How Do Trauma Signature Patterns Imprison Your Mind?


Are you feeling like your life is stuck in a rut? Do you find yourself obsessing over relationships, situations, and the past?

It’s time to break free from the imprisonment of your mind and take back your power. Dissolving trauma signatures that imprison your mind is one of the most powerful tools for finding inner freedom.

When we experience trauma, it creates a wound or energetic signature within us that can continue to play out in our lives until we heal it. This trauma signature, or false belief, can create a prison of the mind that prevents us from reaching our full potential and keeps us divorced from our true desires. It’s like a heat-seeking missile that always finds its target and can wreak havoc in our lives, even if it sabotages our efforts to create the life we want.

But you don’t have to be trapped by your trauma signatures any longer. By understanding the nature of your trauma signature and healing the deep-seated beliefs, you can start creating the life you deserve.



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The Topic for Day 2 of the 5-Day Challenge is “Dissolving trauma signatures that imprison your mind.”

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What does that mean? It is about going free from the painful patterns that your mind keeps you trapped in now, as well as your future – that play out again and again, even with different people and situations.

In our Day 1 information, you started working on freeing your mind from obsessive thoughts. We spoke about discovering what you are obsessing about, how your ego blocks you from healing the vulnerable part of you, and how to get past your ego.

Today, we are going to go DEEPER. In today’s lesson, we focus on finding and healing the traumatic energetic signature – the false beliefs you have taken on in your VERY core ESSENCE, deep within your Inner Identity. These are painful traumas with a life of their own, on autopilot, within you.


Your Painful Energetic Signatures are Heat-seeking Missiles

Your deeply unconscious, insidious and painful energetic signatures play out in your life to the “tee”, often regardless of what you try to do. This is because they feel like you are normal, and they feel “real”. It’s all you have ever known, and it feels like “your stuff” that is “you”.

Right now, you are in this 5-Day Challenge because you know that you are obsessing about something or someone. You may think this is because of a situation that you recently went through or has just happened.

But is it really?

What if you were to consider that this is all coming from a feeling, a theme, a painful belief – aka traumatic energetic signature – that has been in your Inner Identity for a VERY long time? What if this was an already existing “fracture” when you were little, as well as your lived experience in previous lifetimes?

What if this energetic signature in your energy field has stayed the same for many lifetimes and played out in repeat because it hasn’t been healed yet? And … healing from THAT would be a HUGE key to unlocking you from the prison of the painful 3rd density traumatic, stuck, victimised mind into liberated 5th density empowered creativeness and consciousness.

Yes! This is the case!

Until realising and acting on that inside transformational work, these insidious patterns can keep you in lower vibrational repeat powerlessness, experiencing the evidence of “my painful belief is real”. That’s a vicious cycle, therefore hardwiring more of the painful belief as your lived, expected and self-determined experience. Then there is the added aspect of getting literally physiologically addicted to your painful, traumatic inner signature. This happens because your painful emotional triggers signal to the hypothalamus chemical manufacturing plant in your brain to create peptides that match the painful emotion.

These peptides are then distributed through your body and accepted into your cells. The powerful peptides (traumatic inner identity signatures are highly charged)  make your replicating cells create twice the amount of docking points to accept the same impactful peptide (their “drug”). Therefore, you need more and more and more of the painful peptide that the cells are geared to receive – and literally crave.

You have become an addict, co-generating more powerless, painful and traumatic events in your life that match the painful peptides that your cells crave. This may sound impossible to beat – but it’s actually not!

Your traumatic inner identity signature is NOT who you are. You are geared naturally to live free from it. A great part of the battle has been you accepting that what you are feeling is normal and that struggling and battling with this part of you is REALLY true.

These feelings and battles are not your True Self. They are simply a dis-ease. An imposter, a glitch in your emotional system that was never meant to be there and is not you or your truth.  It CAN be found and cleaned out – like cleaning out a virus in a computer system.

Let’s start doing that.



Inner-standing WHAT your painful energetic signatures are about

Now, I want you to breathe, open up your body and go along.

Stay open to the information and the processes I am about to share with you. Because the truth will set you free, this information has the power to liberate you from previous painful patterns which were blocking you from reaching your full potential and keeping you separated from your dreams.

Exercise 1: Write this statement now: “I now acknowledge that what I am obsessing about is a theme for me. This theme has played out in repeat and is connected to a painful, energetic signature within me. I am ready to find it to heal it, and go free.”

Read it to yourself a few times whilst you have your body relaxed and deeply breathing – to help absorb this as an inner standing.

Why is this inner standing so important?

Because of Quantum Law, “so within, so without”. Meaning that whatever is going on as an energetic signature inside of you – for good or bad – means that you are programmed into the exact matching trajectory that will bring about “more” of that energy signature no matter what you try to do.

This inner emotional (energy-in-motion) heat-seeking missile is what is REAL for you regarding the people and situations you choose, the way you show up with these people and what becomes of these exchanges.

It has been your “normal”. It’s familiar – it’s just what you know how to do, unconsciously, and it is ingrained as your “usual”. You don’t know that you unconsciously expect this and continue to connect and participate in it.

Then, because it is unnatural, it is not aligned with your True Self, Unity Consciousness, Source / Soul Self, which is about expansion, life force, freedom and creation, and it hurts.

It’s contrary to the true inner code – your Source Self is innate programming that is your self and your life. This is why you are obsessing, trying to “think” your way out of an unnatural, dis-eased glitch – but this is never the way to resolve it.

Only the inner work does this.

Okay, now let’s move on to the next exercise.

Exercise 2: Think of the vulnerable feeling that you have been able to reach in Day 1’s lesson.

Are these feelings of “I’m not good enough?” “I’m not heard”, “I’m not supported / lovable/worthy of love”, or whatever it is.

Write it down again. Hopefully, this is what you have been able to get to – after getting your ego blocks out of the way with Speedy Shift module 4 – the Source Healing and Resolution Module, and you have been working on the vulnerable feelings with either Module 4 Speedy Shift again or Module 1 Speedy of NARP (as per your instructions for Day 1)

Now think about the “pattern” of this … such as WHEN and WHO have you felt this feeling.

Was it as a child? Was it one of both parents or a teacher or other caregiver? Or another family member? Was it in adult relationships? Was it at school? Was it with friends? Write down the person or people, what age approximately – really tapping into the “feeling” of your vulnerable part.

Now, you are going to really identify what your energy signature is …

Maybe you had DEEPER feelings after doing your inner Speedies work on Day 1.

(I know many of you have because you told me this!)

Whether or not you have gone deeper, now it is time to! This is where you REALLY have to trust what you are feeling…and go DEEPER.

Let’s set that intention together now.

Exercise 3: Write this statement now: “I’m ready to go DEEP into the truth of what has been playing out for me. The DEEPER painful inner belief. Because as a powerful Creator, I know I’ve had the power to generate what I don’t want, unconsciously. Now, I acknowledge that I have the power to find this so that I can powerfully recreate my life anew.

Identifying your painful energetic signatures

Let me help you really feel this with some examples that may go “ping for you” – for example, if you have found the vulnerable parts “I’m not heard, I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable” … DEEPER underneath this could be a painful core belief such as…

“I don’t deserve to exist”, “I don’t belong here (on this planet)”, “I’m defective/wrong/unacceptable… etc. “I’ll never fit in.” “It’s unsafe to be myself”,… or maybe all of these.

Your painful trauma signature has to do with your EXISTENCE. Your place in the world. Who you ARE as a human being on planet Earth.

It is a False Belief created by embodied trauma, usually set up way back in past lives and absolutely inherited from your ancestors who also had big fractures about their very existence, wedged in their subconscious programs. Please know that not only do you take on aesthetic features like skin and hair colour, but you also inherit emotional beliefs; they are passed down to you as well – including the PAINFUL ones. Because they have large emotional energy trapped in them, they powerfully manifest and have a life force passed on from generation to generation.

Then, as well as being impregnated with painful, energetic existence signatures that were a part of you when you were born, you were also brought up in a family that reinforced these traumas because your family carried them as well.

The important thing to understand about painful energetic signatures is – if they exist inside of you – they will continue to play out for you – and you will also pass them on to your offspring and those people’s lives who you influence.

There is no upside for you or anyone else to hang on to painful, energetic signatures. When you go free from them, you will also pass on energetic freedom to those you are connected to and those whose lives you touch.

This is what leading by example is about.

So, Ask yourself this …

Question 1: “What painful belief or beliefs do I have about my VERY EXISTENCE as a human on this planet?”

Breathe, open your body, rock if you need to self-soothe and be brave. The more vulnerable (truthful) you are, the more authentically real you are and the more powerfully and quickly you can heal.

Write down what arises for you.

Now … as shocking as this may seem, this energetic signature doesn’t have power over you. Lies don’t – they only seem to when you believe them. Once the dense energy of this energy signature is released and replaced with the Light of your True Self in Speedy shifts, then you won’t believe this ridiculous notion at ALL!

Because it will NO longer Be Who You Are. Your inner standing (internal energetic signature) will have completely shifted and changed. Then, the people and situations that bring you the evidence of this belief will become unpalatable for you. They won’t yoke with you anymore. You will honestly speak your truth, and they either step up to join you in your truth or you lovingly part ways, knowing that you are no longer a match for these people.

Then you can start generating situations and people who DO match your True Self version.

Imagine what that could be as you come home to the truth of Who You REALLY Are on this planet, namely this …

“I am a fractal of Source and All That Is, and at One with Creation Itself. I deserve to exist because existence and I am One. I am supported by all of Source’s life force and loved unconditionally by Source / God / Creation simply because I exist. It is impossible to be separated from or not deserve that which I am.”

Can you imagine what will start to open up for you in the inner standing of this Truth?

The EVIDENCE of this inner standing.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that your life is not going to have growth challenges and things that go “wrong” – which is always pushing you to up-level on the inside to alter course, turn up in more empowered ways on the outside, and claim your next True Self and True Life expansion.

And … you will not be spinning your wheels stuck in the same “Analysis paralysis” because your Energy Signature is no longer powerfully playing out behind the scenes, keeping you stuck in less than situations and interactions that bring about the same painful patterns and people.


Were You Addicted To Your Old Inner Fractured Existence Self?

Absolutely! Because it was familiar and “normal” to you, and even more than that, the disappointments, struggles and painful triggers were supplying you with emotional peptides, chemical cocktails that your hypothalamus (the chemical manufacturing plant of your brain) creates and dispenses throughout your body. The cells of your body absolutely get addicted to the feelings that create heavy emotional charges.

This was a HUGE reason for you being stuck in the obsessional loop with painful thoughts, this was the way your painbody manufactured more of the pain that you were hooked on and that which your ego loved feeding off as well.

You don’t need to worry about this – because when you work with Quanta Freedom Healing (and now it’s even faster with the Speedies), the addiction loop is broken. The body gets a shift, and the brain follows, meaning the painful emotional peptides cease to be manufactured.

The dis-eased cells used to receiving nasty cocktails are instantly set free because they are immersed in the Light of Source, which heals what we can’t.

This means you just organically ascend beyond all of that mess – shift by shift – often instantly!


Shifting Up and Out of Your Painful Trauma Signatures

Again, it’s important to understand that to change your life, you only have the power to change yourself. If you do that inside of you, you will change your Being, and everything that is manifesting as your Self and Life will start changing, too.

This is where you have power as a Human Being – you are not a Human “Doing” or a Human “Getting”!

So now, here are my recommended healing combinations.

Set the intention that you are targeting the trauma in your body that relates to the Inner Identity Existence Signature of “whatever it is”.

Choices to use are:

  • Speedy Shifts Source Healing and Resolution Module (powerful option; DO THIS FIRST!)
  • NARP Module 7 Speedy Shift – Connecting to the gift of your spiritual empowerment is also a very powerful tool to heal your Existence Wounds.

Also, I highly suggest

  • NARP Speedy Module 2 – Releasing the illusion of something or someone else being your source of self.

And .. you can use the Speedy Shifts Course Goal Setting Module – setting up the goal I spoke about previously …

“I am a fractal of Source and All That Is, and at One with Creation Itself. I deserve to exist because existence and I am One. I am supported by all of Source’s life force and loved unconditionally by Source / God / Creation simply because I exist. It is impossible to be separated from or not deserve that which I am.”

I know it’s long – but all you need to do is set the intention that is your goal-set and then clear trauma till you get to a 10/10 – and the results in your inner and outer worlds will be spectacular!

When working on deep existence traumas (and really any traumas), it’s very beneficial to use Module 1,2,3 tune-ups in the Seedy Shifts Course because that helps you to SHUFT out of the lesser 3D self into the Higher 5D self, so much faster and more effectively!

I’m excited to hear about the results from Day 2. it’s been thrilling to hear how well many of you have been doing after Day 1. Many of you are already free from the obsessive thoughts haunting you!

This Day 2 information will give you an incredible super-boost into peace, grace and inner power!

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