Big Announcement – I’m Coming To See You!

Big Announcement – I’m Coming To See You!


I have some very exciting news for you today.

I’m COMING to see you and I can’t wait!

Zac and the MTE team are coming too.

The reason we are is that during the tour for my book You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse in London and Los Angeles, Zac and I had the immense joy and pleasure to connect with many beautiful people in events, workshops, and Thriver meetups.

These are experiences we will NEVER forget.

I know … I feel called … to do more IN-person things with YOU.

And … we’d be doing you a disservice if we couldn’t offer you life-changing experiences IN-PERSON!

Today’s video is all about the details of our upcoming Live Events.


Complete the 2-minute survey and secure your early bird ticket for MTE’s in-person live event.


Video Transcript

In today’s video I want tell you something that we’ve been keeping under wraps for several months now…

It all started on our book tour to London and LA earlier this year…

Zac and I arrived in London, bleary eyed after travelling for 24 hours straight. Almost every hour of our days were booked with events, talks I had scheduled, and meetings, including my first in-person meeting with our Publisher, Watkins Publishing, and the wonderful woman, a dear angel, Theresa Cheung, who helped make my book You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse become a reality.

We knew the tour was going to be crazy, but we really had no idea what to expect.

But I can tell you, from the moment we got to our Airbnb, unpacked our bags, and set out on all our engagements, we fell in love with what we were doing!

Meeting Thrivers, who I’d been connected with for as long as I could remember, for the very first time, brought tears to my eyes…

Having the opportunity to speak live to our audience, see and feel the energy of all the incredible souls in this community.

And then getting the opportunity to deliver an all-day workshop, and witness in person the miraculous breakthroughs of all the people who took part…

If you told me just 10 years ago, that the Thriver Mission, which started in my little unit in Langwarrin, Victoria, could have led to this – I wouldn’t have believed you.

The entire London experience, everything, I couldn’t believe it.

All this time that we’ve been helping people heal and thrive from abuse, mostly from sitting behind a computer, I have known deep down that we had been changing lives. But to actually witness THAT, and to experience so many people come up to me and say, ‘Thank you – you saved and changed my life’…

I was speechless.

In fact, I remember turning to Zac and, looking at each other, we said simultaneously, ‘How lucky are we; we have the best job in the world!’

Then we went onto LA and the experience was just as special … I got to meet some of the most amazing people in my life, for the very first time.

I got to speak and spend an afternoon at our Thriver Meet-up. It was SO much fun!

Okay… So here’s the big news…

From the moment we left LA and came back to Melbourne, we have been itching to get back on a plane…

Because we know deep down that this is my mission to be with you, and even though myself and the MTE team produce so much material online – across YouTube, my Blog and social media, as well as our emails and healing programs – we know that we’d all be doing you a disservice if we couldn’t offer you something incredibly special in person.

That’s why later this year we are going to be hosting the first ever MTE Live Events – where you will get the chance to join me in your nearest city!

They’re going to be lots of fun… You’ll be able to meet and connect with other Thrivers, which is always so special. And, most importantly, we’ll be creating transformations, literally to the point where you will walk out of the room at the end of the workshop as a totally new you!

So how does that sound?

I hope you’re excited ????

Now, there’s just two very important things I need from you to help make this happen:

Where you live. We want to know which cities have the BIGGEST Thriver Tribes, so that we can schedule the events accordingly. And we want to know what TYPE of events you would be most interested in, so that we can deliver exactly the kind of healing and transformational experience that you would like.

So, to help you share this information with us, we’ve created a quick-and-simple, two-minute survey for you to fill out.

And, when you fill out this survey you will automatically join the special Early Bird List, giving you the opportunity to be first to get tickets!

Judging by how the Thriver Mission has grown over the last couple of years, we don’t expect the tickets to last all that long, which means completing the survey will be a great way for you to secure a ticket when they go on sale.

Please fill out the survey here and then keep an eye out for news of the events, which we’ll be posting on Facebook, Instagram and here on YouTube.

I can’t wait to see and give you a hug in person … Bless!