Aftershock – The Narcissistic Abuse Phenomenon

Creating Thriving Relationships The Quantum Way – Part 2

Ready to break free from the draining and depleting effects of narcissists?

Whether you’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist, are in one now, or are still struggling to move on after one, the answer lies in the Quantum realm.

Let’s look at why narcissists exist in your life in the first place. If you are entangled with narcissists, it is likely because you are subconsciously attached to a False Source.

These False Sources can take many forms, such as a narcissist or a victim-perpetrator type dynamic. You may believe, even subconsciously that this individual is your only source of love, security, or approval.

It’s as if you are stuck in an endless loop of feeling small, powerless and without choices, or as if you are bound and dependent on this individual.

The truth is, a narcissist will never be a healthy source of anything for you. They are always in competition with you in some form or another.

The Quantum way is the most powerful way to break free of this cycle – through inner soul work and energetic healing.

This is the most effective way to detach from narcissists, as it brings you back home to Source and yourself.

Your True Self is a fractal of Source, and as you align yourself with your own True Source of Love, these irritating, traumatising influences of narcissists become irrelevant and you are free of their emotional pull.


Video Transcript

Welcome, dear Thriver, to Thriver TV, where you don’t just learn about what narcissistic and toxic relationships are about but how to heal for real from them. If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so, and I’d love for you to share my work with others who need it.

Today is all about that because we are going into Creating Thriving Relationships: The Quantum Way Part Two.

I really recommend before listening to or reading about this on the blog, check out Creating Thriving Relationships In The Quantum Way Part One because that’s going to set the foundation for you. We had a look at steps one, two, and three there.

Today, we’re going to look at steps four, five, and six. Okay, so this next step of the journey I want to talk about today to create happy, healthy, wholesome, workable relationships is pivotal and essential. In my humble opinion, a centre pin that can’t be missed, and often it is.

This is about creating a relationship directly with a true source, the foundation of all your relationships.

Let’s look at making the leap from false sources back to true sources.


Making the Leap From False Sources Back To True Source

If you’ve been enmeshed with narcissists, the reason is that you’ve been ensnared by false sources. Narcissists cannot exist in your life with all of their atrocious behaviour unless you are somehow trauma-bonded to them through some dependency on them.

Now, let’s check out the part that narcissists play in this. Narcissists are an ego construct, and the acronym of ego is Edging God Out. Now, no matter how spiritual or religious a narcissist may profess to be, they’re never going to humble themselves enough to believe in a divine consciousness, a higher mind God, source creation, the organic well-being and life force that holds together all of the universe and the multiverses and all life force.

Rather, the narcissist in this small, limited, angry, vengeful, controlling mind believes that he or she is God, the master controller of their personal universe.

Therefore, a narcissist can’t be a healthy source in your life because they’re in dark competition with you. Their superiority makes you inferior. Their gain has to be your loss. You’re an object to siphon out, to use, to manipulate, to bleed dry so that they can prosper. Win-win does not compute with these people.

As an adult goes through narcissistic abuse, there is some belief within you that you need this person as your source of love, approval, survival, or security, and this means that there are parts of yourself that don’t as yet feel healed up, safe, or solid.

These are age-regressed parts or a part of you from your past life that feels helpless, small, powerless, and codependently attached to this person. You don’t feel like a whole grownup adult in your own body, no matter how capable and intelligent you are.

Somehow you just don’t feel like you’ve got options, opportunities, solutions, and access to inspiration, support and miracles from the unlimited permutations of life outside of this person.

Most definitely, this was a carry-on from your childhood where you took on limiting beliefs from your parents or your caregivers, and maybe you suffered actual survival threats, or maybe you had everything done for you. You didn’t feel like you and weren’t brought up to know your own power and self-generative capacity emotionally and practically.

We can’t get our caregivers to do it any differently. They had their own faulty programming, and they did the best that they could with the resources that they had.

You can now connect to the true source and be filled with the programs, the beliefs, and all of the inner solidness that will give you calm and power, exactly what you need to be full and then go forward, expand, and create for yourself.

Soul alignment and feeling can’t be achieved logically because this isn’t of the mind, it’s of the soul.

A powerful way to achieve this is quantum with the inner soul’s energetic work. This work is the most effective way I know of to detach from narcissists and come home to source and yourself.

Your true self is a fractal of source, and this doesn’t just disconnect you from the attraction and the trauma bonds to narcissists. It makes them literally irrelevant in your life.

Personally, despite being spiritual and believing in a higher power my entire life, even from a little child, it wasn’t until I went quantum regarding healing my connection to my true source that I became self-generative and a thriver, free of everything that narcissists represent and any damage that they previously inflicted on me.

I’ve seen the same happen with countless people in our wonderful community. When you release and reverse the belief, such as:

Source has forsaken me,

I’m cursed and punished by the source,

Others deserve love, abundance, support, and prosperity, and I don’t,

If I don’t go without and suffer, lack, and struggle, I can’t be worthy of source and so many other limiting beliefs.

They’re some of the main ones. Please know it’s important to know this. You can use any word for your understanding of a higher power. You can use your deity. It doesn’t matter.

Okay? Now, if you’re already a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program member, NARP member, I can’t recommend enough healing these faulty source programs with the Source Healing and Resolution Module in your bonus modules, or what you can do is you can use the Goal Setting Module, which is another bonus module, and set the goal:

I’m free to know my divine connection to source as source flowing through me as me. Source and I are one.

If you are stuck with this stuff, and it’s really deep and painful for you, then I highly suggest joining me and other global thrivers in Thrive where, as a group together, we’re going to make epic progress with this, and then you can see your life start to soar, heal, and prosper in ways that you never had access to before this time.

Additionally, you’re no longer going to be led into false connections with false people who seemed to be the answers to your prayer. Still, they ended up instead being the messenger of the parts of yourself that were not aligned with the nourishing and flourishing of the divine source of plenty yet.

I stand in this truth. Literally, nothing flows abundantly in your life until you return home to your connection to your true source, and the repairs and the reversals of your life are epic, fast, and stunning when you do.

The spiritual compensation that starts to flow into your life is breathtaking because what is yours by divine right when you come back home cannot be taken away and will unleash and multiply, and it does. Week four of Thrive is all about this piece.

In previous Thrive events, what we discovered is the week four group healing that we did is so powerful in reconnecting people back to the source and so far-reaching and effective that even dedicated NARPers have used this as a regular go-to healing on their teachable platform, which is one of the most important pieces they found in their vast super quantum toolkits.



How To Be Your Source-Filled Self In The World

Okay, now let’s have a look at the next step, which is how to be your source-filled self in the world. It’s one thing to come home to source, but how do you be in the world but not of the world and do it safely as your true self?

In week five of Thrive, we work determinedly on how to be your true self without having to hide out or dim your light ever again.

Many people believe that this is impossible to do in a world of narcissistic predators, that you can’t be a shining, loving, prosperous light without being a target to be attacked.

This would be true if you didn’t know how to have a healthy boundary function. When you do, narcissists are as terrified as you as a vampire is of a bright light being turned on in a room.

After healing your connection to the source and all the good stuff, I teach you to keep yourself safe from people after it without having to dim down, be fearful, or get defensive. Rather, now you can shift into a powerful position of being offensive rather than defensive.

Defensive is dangerous because everything you’re trying to hide and defend yourself from keeps smashing into your life, whereas offensive repels it and pushes it back because the power of your light is a thousand times more powerful than the false power of darkness, so your personal evolution as a source self is to embody this and live the truth of this.

This means creating, expressing, and stating your personal boundaries, what you will and won’t accept, who you will allow into your lifetime appropriately, in healthy ways, and who you won’t.

You become an empowered, upleveled self by identifying the traumas, the beliefs, and the limits that have not allowed you to stand at this impenetrable level of self-truth.

In week five, we dig out the fears of crap, which I talk about often, which is the fear of being criticised, rejected, abandoned, and punished if you speak up, lay boundaries, and create the truth of your life from the inside out.

What will other people think are the fears?

What will they do?

How did you used to feel shameful and guilty, and even apologize for living as your authentic self?

Who are you fearful of leaving behind as a result of ascending into your true self?

You will learn in week five that your healthy boundaries and the manifestation of your thriver life, as a result of your choices and well-placed nos and yeses, don’t require anybody else to agree with your boundaries, which is one of the greatest false premises that stop us being able to lay boundaries.

We think that person has got to agree with our truth. No, they don’t. If they don’t, you have your answer. This is how you will identify, detach from, and remove manipulators from your life.

Your boundaries only rely on you agreeing with them. No one else. I hope that can be a really big takeaway for you today because it’s massive. Then you will see how your life starts to fill with people who do agree with respecting and valuing you.

You will discover how these stuck internal fears and insecurities have held you back. They’ve made you accept less than you and kept you stuck in disappointing and limiting cycles of life and continuing painful and toxic relationships.

How has playing it safe, not wanting to piss off other people, kept you experiencing anything but feeling safe, powerful, and free to thrive in your life? Most of us have accepted these squirmy, fearful feelings and barriers of not speaking up or laying boundaries.

We thought it was normal and it’s thought that it’s the way that we need to operate. Even if you have realized that these deep inner barriers of trying to get along have been holding you back, you may not have known how to find them, release them, and reverse them.

That’s where the quantum tool of quantum freedom healing comes into play, and you’ll discover exactly how quickly and powerfully you’ll go from fear into courage and be able to lay boundaries and, therefore, safely expand into your life with your light after working with week five information, protocols, and healing in Thrive.


What are The Patterns and Programs That Sabotage Us?

Now, let’s look at our next step, which is equally as important as every step. This is about looking at what are the patterns and programs that sabotage.

This is what we look at in week six in Thrive: investigating and knowing exactly what the triggers are and the feelings you experience when you start self-sabotaging and starting to realize that we kind of have that kill switch within us just as you’re about to break through, just as you’re about to expand into a different trajectory of relationship with yourself, life, and others.

What can happen is a self-sabotage trigger will go off, so we need to look at the ways that you’re staying stuck and handing your power away. I used to have many, absolutely many.

Would you like to break free from these patterns? Have you realized when you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough that this keeps happening to you? Think about your life. You’ll see it. Self-sabotage occurs only because of one reason: because we want to go forward.

We want to get past the comfort zones. We know our desires, but we’re just not able to do it. It occurs because of unhealed limiting beliefs and programs that are powerfully reactivating every time you try to go free from them. Most of them are deep survival programs that don’t allow you to claim your light, progress, freedom, and true organic magnificence, which is who you really are.

The brilliant thing about the quantum way to heal is that we can easily find these core programs. We can release and program that without having to undergo decades of therapy. To try to find them and shift them, we can just go straight to them, let them go, and bring in the light to replace them, moving into true self-function.

Do you know yet how to energetically and quantumly address these limiting beliefs and traumas?

Those of you working with quantum freedom healing, I hope that you’ve really realized this, that you can address these things that keep tripping you up and keep you from handing your power away.

These are the things that haven’t been allowing you to break free into your true self and your true life yet, which is, of course, exactly what you deeply desire that keeps calling you forth.

That’s what we learn about in week six. How do I identify exactly what is causing your self-sabotage trigger to go off, as well as how to remove the blocks and limits causing that to happen? Finally, go free from self-sabotage.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to get off Groundhog Day of sliding back into bad relationships, toxic habits and addictions, stinking thinking, procrastination, and giving up on your dreams all over again just as you thought you were getting the inspiration to get towards them?



Can you somehow sense that the reason why you can’t settle with this and it doesn’t sit well within you, and it’s actually depressing, painful, and horrible to experience, is because it’s a contradiction to your true self? It’s not who you’re coded to be. It’s not the life you’re meant to live.

When we understand on a quantum level that we’re built of the same stuff as creation itself and the universe and the way function as the source, which is all the oneness of all that is, and that energy is always in the business of expanding and expressing itself and growing, and if we are not doing that, it feels wrong. It’s WrongTown.

It’s not what we’re cellularly coded to do. What I love about going quantum is it got me out of the stinking thinking and the head loop and trying to think my way out of that painful state of self to shift out of it and start moving into my true self as my organic self.

That’s what happens when you start working with your inner healing the quantum way, so check out Thrive.

Okay, here is the link for Thrive, and we’re in the last days of being able to enrol to get epically involved in this super healing over 10 weeks where you have the safety, guidance, and comfort of your own home.

The ability to get together with our incredible global quantum community to heal in ways that are going to grant you the boost that you’ve probably been looking for your entire life.

Also, please remember to like, subscribe and share this video with people who could be helpful. I hope it gave you some takeaways, some deep understanding of why maybe you haven’t been able to break free and heal yet.

Okay, so to finish off, you know how it goes, and this is how us thrivers go. Keep smiling, keep healing, and keep thriving because, truly, what else is there to do?

All right, I’ll talk to you guys soon. Lots of love. Bye-bye.