easy, but as the 3D false structures “life from the outside in” and “trading freedom for being controlled and mined” are all being exposed and crumbling, please know you are on the winning team.

We do have each other – with many more people now listening to their souls and coming out into the open as well.

Despite so many breakdowns all around us, this is the most exciting time to be alive. And you are valued beyond measure by all of Source for being called, hearing the message, and standing tall right now.

As a Starseed, if you try to just fit in and be accepted by others, you will not feel valued and you certainly will not value yourself. It reduces your vibrational frequency and Source Calling to just fit in, and it won’t work anyway. You will still feel like an outsider, overlooked, misunderstood, undervalued and diminished. And you will be intensely frustrated that you don’t feel fulfilled in such circles.

Of course, as Starseeds we have work to do on our value.

Because it has taken a beating.

Let’s see how …


How Value Is Connected To Trauma

Our shadows and trauma have been intense. You would not be interested in self-healing and working on yourself unless this had been the case. Virtually every single one of you has had a hard journey to get to this point. This doesn’t mean that you are a misfit, rather this was by design so that you could shed trauma for yourself and the collective and hone your real-life ascension skills – releasing trauma and reconnecting with Source, to help self and then others with their identical traumas.

It granted you skills, wisdom, compassion, and insight.

Yet if not awakened, and not coming out of the voluntary amnesia of this lifetime, of course, you could just decide it’s too hard, you don’t have what it takes and there is no way out of the pain. I know many of you like me, before Quanta Freedom Healing and going free of internal trauma, had no idea how we could have survived what we have been through!

Over the years I have met many Starseeds who have been lost in trauma, addictions and self-annihilation, because of the dense vibration of Planet Earth and the abuse they have experienced. These individuals didn’t awaken to the truth – they forgot why they were here, the mission they were on, and the connection to Source that they have.

They didn’t work out how to be “in this world but not of this world” and they didn’t overcome their traumas.

With trapped internal trauma we can try to self-medicate our way out of the trauma with vibrational pastimes that are within the same bandwidth of the trauma. Therefore, choices like unhealthy food, addictions, and people.

This clogs us up with even more toxic energy and darkness and causes us to disintegrate even further. We may even want to check out of trying to exist because it feels too painful.

The further a person is away from the truth of their soul calling the more torturous it is. In the absolute torture of Not Being Aligned with our True Source Self, we try fruitlessly to be “valued” by people and results outside of ourselves to try to stop the pain.

Boy, do I KNOW how that used to feel!


Trying To Be Valued By Others Who Are Not Aligned With Your Values

One of the most terrible ways that we can devalue ourselves in this lifetime is to try to be valued by people who don’t share our values. This is now getting even more pronounced.

If you are working on yourself to ascend and you are trying to be loved by people who aren’t, then you immediately have a conflict of souls. Hurt people hurt people, they project their traumas onto people, don’t take responsibility for their actions and behaviours, and don’t want to do the inner work.

This is 3D and it’s not working for people, because their shadows are coming up to be cleansed, and unless they take responsibility for them and work through them, the toxicity is spewed all over others.

Because you are awakening and ascending, you simply can’t give away your heart and soul to people who aren’t. It’s not because you don’t love and care for them! You see things too clearly, you know what they are battling, and you see they are not open to navigating their growth. Healing people heal people, but you can only do that for people who wish to take responsibility for their own healing.

If you try to force these people to work on themselves, so that they can love you safely, you are not valuing yourself, and you will go through terrible dismay and “devaluing” with the way they treat you and the way you feel about yourself.

Your soul is screaming at you now – “No More!”

You have to let go, love them from afar, and seek unity with people like yourself.

(Mind you there are lovely, kind unawakened souls, who are not necessarily combative, and they are fine to be around.)


The Healing Path To Self-Value

You now know with the inner shift work directly in your subconscious that when you feel better, you do better. You make choices aligned with the consciousness that you feel on the inside.

Let’s start with a powerful soul-statement that will start to line you up with the reality of self-value that you seek.

“My soul and Source planned it perfectly, to be here at this time for this mission to help humanity and this world ascend. I value this choice and my Oneness with Source and the Divine Plan. I see me as Source sees me – a valuable and unique contribution to humanity, this planet and lifeforce itself. There are many souls, like me, who are always remembering their value at this time.”

And, this mantra and beautiful self-talk as well as the deep subconscious shifts inside your Being, to reverse all of the programmed and painful devaluings you have felt – will help you rise into the organic Beingness of self-value.

Okay, so now we will prepare for your next Quanta Freedom Spa Healing for your Soul, our 3 Source Healings and Resolution Shifts + 3 Goal Setting Shifts.

———-End of Transmission———-

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Anyways … I’m excited to converse with you, about this your VALUE!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Soul Warriors.

I love you and look forward to your comments and questions below.