Who Are You Without Your Obsessive Mind?

Have you ever experienced this – you’re obsessing about a problem and doing everything in your power to get to the bottom of it, but as much as you think about it and explore all the options – nothing really changes?

You may feel as though thinking about your problems is the only way to find the answers and heal your life. But in reality, the more intelligent you are, the worse your mind can treat you. Overthinking is an illness of the intelligent, and it doesn’t lead to any progress.

The truth is, when you’re feeling overwhelmed by a situation that seems unsolvable, you will only find solutions at the level of consciousness you are operating from. That is, the emotional level you are at when the issue arises. So when you’re feeling traumatised, and you simply can’t think of a solution, it doesn’t mean there’s no answer. It means the right answer is at a higher level of consciousness than you can access at that time.

It follows, then, that no matter how many facts, ideas or information you have, thinking won’t help. You can only find a solution by tapping into the divine, healing energy that will bring light into the situation and help it shift.




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The Topic for Day 3 of the 5-Day Challenge is “Who ARE you without your obsessive mind?” If you have not yet Followed my Facebook Page, please do so, and I’d love for you to share my work with others who need it.

Let’s jump straight into our first topic, which is …


Mere Thinking Is Overrated

You may think that thinking about your problems is how to be human and solve your life.

Yet, no matter how “intelligent” you are, you will find out this just isn’t helpful. In fact, the more intelligent you are, the worse your mind can treat you. Overthinking is a dis-ease of the intelligent! We were brought up to believe you can think your way out of your problems without realising that anxiety, stress and rumination are never solved by more thinking.

When you are traumatised, you can only ever think within the bandwidth of the trauma and not think in higher vibrational evolved ways. This means you will obsess yourself into more problems as a result of thinking about it.

Isn’t that exactly what obsessing means?

It doesn’t matter how many facts or ideas or even information or evidence you have, this is not the solution. The solution comes from the soul. It comes from the ability to be able to access a higher consciousness than the issue itself.


The Vibrational Truth Under The Thought

When stressed and coming up empty in regard to solutions, you may think that you have to “get” the right information from outside of yourself. Yet, at that moment, you are not innerstanding Quantum Law – you, as the Grand Creator you are always create from your level of consciousness –meaning your emotional level. You are always “creating” from Quantum Law, which is as absolute as gravity – so within, so without.

This means from the vibration of feeling traumatised there are only two possible situations for you, 1) you will get advice or information that is lower vibrational and not helpful, or, if you do get higher vibrational advice or information you are not a match for it and can’t accept, embody or actualise it.

It’s too great a leap.

It’s YOU who has to shift into Higher Frequency.

But how can you when your mind is running the show?

The shift starts with you accepting that your “monkey mind” only has access to past experiences and programming and a limited view of the situation based on factual “seen” or “expected” evidence. All, of course, based on your already established inner programming on that topic – which is defunct because you are obsessing about this.

Your cognitive mind cannot see into the future and cannot live from the soul manifestation of faith. It’s attached to controlling, wanting “let me see it to believe it” yet that is the exact opposite of how Quantum Law works!


Thinking Does Not Equal Intelligence

Your logical mind only controls 40 bits per second of “creative power” in your human experience. It is only a teeny portion of what is really going on! Yet your inner unconscious, somatic, limbic system (known as the emotional self) is generating 40 billion bits per second.

This is where your life is really taking place.

People living in their minds (boy, did I used to be there!) think they are super-intelligent. They are terrified of letting go of “thinking”, believing they will become dumb. However, this is so NOT the truth! That is your ego talking!

Rather, people who are constantly living in their heads, controlled by their minds, are exhausted and depressed. They become numb and dumb – because they have to self-medicate to try to turn off the ever agonising mind that is terrorising them, with medication or addictions. When the stinking thinking is numbed out, so are the inspired, joyful, intuitive and expansive thoughts.



What Is Your True Mind?

There may be some topics in your life that you already flow with.

That topic in your life works, it flows, it’s easy, and you are at peace, inspired and solid around it.

You know how to BE that role.

You are already your True Mind in relation to these topics because you don’t have internalised trauma on them.

Yet the topics in your life that you obsess about are only because you have trapped internal trauma on these topics. That is what is creating a dis-eased mind regarding those topics. Naturally, these are areas in your life that are breaking down. They don’t work.

You can’t think your way out of this – you need to shift out the trauma, and then your mind will also heal to match the calm and solidness that your Inner Being just became.

When you are dedicated to stop thinking and do more shifting with Quanta Freedom Healing, space opens up inside you for the light to enter because your life on the inside is NOW light-filled with the Divine Soul and Mind, as you and God / Source / Creation integrate as One.

Your inner and outer world become united into “health”.

As the True Mind, you are no longer thinking – you are flowing, you are Being. You have faith, calm, positivity and energy. Importantly, you don’t need proof, evidence, or outcomes to be this way.

Have you ever noticed in your life that a state of calm and solid emotions always proceeds a better outcome? Do you innerstand that this is because you can access capacity, motivation and courage – these things arise within you because you have space inside to receive Source’s activation within you?

You also now have access to the aligned realities in The Field – the “so without” that matches your newly shifted “so within”. Opportunities, synchronicities, support, solutions and miracles can all now come to you because you are on the matching frequency vibration.

You have access to the channel you want because you are dialled in.

You no longer obsess about anything – no matter what, things break away or change. You know you are BEING you, and you are connected to Source.

The path ahead has become illuminated.

You have gut feelings, callings, and next steps – that just “light up”.

You feel called. You do what you know you need to do; you follow your inner cues. You start moving toward the creation of your life. You stop obsessing, you get going.

To stay flowing means to keep shifting out triggers and arising traumas so that you fill with more Light – increasing confidence, knowing, joy, inspiration, excitement and freedom.

The journey is the JOY of Being You, not the destination. You become grateful for ALL of it.

It’s your ego that wants absolutes and results and then is never gratified and keeps wanting more, keeping you in a constant state of obsession!

Exercise 1: Write down this statement, “I accept that my logical mind is the small, disconnected part of myself that takes me away from my True Self. I desire so much more for myself, my soul, and my life.”

Repeat this statement a few times.

How does this feel for you?

It would be usual that your ego is not liking this statement at all! Open up your body and really breathe this statement in to start accepting it.

This is the beginning of the pathway out of the limitations and battles with your mind.


Your Mind Has To Get Out Of The Way

Would you put someone with limited capacity in charge of your life?


I know you may not want to hear this, but it’s essential that you do – your mind is not the master of your life, it is a mere servant.

Yes, your mind can recite, find out information, memorise it and retain things. But it does not have access to matters of the Soul, or the expansiveness of The Field, or connection to the Oneness of All That Is.

Your logical mind has no ability to activate your Soul connection with the Divine Mind / Grand Creation of All That Is. Your mind cannot connect to all-knowing, faith, the innerstanding of your values and truths, or “be” self-love, self-acceptance and the self-generation that will deliver you a joyous, durably fulfilling life.

A high IQ does not deliver a happy life without a higher emotional intelligence being present. Let’s take this up another notch to High Soul IQ. Would that not be about moving from the limits of low consciousness 3D living into higher consciousness 5D and beyond realities?

Yes, it is “that” which is true Beingness! You are a human being, not a human thinking. When you get the Beingness part right, then everything else follows, as well as aligned, easy, and effective thinking.

Are you ready to access this Higher Part of yourself?

Let’s set another intention together…

Exercise 2: Write this down, “I relinquish my attachment to my mind. I now let go of thinking and surrender into the Divine Mind, which is the part of myself that is so much higher and greater.”

Open up and breathe, repeat this statement to bring it inside as an innerstanding.

How does it feel?

Is your ego perturbed again? It should be because you will escape its entrapment by taking this journey.

Now you can start transcending mere “human” level cognitive mind intelligence, UP-shifting into big, expansive, channelled galactic intelligence. Because at your True Self-level, you really DO understand ALL of it. You KNOW it in your cells because you ARE it.


You Have To Lose Your Mind to Finally Know The Truth

I was very blessed years ago when my mind literally broke. My trauma created a literal breakdown, and I lost my mind. It was the best thing that ever happened to me because, finally, I found my True Mind.

Never again did I try to use “my little mind” to control and work things out. I knew wisdom, solution, and manifestation was an inside job. I knew that my mind was my greatest enemy, and I needed to bypass it completely to heal myself and my life.

Hence why I channelled Quanta Freedom Healing™ – living life from the inside out – instead of from the ridiculous, traumatising “outside-in” approach, then, there was no more trying to control trillions of variables, rather than just healing on the inside.

In regard to NOT thinking about your trauma and shifting it instead, if you can’t don’t have time to go within right away, and your brain wants to start obsessing, just open your body and breathe and say to your Inner Being, “Honey, I hear you, I love you. I’m here. You are doing a great job, and I’m proud of you. As soon as possible, we will shift this.” Then, keep deep breathing and ignore thoughts. Don’t succumb to them – knowing it I only going to make matters worse!

Exercise 3: Think about something bothering you, now do what I just described above … open your body and breathe and say to your Inner Being, repeat after me … “Honey, I hear you, I love you. I’m here. You are doing a great job, and I’m proud of you. As soon as possible, we will shift this.”

Then … do NOT think about your trauma!

Just breathe and ignore thoughts about your trauma.

How does the inside of you feel now?

Now …

Exercise 4: Think of something else that is worrying you, and now open up and breathe and say, “I bless and accept this feeling because it is showing me what I need to release and heal next.”

How does this statement feel in your body?

You have now moved from resistance to acceptance. You are no longer a victim. And now, because you have stopped resisting, it can’t persist.

As long as you DON’T start THINKING about your trauma!

Your acceptance and desire to shift the trauma out gives you an incredible connection to self-partnering. This means you are now automatically connected with the Higher Part of yourself – God / Source / Creation. Because you are partnering with you, it means the entire Field will start to partner with you also. You just moved from bad karma (generating more of the painful disconnected trauma) to grace and spiritual compensation even BEFORE you shift the trauma out!

Do you innerstand this?

Once you start living this way, you will, and you will never go back.

But you have to make the effort to change what you used to do and do it differently.


Who Will You Be Without Your Obsessive Thinking?

In “usual” psychology terms, if you let go of trauma, you will be “empty” and have no identity. Some of the hardest personal clients I have ever worked with were psychologists who flatly refused to go inside and meet their inner trauma to clean it out. I would stop the healing session and say, “I won’t just have a conversation about this that I know can’t help you.”

Okay, yes, if you believed your trauma was your Identity and you let it go – you would be terrified regarding “Who will I be?”

Yet Quantumly, this is a ridiculous premise. You are not your traumas; they are merely a glitch in your program as a Human Being. They are NOT allowing you to BE Who You Really Are.

With Quanta Freedom Healing, we let go of the trauma and bring in the activation of the Light – Your True Self –  to replace it. Then you have instant shifts, where you lose the False Self (traumatised, helpless, clogged up toxic and small self) and instantly shift into the REAL Self (peace, solidness, faith, relief, and Oneness.)

These feelings come from having “space” inside. Space for your Real Self to be embodied and felt. With Light inside you, you and Source /Creation are One.

There is NO comparison between your small egoic logical mind trying to think your way OUT of how you are feeling and the True Mind flowing effortlessly with the Light inside you that you are not just feeling, but Being.

A dear friend of mine, whom I introduced years ago to Quanta Freedom Healing™, sat on the sidelines for the longest time. Her reasoning was, “I don’t have time to break down and not function”. I said to her, “You won’t! You will lose the breakdown, get instant breakthroughs and start functioning!”

Finally, her life got so bad that she decided she had no other option than to try my healing, and then she said, “I can’t believe how well I am feeling, and so quickly.” Her depression and obsession melted away. So did her brain fog and skewered beliefs and thinking. We started enjoying evolved conversations from a much higher perspective.

With Quanta Freedom Healing comes a consciousness shift. This is not about learning anything new – it’s about unlearning the layers of old trauma and painful beliefs so that the sparkling jewel inside comes back to life, re-membering Who You Really Are.

Exercise 5 – Write down this statement: “I am ready for my consciousness to shift into my Higher Mind, it’s time for me to ascend and evolve, now.”

Open, breathe and repeat this statement. How does this feel inside your body?

Does it feel exciting? A little scary still?

So, the short answer to “Who will you be without your obsessive mind?” is “Yourself”. The person you always knew you wanted to be. The person who is no longer empty, needy and scrambling. The person who can feel whole and solid and connected without physical evidence. The person who is living authentically in integrity and Being their truth and experiencing a life that reflects this.

Most of ALL, the person who is NOT thinking in their head but is following their calling and inner voice.

Feel into this, what I am about to say … you know what it is like to sing, paint, write or decorate from a channelled inspired place.

You become capable of feats that are not coming from your mere mind.

You know those moments when you just “knew” what to say or do.

You know what it’s like to get in your car and the voice in your head says, “You left this behind.”

You know that you have a gut knowing and do receive necessary messages and warnings.

Do you think these things were an accident, a one-off or some sort of freak occurrence?

This capacity was always there within you, but you were just too clogged up and obsessing about problems to be clean and clear enough to receive this.

Ships come in over smooth waters.

Source / God / Creation does enter you and work through you as YOU when you let go of the trauma making you obsess by being committed to STOP thinking and start shifting.

STOP… stop… STOP… thinking about your trauma. Refuse to indulge it. Instead, treat it on the inside and get on with your life, whatever it is that you feel called to do.

Okay, now let’s UP-shift your mind!


Shifting From the Small to The Infinite Mind

Here are my recommended healing combinations.

This week is simple …

  • Use Speedy Shifts Module 4, the Source Healing and Resolution for “Trying to solve problems with thinking.” Keep shifting until you reach a 10/10.


  • Then, with the same Module 4, again take the problem of “I think I am my mind” into the healing and keep clearing until reaching a 10/10.


  • Then again, with Module 4, do the healing “Needing to BE my logical mind.” Keep shifting until you reach a 10/10.

These healings, in combination, together are more freeing than you could ever imagine.

Then …

  • With Speedy Shifts Module 5 – The Goal Setting Module, you can set the goal “I am released from the small mind and at One with the Infinite Mind. I surrender my thinking to activate Who I Really Am – connected to calm, peace, wisdom and knowing.” Keep clearing until you reach a 10 out of 10.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s lesson – and I can’t wait to hear your results! It’s been thrilling to hear how well many of you have been doing after Day 1 and Day 2. Many of you are already free from the obsessive thoughts haunting you!

Please know there is still ample time to become involved in this Speedy Shift Competition and Challenge. As a Speedy Shifter, you are eligible to win one of my 1 on 1 healings valued at $995.00 USD. By registering after the five days by following upcoming instructions!

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