Aftershock – The Narcissistic Abuse Phenomenon

Creating Thriving Relationships The Quantum Way – Part 3

Many of us, especially those of us who have been through narcissistic abuse, have been programmed with patterns and traumas running our lives that block us from believing in abundance, being strong and confident, or believing in true love.

These traumas and patterns have been limiting us, keeping us from achieving the life and love we always knew deep inside we deserved.

The pain and suffering of these traumas and limiting beliefs have been running our show instead of us living and creating our dreams with joy.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can re-program our subconscious minds to become powerful creators liberated from pain and suffering. We can move away from licking our wounds and into generating our souls’ true desires with true power and inspiration.

When you know how to heal these, things will start flowing naturally. This brings me to the work I do in my 10-week Thrive Boot Camp. We directly address the inner and outer blocks of healthy relationships. Then, we craft a new blueprint for healthy relationships with yourself, with life, and with others.

You can be part of this amazing process – the doors to the boot camp open on September 12th 2023. I can’t wait to see you there!


Video Transcript

Welcome, dear Thriver, to Thriver TV, where I’m going to be taking you through part three of creating Thriver relationships the quantum way. If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so, and I’d love for you to share my work with others who need it.

Before I jump into that, I just want to say that my Thrive 10-week super epic healing BootCamp is coming up very soon on the 12th of September, so we’re on our last day for you to be able to get a place.

This three-part episode has been about each week and the steps you go through to go from broken and abused to free, empowered and thriving.

Today I am going to talk about the last steps that we go through. If you haven’t as yet connected to the first six steps, please watch those videos or go onto the blog because it’s important that you get the add-on series to understand how it all works together.

Last week, we talked about how to connect to Source, which was super important, how to get boundaries in place, and how to break off previous patterns that have been derailing you and sabotaging you, where you have found yourself back in limiting places and situations, no matter how much you’ve tried to learn or research or go forward.

Today in part three, we’re going to talk about the next steps, week seven onwards, which is about rising from the ashes of abuse and moving into your true thriving capacity.


Manifesting “What You Want” After Abuse

In Thrive classes, week seven, I teach you about manifestation, and it’s interesting because seven is the spiritual number of manifestation, via our connection to Source Energy.

To manifest effectively, we have to be able to identify what we really want because this is you putting a stake in the ground and you’re saying to Source / Creation / Life, “This is what I want, and this is what I deserve.”

After abuse and maybe even before abuse, you’ve been able to connect to what other people want, but it’s been really difficult for you to identify what you want. And maybe you’ve been really good at serving other people’s wishes of what they want, but you haven’t even been able to feel or identify inside you what it is that you want. Maybe you can’t even connect to it.

Now, because you’ve been laying the groundwork in parts one and two, clearing trauma, a lot of the energy of the Old Self, we can put that stake in the ground and claim it, and put that call out to Source / Creation / God, to start delivering it and to start inspiring us to be the person who can co-generate it.

The opportunity, miracles and positive synchronicity can come into your life, and you can recognize and accept it. “What you want”, that “feeling” is real. This is so important to understand – your soul doesn’t get it wrong; this is a song of your soul, and this is your soul in partnership with Source and Creation that wants to grant it to you because these desires are true for you.

They already exist for you quantumly, and they are a reality for you. The only reason that these haven’t been able to enter your life and you haven’t been able to show up knowing you deserve this and having the power and the inspiration to generate it is because of the trauma and false beliefs that have been blocking you up, that have disconnected you from Source, which is your True Self.

You are a fractal of Source, you are a part of Source / Creation / God that you haven’t been able to ignite and have that power and energy flowing through you as you. But now that we’ve done the work in the previous weeks, one to six, you can have that connection healed, activated, and working.

I want to take you, now through a little exercise that’s going to help you discover where your Source / Soul connection is and whether it’s aligned or disconnected.

If you haven’t done the six previous steps, you might find that the disconnection is there, but I want you to have faith and hope because when you get the right tweaks and the right quantum shifts on the inside, it will connect up and it will flow for you.



Are You Connected With Source Manifestation?

To do this little exercise, I want you to think of three things that you want, that your soul wants in this lifetime. It has to be unique for you. It’s got to be the truth for you.

There could be examples of something like,

  • More financial freedom and flow.


After narcissistic abuse, where we experience loss and also with what’s going on in the world at the moment, a lot of people want this. Maybe that’s one of the things that you want: more financial freedom and flow.

  • Greater self-love and confidence.


This is a vital aspect of “self” after abuse, and it’s so important for your life to work moving forward.

  • Truly loving, safe, healthy relationships, including an intimate love life partner.


You true wishes, “what you want” could be greater health, they could be creating your mission and purpose in life successfully. These will be unique to you.

So take your time, really feel into this and write the three things that your soul wants.

After you’ve done that, let’s write about why you want these things in your life.

Why do you want them?

For example, you may write,

  • So that I don’t have to battle and struggle with paying bills and survival anymore.
  • So that I no longer hand my power away and I trust so easily, and I end up making decisions that hurt me.
  • So that I don’t feel lonely and I’ve got greater meaning and love in my life now.



These answers have got to be really authentic. What arises when you ask yourself, “Why do I want these things?” Connect to that, and write your answers.

So now what I want you to do is feel inside and rate the possibility of “what you want” to come into your life. How possible does it feel for you?

A 10 out of 10 would feel like, absolutely, this is totally possible… I feel it, I know it. It just is.

And a zero out of 10 would be, it doesn’t feel possible at all.

This answer can’t come from your head. It’s not what you’d like it to be. You can’t fake this. You’ve got to be real to heal. You’ve got to know where you are.

Imagine if you are bogged in a ditch, in your car and you just try and drive, you’re going to spin your wheels and dig yourself in further. You have to be really honest; how does it feel inside?

For example, wanting more financial freedom and flow, when you check in on the inside, maybe it feels like a two out of 10, barely possible for you.

Greater self-love and confidence, when you feel inside, it may be like a four out of 10. And better relationships and a relationship with an intimate love partner, maybe that feels totally not even possible, like a one out of 10.

So again, I want you to take your time, and be really honest with however possible this feels for you.

There’s a really important reason why we went through these little exercises. It’s so that you can get a glimpse in real time of Quantum Law, which is a law which is as absolute as gravity. Quantum law is “so within, so without”, I’m creating my outer universe from my inner universe, and my inner universe is my limbic emotional system. It’s how I feel about something.

If you felt in your beingness that it was a 10 out of 10, then the feeling precedes the delivery, and that means that the true Source Soul, Higher Potential is going to come into your life with inspiration and as cues and opportunity.

If you’ve got blocks, if you’ve got traumas that are not allowing you to be at a 10 out of 10, this is fear, it feels like an emptiness or anxiety. It’s traumas, it’s false old programming, and instead of a knowing and an embodiment and a manifestation that’s pure and true, rather, we’ve got wounds. That is what has made us so susceptible to false sources and false opportunities coming into our life that we’ve chosen from our unhealed wounds rather than our higher self-wholeness.

And of course, these things have delivered more pain. They haven’t delivered us what we want, they’ve delivered us the evidence of the traumas and more of them.

It’s important to understand you can’t get to a 10 out of 10 logically. Think of the famous Einstein quote that you can’t heal a solution at the level that it was already created, so our stinking thinking and our fear and obsession and rumination and pain and fear can’t be solved with more thinking.

It has to be solved from the inner work, because the 10 out of 10 that we need to get to, has to be embodied as your beingness. It has to be programmed into your limbic emotional system. It has to feel real, possible, and natural for you to start flowing forward into “what you want”.

With your week seven work in my 10-week bootcamp, Thrive, you’re going to discover all the tools and the ways to make this authentic for you. And I promise you, after doing the inner work on that alignment, the reasons that you wrote “why you wanted these things”, instead of coming from a place of emptiness and lack, will come from a fullness and inspired place, and a knowing of just isness.

You answer to “Why do I want this?” will be like, “Because this is my blessing, this is my birthright, this is my true expansion. It just is.” That’s alignment when you feel that, it just is.

If those feelings feel like a million years away for you right now, I want to validate you, that’s normal, that’s the human experience. It’s not your natural, it’s not your Source Self true connection, it’s your program, limited, wounded. It’s “normal”, and it shouldn’t be.

When you know how to heal this, those feelings of “just isness” will be your new normal. You’ll be connected back to your “natural”.

The reasons why you haven’t received what you want, is not because you’re defective, it’s not because you can’t have them or you’re not meant to have them or you’re cursed, or that you’re incapable of manifesting these things. It’s simply because you’ve been disconnected from your Higher Self, which totally is those things. That’s all. Everything you seek is already seeking you, it’s already yours.

Okay, so that is week seven and that’s what we really work at in Thrive!


Breaking Through, After Abuse, Into True Success

Week eight of Thrive, is so important, and I’ve seen this over the years and with myself countless times, that when you break free from your previous lower Old Self and burst forth into the Higher Source Self of prosperity, manifestation and open-hearted Creation, deep fears come racing up.

Your shadows come to meet you hugely! This is all about the fear of being your True Self, “What if I am the Light?” “What if I am a target?” “What if I reach these heights and then I fall?” “Who am I going to be without my wounds and limits?” “Am I going to get too carried away?” “Who am I going to leave behind, who I don’t want to leave behind?”

All of these fears are perfectly normal. They’re not your natural, they’re your normal. This is your ego’s last stand of, “I want to keep you small, in pain, dependent, and I want to keep you disconnected from the Source truth of Who You Really Are, Grand Creator. Because if I can do that, I can keep you down in the darkness, in your shadows, and I can keep feeding off your pain body.”

Your ego, which is the acronym of Edging God Out, is your internal narcissist. It’s a parasite, like external narcissists who want to feed off your life force, don’t want you to be free, don’t want you to be with God / Source / Creation flowing through you as you. Your ego doesn’t want you to experience your natural state of God and “Godding” (creating), expanding. Rather, it wants to keep you in the monkey mind because if you expand and break free from that, the ego is out of a job. It doesn’t get fed pain, fear, lack, obsession and rumination anymore. The small you, the resistant you, when you expand, is going to want to come up and sabotage this expansion.

It’s not just the internal stuff that hits you in the week eight work, it’s also the outer people. It’s going to be victims in your life who want to hold you down at their level of victimisation. You know those people that are always complaining and whinging and making excuses and never take responsibility for their life, and they don’t expand and they don’t grow? They don’t want you to, because then they’re going to be lonely. Victims take hostages. Also too, narcissists in your life who are used to mining and exploiting you, are not going to want you to break free.

Inner work is needed to break free; finding the fears and the blocks and the traumas inside you that have stopped you breaking through the glass ceiling to start receiving your blessings.

I know how to break through that glass ceiling. I’ve been doing it with myself for a decade and a half, and I’ve been doing it with my clients and with my course and class members for years. We directly address this in Thrive to get you through to the true level of how you’re meant to be living and creating.


Generating Truly Safe and Healthy Relationships With Self,  Life and Others

Week nine, in our 10-week Thrive Bootcamp is gorgeous. It’s glorious. This is about generating new, safe, evolving, supportive, and inspiring relationships.

I’m going to share with you the true formula for this, and I just want you to breathe and open your body so that you can take it in. There is only one formula for this, which is having an open heart, living with your heart chakra open and flowing. This means you need great boundary function to look after you and you have to have the ability to be authentic, open, confident, and honest.

This means that you’re going to piss some people off, but I want you to know it’s impossible to keep everybody happy anyway. You need to keep your own Source Soul happy and then you’re going to create true happiness.

Naturally, this “open hearted” concept may really terrify you, and understandably, because so many people after abuse and toxic relationships have resigned themselves to having to go without close relationships for the rest of their life, because they never want to risk being hurt like this ever again.

I promise you, I completely understand that and I used to feel the same way, yet I promise you it doesn’t have to be like this and in 10 weeks, I’m going to show you how and why. The gorgeous thing about this is you’ll know how to be open to and create great relationships from a whole, solid, well-equipped place where you never ever have to risk being abused again. In fact, you’re going to be the safest you’ve ever been in your life and you’ll know in reflection that the way you used to form relationships and fall into them was incredibly risky and disempowered.

That’s not blaming you, you didn’t have the tools, you didn’t have the inner alignment, you didn’t have the source GPS, wonderful intuition, hooked up and working. You weren’t confident enough to speak up and lay boundaries, and neither was I. I totally wasn’t. You will know that when you live your life healed up instead of unhealed, that you’re never going to have to live with defenses again. You can be totally in offense as the Light, offensive instead of defensive, and it pushes darkness away from you. You’re going to be impervious to it. It can’t infiltrate you and it can’t take you down.

You’re also going to know that if you were to keep the trauma inside and your defenses up, you’re not safe anyway, even if you never go near another person in your life, because it’s like locking yourself in a dark house, pulling down the shutters, and you’re alone with these internal shadows eating you alive anyway.

The truth is, as a human, you were built for Unity consciousness. That’s your true Source Soul Self. It’s who you are coded to be. You’re built for connection and communion, anything less than this is separation consciousness, it’s shadows, it’s darkness, it’s traumatic, it’s painful.

This is why I adore the Quantum inner work because it empowers you to know how to identify people, show up confidently as that bright Light, flush out manipulators and false people really quickly, and you won’t be needy and empty trying to keep them in your life.

Because of that, you now have the space for real, soulful, good people to enter your life. And I promise you, good people exist in droves. They really do. Life and humanity is full of them. And I know you mightn’t believe that, but I promise you it’s true. Not perfect people because perfection doesn’t exist, but people who are empathetic and who have honest characters. People who are into personal growth want to become and keep becoming better people. People who want to love from the heart and be authentic, people who want to take part in Unity Consciousness.

These are the people who you can have productive, successful connections with, a far cry from previous people who never took responsibility for their lives and themselves. Please take heart because our wonderful Thriver community, the MTE community, is full of these people, and you’re going to meet many of them as your fellow life travellers in Thrive, hundreds of people from all over the world, and we get started really soon on the 12th of September.



Anyways, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this three-part series and it’s answered a lot of questions for you in regard to the curriculum and the development, the growth and the healing that you will receive in the Thrive Bootcamp.

So many people have written in to support it. I’ve done some live events about answering some questions that people have been writing about, but I hope that this can give you a deep dive into the soul food, the soul healing, and the soul evolution that we get done in these ten weeks.

This is one of the last calls for you to participate, if what I have shared with you in this 3-part series has resonated with you. Thrive is nearly full, we’ve nearly got the doors closed, but there is some spaces, limited, that are remaining.

There is only one day left to register.

Also too, please know that if you can’t make any session live, you get access to your workbook, full recordings, and healings – the powerful group global healings that will shift decades, lifetimes of trauma out of you and give you reprogramming back to your Source Self, for life. All of the recorded sessions are just as powerful as the live sessions.

They’re all there for you to use and uplevel as often as you need to. And for any other questions about Thrive, you can email one of my lovely support team at

I look forward to seeing so many of you beautiful people in Thrive. I can’t wait to get going with you again, it’s one of my favorite courses and classes that I ever do, and I give it my all because I want all of us to Thrive.

As always I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.

Until next time, you know what to do. Keep smiling, keep healing, and keep thriving, because there is nothing else to do. Lots of love. Bye-bye.