Healing The Addictions Making You Obsess


Today we talk about addictions. How they make you obsess, and how they separate you from your Highest and Best Life.

How do addictions sneak up and grab you?

How does your mind trick you into reaching for an addiction in times of stress?

How can you short-circuit this viscious cycle and come home to the safety, peace, grace and healthy ascension of yourself?

In today’s Speedy Shift Challenge Day 4 – Healing The Obsessive Mind – you will discover truths and shifts that will help you melt away your addictions powerfully.

Please find the video and the transcript of this transmission below.

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Facebook Video Transcript

Today in Speedy Shifts Facebook Challenge Day 4 – we are going to talk about melting away the addictions that fuel your obsession.

On day 3, we spoke about Who You Will Be Without Obsessing, namely your True Self, but please don’t think that your ego is going to go quietly into the night. Let’s face it, your ego has, for a very long time, been getting a free feed of toxicity from your obsessing mind. It will try to tempt you at EVERY turn to give up your good practices and go back to obsessing.

Let’s review your good soul practices to stay on track …

  • Loving self-talk

When you are triggered, breathe deeply, open your body, take your attention inside of you and speak to yourself lovingly as you would a child who you adore “(Endearing term) I’m here, I love you, I’m proud of you, you’re doing a great job. As soon as we can, we are going to shift this out – Okay?”

Now, your Inner Self does not have to scream, demand, or manifest some sort of calamity to get your attention to turn inwards to her or him because you have self-partnered and self-validated.

  • Acceptance

Keep your body open and breathing and say, “I bless and accept this feeling because it’s showing me what next I need to let go of and shift.”

This is the consciousness shift immediately away from being a victim to an empowered Quantum Being. From this place, you know that all of life is happening FOR you and not TO you, and you know that no matter what the darkness throws at you, it grants you another powerful up-level opportunity into even more Light.

You refuse to start THINKING about your trauma and get on with your day – self-soothing until you can get to a Quantum Healing Module.

But your ego has OTHER Ideas, and addictions are one of the most powerful ways that your ego can derail you.

Especially if you are NOT okay with feeling pain.


Being Able To Hold Space With Pain

If you, like I used to, struggle to be in emotional pain, your ego can really mess with you.

This doesn’t mean you are weak or incapable, usually, it means you are a sensitive person who feels feelings intensely. Most people who are spiritual and into personal development fall into this category.

This turns into a vicious cycle because if you don’t embrace your painful feelings, whatever you resist will persist, your Inner Being will feel invalidated and scream louder, and the pain will intensify.

To stop this from happening, it’s vital to breathe, open and ACCEPT the feelings of pain.

There is huge alchemy in this.

Yes, we want to shift things, BUT if you refuse to BE with yourself UNCONDITIONALLY at all times, you are missing the point. Self-partnering, like the right relationship, is unconditionally supportive and loving. Every relationship you have in life, and even with life itself, starts with the emotional (energy–in–motion) relationship that you are having with yourself.

Of course, you want life and others to support you at all times, no matter what STATE you are in … and Life and Source / God / Creation will support you, even when you are traumatised IF you are self-partnered.

Which means opening up your body and breathing and being IN your body with the pain.

This is super-presence. This is love. This is self-partnering.

Trying to avoid this, self-medicate, self-avoid, and self-condemn are all the ways that not only do you reject and re-traumatise yourself, but you also will NEVER heal. I promise you, even if you say to yourself, “I hate this feeling” and “I want it gone”, and do healing on yourself all day, every day, you are missing the point, and you won’t heal.

Yes, you can turn inside to heal this, but it will only work if you have loved and accepted ALL of yourself, including this triggered feeling, first!

I promise you this gets easier to do, and very soon, you will discover how powerfully solid you feel when you don’t disengage from your feelings.

Why is this SO important? Because when you are self-partnered in this way, your EGO cannot trick you into disengaging from you and starting to seek solace from the outside.

Let’s find out how this takes place …



Your Ego’s Favourite Tool Of Deception- Addictions

We all know what these things are – food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, mind-numbing pastimes, sex, shopping, gambling – things that not only separate you from yourself but add more bad energy to bad energy. This is the act of self-rejection and abandonment, rather than being your own partner, soother and healer.

Your ego loves this, because from this place you will obsess even harder.

EXACTLY about the unhealed thing you tried to run from. Plus, the additional shame and pain of being addicted to something that hurts you because you aren’t prepared to be with this painful feeling inside of you.

You can’t heal what you are not prepared to fully accept and feel. You can’t defeat what you don’t face without fear and resistance.

I know that being fully present with your triggered Inner Being may terrify you.

But think of this – how would it be for another person who wanted your love, if they felt bad and you turned them away? How would it be in your life when you felt bad, and someone you loved ran away from you?

Now, imagine a child going through this. That is exactly what your Inner Being is – an innocent, underdeveloped, scared self who needs your Higher Consciousness – your love and super-presence to reconnect him or her to Source’s Light.

Please know your presence with yourself creates the template of how you are with others and who you will attract and accept to be with you. You will never accept a level of love lesser than the level of love you have for yourself. If you are still terrified of getting hurt again by others, it’s because you haven’t got your own emotional relationship into solid integrity yet.

Okay, now let’s make a powerful intention together …

Exercise 1: I want you to write down this empowering statement: “It is safe to breathe, open my body, take my attention inside and be present with myself in times of painful emotion. This immediately brings soothing, love, acceptance, trust and support for me. I know this creates more support and love from Source, life and healthy others.”

Now I want you to open and breathe and repeat this to yourself several times so that you can innerstand this truth.

How does that feel? Comfortable or scary? Does it feel like relief? Maybe a mixture?

I promise you I will grant you the SPECIFIC Speedy Shifts to be able to hold space for yourself in these times.

Now, let’s look at what happens if you don’t.


Running from Yourself Straight Into the Clutches of Your Egoic Addictions

What are addictions?

They are attempts to burn off or numb out the internal pain of unmet traumas.

Addictions pretend to be your best friend … “You need me when you are stressed, this is HOW to get comfort!” Yet what they do is lure you into self-destruction. Addictions don’t bring durable relief, solace and solutions, and they just make your life so much worse.

They generate dis-ease and anti-life; they destroy your spirit and connection with your Inner Being and Source. This dire separation and self-abuse generates more chaos, powerlessness and pain.

Please know I am not talking about having a good time in moderation. I am not a prude! I love a cocktail or two and some naughty food at times.

What I am saying is using a substance or an action to avoid internal pain. That is exactly what addictions are. The further you separate from yourself, the more you become dis-integrated instead of integrated – it’s that simple! Then you are under the ego’s control, and can be mined often for supply – your painful, toxic emotions.

Make no mistake, your ego is your internal narcissist, making you feel small, pathetic, empty, not good enough and defective and wants you to turn to addictive relief, which in turn makes you feel even smaller, more pathetic, emptier, and hopeless.

Your ego itself is a self-loathing parasite that does what all parasites who don’t have their own authentic energy source do – destroy the host and then end in annihilation themselves.

That’s what anti-life is.

So, how do you go free from the desire for addictions that your ego has been ambushing you with?

First of all, don’t panic with feeling bad. Emotional triggers are a part of the human experience.

Triggers and painful feelings that DON’T hurt you – they only do if you separate from yourself, start thinking about them, beat yourself up and make choices that hurt you.

Most Highly Sensitive People (Starseeds) I know are totally brave, with high levels of tolerance to physical pain, and are SO resourceful. They can sort out messes incredibly – taking on the workloads and responsibilities of multiple people. Like my previous self, you may just be really bad with tolerating emotional internal pain because of not being taught how to healthily self-soothe and be with yourself yet.

And certainly NOT in a Quantum Way!

However, the “pain” of an unmet trauma is no different to feeling a raw cut on your leg. But the problem is we can treat emotional pain as if it has a whole lot of other STUFF with it. None of that is true!

This is what triggers bring – FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. It hurts, we grant the trigger far too much power, rather than realising it is actually a BLESSING!

It is showing you an internal glitch that is NOT your True Self, offering yourself an opportunity to love and accept yourself even more through it (wouldn’t that be how you would start to trust and adore someone who offered you that level of support in your life?)

And … then the practice of blessing and accepting it as the grand opportunity to Upshift and evolve yourself Higher!

As a Highly Senstive Person you ARE tough and courageous – it doesn’t matter if the internal trauma-dense energy feels like you are having your leg sawn off! I know we can BEAR that! If you can hold it (without thinking), love yourself, bless and accept it, and Quantumly shift it, then you have mastered ascension!

Because you are here watching my stuff, doing this Quantum inner work it is more than likely you are a sensitive Starseed. You came onto this dense planet of duality and trauma, and it was shocking for you. You went through some horrendous things in past lives and childhood – but NOW it is your time to rise, face the dense internal energy for yourself and humanity, and up-shift with grace, presence and power.

We are NOT bad people. We are NOT annihilated. We are NOT being thrown out into the desert, strung up or having something terrible done to us now.

Those times are OVER!

We have the Quantum keys and knowledge now!

Exercise 2: I want you to write down this empowering statement: “I am already my True Self connected to True Source. I am safely partnered with Source because I am partnered with me. I now easily feel, bless and release the glitches that are not me.”

Relax, take deep breaths, keep your body open and repeat this to yourself several times to innerstand this truth.

How does that feel?


The Truth About Addictions

It could be said that every human being is addicted to “something”. This is true because we are wired that way – to be addicted.

Every emotional reaction we have (from our Inner Being) sends an electrical charge to our brain that signals the hypothalamus to create a peptide that matches the emotion.

This gets distributed throughout our being, and if we are used to regular doses, the cells of our body split, creating twice the amount of receptor points to receive that specific peptide. If you are used to being a victim, then your cells need twice as much victim peptide to fulfil them. Therefore, your brain will want to think about more victimisation, and you will do more things to victimise yourself, and create situations and have people in your life who grant you this self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the context of addiction urged – when they are hot and heavy and nasty – let’s look at what happens.

You have a painful trigger.

You don’t breathe and open your body or speak nicely to yourself.

You don’t bless and accept this feeling.

You start thinking about what hurts.

You are retraumatizing yourself and whipping yourself up into even more pain.

You resent the painful feeling and resist it so much, wanting to escape it, that your ego EASILY lures you with suggestions about an addictive choice.

Addiction urges can be MASSIVE because of what you have been doing.

Let’s look at how to turn this around.


Quantumly Healing Addictions

This is how you can and will reverse painful peptide addiction.

  • The feeling hits – you start loving self-talk WITHOUT thinking about it. It lessens the emotional signal.


  • You bless and accept the feeling – the signal turns to acceptance instead of trauma. Your hypothalamus doesn’t manufacture a nasty peptide – rather, peptides of support, love and acceptance start being manufactured – DESPITE the trigger.


  • These GOOD peptides reach and are absorbed by your cells. You start getting ADDICTED to these, which then makes the self-partnering practices you do become automatic because your cells call for them, turning you into a manufacturing and manifesting plant of “more of that”.


  • Then you shift on the underlying program, which will heal the cause of the trigger, and everything else is healing in your chemical and cellular makeup to support this shift being solid and lasting.

Okay, so let’s break down the healing steps with supportive Speedy Shifts – to go free from repeat traumas that push you into addictions.

You must go No Contact with your addiction that you reach for in times of trauma. This “thing” is a narcissistic entity in your life and must be treated as such. Don’t keep taking the poison that poisons you – or touching the hot stove that burns you.

Do all your self-supportive practices when the trigger hits – as previously discussed.

If you are terrified of facing internal trauma – then …

  • Speedy Shift Module 4 – Source Healing and Resolution of the fear of feeling and being with emotional pain.


  • Speedy Shift Module 4 – Source Healing and Resolution of NOT Blessing and accepting the pain and wishing to escape it.


  • Speedy Shift Module 5 – Goal Setting: “It is safe to be with and hold my pain. It is the grand opportunity to love, accept and support myself more, release a glitch and ascend higher.” (This isn’t to be done until you did the other Source Healing and Resolution shifts first.)

Then you will shift to addressing the actual Addictive urge trigger – ONLY after self-partnering and blessing and accepting it.

  • Speedy Shift Module 4 – Source Healing and Resolution of the dense energy in your body that IS the urge.

That is IT – that’s all you have to clean out. Because IN that urge are all of the traumas and programs that are causing you to tru to self-medicate eith your addiction of choice.

When you have reached a 10/10, this means that you can’t feel any addictive urge in your body. Rather on the inside you feel peace, space and relief.

But be prepared, as deeper urges will come up. That could hit in minutes, hours or days. You need to be vigilant, and you keep going. If you do, it will not take long to be free – I promise you.

This is exactly how I healed from a smoking addiction that was chronic, malignant, and nothing else helped – and I tried everything humanly possible to stop.

After ONLY 3 days of everything I have talked about here – I became a NON-smoker after a decades-long addiction that had escalated to 70+ cigarettes a day.

I never ONCE craved a cigarette again after those three days, and it was impossible for me to smoke ever again. I was done. It was because I shifted out the true reasons I smoked. Plus, I loved and accepted every part of this transformation.


In Conclusion

I hope this information is life-changing for you, just as it has been for me! – and I can’t wait to hear your results! It’s been thrilling to hear how well many of you have been doing after Day 1Day 2 and Day 3. Many of you are already free from the obsessive thoughts haunting you!

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