What, In The World, Will You Do Without Obsessing?

In our final day of our 5-day challenge, I want you to know that it has been such a pleasure connecting with you in this way.

I am in awe of your growth, how so many of you have had incredible breakthroughs with the Speedy Shifts and witnessing what this has meant in your life. Many of you amazing people are accelerating into full SHINING!

I’m really not surprised, because in the 17 years that I have been in our incredible community, I know we are in a grand soul ascension period! This is perfect because, in these global rapid changes, I know your soul was born for this time – and you are rising up to this challenge.

Speaking of challenges, let’s go over our housekeeping together – for the Speedy Shift 5 Day Challenge Competition, to win one of 3 first prizes which is a First Prize Certificate, plus a 1 on 1 Quanta Freedom Healing Session, with me, valued at $995.00 USD.

The 3 first prizes will be concluded and announced on or before the 18th December as:

  • Source’s Award – Drawn from all competition registered people.
  • Greatest Achievement Award – The person with the greatest breakthrough results.
  • Greatest Efford Award – The person who has put in a lot of effort and deserves the support of a healing with me.

Please know, even IF you come to this Competition at this last session (and even up to 10 days later), you still have a chance to win!

To be eligible you must:

(Actually, let’s get this out of the way right now … fill out an email now if you can, or write this down – the address support@melanietoniaevans.com and write in the subject line – “Registration For The Speedy Shifts Challenge”. That’s all you need to do and push send. Let’s tick that off your to-do list!)

  • You will receive your Registration Form emailed back to you. After today’s session and healing shifts, fill it in, and send your completed form back to support@melanietoniaevans.com within 10 days – by the 10th December 2024, 9 am Queensland Australia Time.

Please find all the previous Day’s challenges here on the blog to help you connect to them also.

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Day 2- How Do Trauma Signature Patterns Imprison Your Mind?

Day 3 – Who Are You Without Your Obsessive Mind?

Day 4 – Healing The Addictions Making You Obsess

Okay, now let’s get into today’s topic, which you can watch in the video, or read the transmission below.




Freedom From Obsessing Unleashes Creative Energy

In Day 4 we talked about how addictions cause obsession and being stuck in self-sabotaging loops, and how to break free from this. After doing this, so much of your Energy Field that was stuck in survival trying to endure your traumas, is now freed UP for pure Creation!

This is exciting!

And … exactly the point where you start to Innerstand and move towards “WHO are you Being in the world, and what ARE you here to do?”

Today, we are going to lean into your soul mission seriously, because up until now, in obsession, you possibly weren’t able to have enough free energy to allow in, connect to and flow into your true soul vocation.

Feel into the following … how much power will you have to ACTUALLY create without obsessing? Of course, this is as long as you are no longer in fear about “Being You” – which usually requires tweaking!

(Please know that in this week’s Shifts Happen episode we are doing a session on “Free To Be You!” …. exactly THAT topic.)

But … NOW you can’t hide anymore and make excuses!

Okay, let’s start working at anchoring in some Soul truths.

Exercise 1: Together, let’s breathe deeply, open your body, and be super-present, which means ignoring your thoughts, and say the following empowering statement together …

“I know my soul wishes to illuminate my purpose in this lifetime. I innerstand that connecting to and actualising this mission would truly fulfill me.”

Let’s just repeat that a few times, and breathe that in.

How does that feel?

Exiting? Scary? Not possible? Really viable? Are you already connecting to and expressing your soul mission?

Now that you are releasing obsession and starting to feel and BE your True Self, this brings a whole other level of soul responsibility if you wish to connect to the Life that will fulfill you like no other – “What are my unique contributions to this planet, and how will I bring them into Being?”

This I promise you – there is no lack of you having the capacity or ability, or Source/God/Creation supplying you with what you were born to do, and why you are here on this planet for this time. Source and Your Soul did not get it wrong!

There are no limits such as your age, capabilities, or credentials. With Source/God/Creation all things are possible!

It is only YOU who is in the way.



Who Do You Want To Be In The World?

At a deep heart and soul level I know that you want to express your Soul passions and missions – because really everyone wants to.

This journey is personal; everyone’s soul missions and passions are unique to them. Maybe your mission is to be a support person to someone else, such as your child – and that is authentic for you. Maybe your mission and passions are simple. Quite possibly, because you are in this community and doing the inner work at this level, your mission like mine, is to make a difference in the world and be a public person.

A big clue is often we teach what we most need to learn.

Maybe you already know what your mission is, you are already doing it, working towards it, or dreaming about it. Or, you have NO idea yet and that is okay too – even that is NOT a problem at all – and is no barrier to you unfolding your soul mission.

Please know I’m not going to grant you what your Soul Mission is today, that would take me tuning into your individual self (please hang around until the end of this presentation if you would like more information about that). Instead, what I am going to do is help you connect to your Source/Soul Self mission and clear the blocks to flow into your soul mission – if you choose to.

One thing is for certain, connecting to your Soul Mission will set you alight, and everything that has happened in your life previously will make PERFECT sense! If not engaging with your Soul’s Mission, it will always feel like something is missing.

The good news is, everything is set up within your cellular coded truth, and the Light Codes that you are receiving from Source, to activate YOUR Soul Mission!

There is no greater time than right now in our world with old systems crumbling, for you to be a part of the NEW system of bringing your Soul Mission into existence right here right now. Our new emerging world needs this, welcomes it and provides a huge audience wanting your unique contributions.

However, I know there can be HUGE programming blocks in the way.

Let’s look at these …


The Inner Programs Stopping You from Being Your True Vocation

These include painful beliefs such as:

“I am not good enough.”

“I don’t have enough experience/information/credentials.”

“I feel like an imposter, other people know more than I do.”

“I can’t make money from doing what I love, I need to get a real job instead.”

“What if I fail and can’t survive?”

“What if no one wants what I’m offering?”

“What will people think if I pursue ‘that” as a career?”

“If I do ‘that” I will be a target and torn down.”

I could go on and on and on …

Please know that all of your blocks and limiting beliefs are NOT real – even though they seem like they are!

Honestly, ONLY you have these barriers. Your Source/Soul Self doesn’t. Rather, your Source/Soul Self is barracking for you to start flowing forward into your true Soul’s Mission WITH abundant support and success.

Also please accept that Source never wants to punish you, have you go without and not be blessed. Those old programmed martyr beliefs were always false premises, especially now. We are in the era of Unity Consciousness – plenty, more than enough and Thriving for everyone.

You are supposed to glow, shine and be amply flourished and nourished in your Soul’s Mission. It’s win, win. You get blessed and rewarded, inside and out, and filled with an abundance of Light and gratitude. This translates into an authentic and energetic outpouring, which opens the gates for receiving your truest desires and rewards.

But only IF you get out of your head, connect to the flow of your unfolding, and allow Source to be Large and in Charge, and don’t need “rewards” in order to be whole. The joy and outpouring have to be about BEINGNESS, not getingness – and then the getingness will look after itself!

And … of course, your ego won’t like it, because you have been programmed to not connect to and do what your Soul and Source want you to do. But now it’s time for you to turn all of this around!

Let’s go deeper …


Shifting Away From “The Outside Is My Security”

You have been programmed not to follow your Soul’s True Calling, often because of the perceived limitations of security.

Is a boss your security? No!

Is a particular big corporation job your security? Nope!

Is a partner or a family member your security? Not at all!

Is the economic permutations, probabilities or location your security? No!

What is your security?

Your Soul/Source Connection.

The inside-out job that is connecting you to the channeling and inspiration of your greatest contributions, which is what your Soul came here to do, and everything that is set up in the Field, in interconnectedness with this, to make it happen.

Exercise 2: Let’s now make this empowering statement together … Open and breathe so that it can be received as a transmission …

“I know Source and my Soul are my security. I am guided, supported and provided for in All Ways, Always!”

Repeat this a few times and let it soak into your cells because it is the absolute truth.

Unless you get in the way of this. let’s investigate how this happens …


Attachment To YOUR Will Instead of Allowing Divine Will

Disconnection from your Source/Self,  where your greatest heart and soul desires are at ONE and totally in agreeance with Source – happens via thoughts.

Namely, you making it about “my will” not “Divine Will.” Your logical mind is NOT Divine Will. It doesn’t have access to the unlimited permutations in The Field, to line you up with the right meeting,  advice, signal, the right “calling card” and “synchronistic event” that is going to deliver you to the miracle of your true work.

If you aren’t surrendered, allowing, and getting yourself out of the way, you are trying to control things and you won’t “see”, “hear” or “be” in the right place at the right time. You could be so attached to it being “my way” that this next step could literally fall on top of you and you won’t recognise it!

I love this story about a man, caught in flood waters who decided “God will save me”. In his mind he believed “being saved by God” would be some HUGE event.

A rowing boat pulled up alongside him. He said “Thanks, but no thanks, God will save me.” A short time after, he turned down an offer of help from a larger boat, believing this wasn’t God either. The waters were rising further and getting more aggressive and a helicopter flew over him. He again refused to accept that help, believing it was NOT magnificent enough to be God.

As he was drowning he screamed out “God why have you forsaken me?” A voice called back “I sent you a row boat, a cabin cruiser and a helicopter. What more did you want?”

This is a powerful story. It is a recognition that God/Source/Creation is EVERYWHERE if you are humble enough to be open to a Higher Power. Your “rowboat” could be a simple job that is needed RIGHT now, to start paying some bills.

Then as you are working at the corner store, loving interaction and being of service, and staying in heart space –  you meet a customer who offers you the NEXT step to your mission.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret as to how the Universe works – if you follow your heart, humbly, without analysis, and MOVE forward into what feels good and have gratitude for it, the Universe WILL MEET YOU exactly where you are, and start rearranging things to FURTHER flourish, nourish and expand you.

God/Source/Creation helps those who help themselves.  You are helping yourself if you move forward into the “now” with what HELPS you – because it FEELS right. Source/God/Creation says “Beautiful, you are humble and in heart space, grateful for the opportunity, open and following your inner cues – now I can set up the next step for your EXPANSION.”

If you wait and don’t get on the rowboat because you are totally attached to a luxury ship liner turning up instead – you are completely missing the point and will stagnate, get depressed, feel like a victim who can’t manifest what you want, and ultimately end up drowning.

You may have the belief, “If I make a lesser choice then I’ll miss the REAL thing when it comes.”

(Like the drowning man waiting for God to show up).

How can God/ Source/Creation NOT show up when God is everywhere and in everything? Of course, you can leave the corner store and move on at any time, if it no longer feels “right” for you!

Exercise 3: Okay, now for our next empowering statement together. Open and breathe so that it can be received as a transmission …

“I trust my heart and move towards what feels supportive for me NOW. Life, Source and my Soul can pivot, rearrange, and make everything and anything happen from anywhere, at any time. Moving forward means I am out in life, free to receive my true soul’s work.”

Now breathe, repeat this statement and let this soak into your cells as Inner standing.

How does this feel?


How Do You Align And Move Towards Your Soul Mission?

First of all, you have to sign up for your Soul’s mission with all of your heart.

(I’ll show you how to do that with Speedy Shifts!)

Then you can get out of the way, trust your heart, flow forward and keep clearing out the fears that come up, to keep moving forward and be “met” in The Field of Life with the opportunities, synchronicities and support that your Soul and your higher-dimensional guides are trying SO hard to bring into reality for you!

And … trust and follow your intuition. Whatever feels inspiring and exciting is always IT – IF you don’t get into your head.

These are the times when God/Source/Creation is moving through you as you – and saying “Hi”.

These times DON’T have to make sense! In fact, it’s better if they don’t make sense. You will be doing whatever you are doing, because it feels right, it feels invigorating, and it sets your heart on fire.

Do you know what is going to happen as a result of you BEING that energy at that time? Of course, you can’t know, you are not meant to know, and if you try to you will mess it up.

Don’t be attached to needing to know ANY outcomes.

I love what Louise Hay said when they asked her how she built the Hay House empire. She said, “I answered the phone and opened the mail.” In other words, she was not in her head, she was in the moment, showing up in service to her calling.

My own business started with me not starting a business. One night I had a powerful desire to write articles – I was channeling them and sat up all night writing, so excited about it, that I couldn’t sleep. The next day someone suggested to me that they could be posted on the internet.

Then an avalanche of contact came. I thought I was just sharing thoughts – but my business started that very day.


Your Value And Soul Contributions

Please know this – Source wants you to be God Godding – to expand, contribute, and make a difference. Not just for a moment – durably. Do you really think this would be possible if you were broken and your car, house and health were all crumbling around you?

This is why it is so ridiculous and needs total cleaning up Quantumly when people have the belief, I can’t do spiritual work or what I love and charge for it. You were born for this time, to come to Earth, in this ascension period, make a difference, and prosper as well.

Have you ever noticed in your life that the more you give away of yourself and your energy for free, without limits and boundaries and without valuing yourself, that other people don’t value you either?

If you value yourself and your contributions, you will bring incredible value to people and the world.


Shifting Into Your True Soul’s Mission

Okay, can you start to sense and feel the inner work you will need to do to trust, flow, listen, follow, and know that Source and your Soul are your security?

Are you ready to let go and deeply unfold and activate YOU?

If your answer is “Yes!” then let’s get down to it.

The first healing shift is the all-powerful (my favourite) Module 4 Speedy Shift Source Healing and Resolution Module.

Take any surfacing dense energy of confusion and fear about stepping into your “True Soul’s Career” to this Healing, until you reach a 10/10.

(This is an all-purpose clean-up healing, before the next step.)

Then, use the following Goal Set in Module 5 Speedies – “I sign up, accept, and embody the activation of my true Soul Mission for this lifetime.”

Keep clearing all resistance until you reach a 10/10.

Now you can refine further …

  • Use Speedy Shifts Module 4, the Source Healing and Resolution for “Security fears.” Keep shifting until you reach a 10/10.
  • Then, with the same Module 4, again take the problem of “Needing to try to work it out” into the healing and keep clearing until reaching a 10/10.
  • Then again, with Module 4, do the healing “Not trusting my intuition humbly to follow the next heartfelt step.” Keep shifting until you reach a 10/10.

And, there could be more, because as I said, virtually all of us have been programmed OUT of connecting to and following our Soul Paths!

It’s actually a rarity to find someone who has, when it should be the “normal”!

Keep shifting and aligning!


In Conclusion

Okay – so here it is the END of our Speedy Shifts 5-Day Challenge and it’s been my absolute joy to connect with you all in this way. It’s been thrilling for me to see how many of you have grown – so MUCH!

You are DOING the work – Soul Work! Is there anything more important? It means your entire life can start to flow and work.

Now, there is still some more for your incredible people to do – work through these Day 5 Shifts, fill out your registration form, and send it back into support@melanietoniaevans.com by the 10th December 2024.

I want to wish YOU the most incredible blessings in regard to winning a 1-on-1 healing with me!

The greatest blessing, however, is the growth that you have generated for yourself. The freedom from your mind, to activate the True You, Your Source Soul Self to be in charge of your life, because that is when your True Life Begins.

This is the work I am passionately doing on myself every day, shifting out ANY dark inner corners, loading UP with Source’s Light, and following my Inner Voice faithfully to actualise, as much as possible, my Soul’s calling in this pivotal time for humanity. 

Two days ago, I received the Divine Message to reach out and offer people COMPLIMENTARY 1-on-1 help, in a private appointment, to KNOW their Soul Map. This is for people who ARE passionate about expanding into their Soul Mission and potential.

In line with this, I have just released my most exclusive Super-Thriver Course which is a 12-month intimate, high-frequency program for those SUPER serious about bringing their unique gifts to the world, as well as living at their highest potential in Love, Health and Wealth.

PLUS, I am offering something for the FIRST time ever.

A FREE complimentary Soul Map Reading and up to 10 Speedy Shifts – valued at $525.00 USD. The Complimentary session with me is for the first 20 serious Soul Warriors who enroll in Super Thrive.

PLUS, the early bird price of 20% off is ONLY until 5th December 2024, by using the discount code SUPERTHRIVE



If you are one of the first 20 people, you will be contacted by email for your numerology details and to book you in!

(Please know that many of these spots have already been taken, and you WILL be contacted for your FREE Soul Map Reading if you previously ordered Super Thrive, before I decided to do this.)

There are now only a limited number of spaces left!

You can check out the Super Thrive details and dates here.

I hope with all of my heart that you have enjoyed this Speedy Shift Challenge as much as I have hosting it. I just KNOW with your growth, and with our energy TOGETHER – and for our world – the BEST is yet to come!

I am sending you Much Love and Profound UP-shifts, and I look forward to your comments and questions below.