Malignant Narcissism: What It Is & 3 Ways to Cope

Malignant Narcissism: What It is & 3 Ways to Cope

Malignant narcissism has been a popular subject recently, with the term being tossed about almost as much as the word narcissism itself, *especially* in the political arena But few people understand what it really means, its relationship to official mental health diagnoses (ie, the DSM’s narcissistic personality disorder), the true signs of danger, or what steps they can take when they suspect a partner or friend displays such perniciously narcissistic traits.

To clear up some of the massive confusion, in this video, I bust some widespread myths, provide a simple definition of malignant narcissism, and describe three important steps you can take when you see it.

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**note: Otto Kernberg elaborated on Malignant Narcissism but it’s Eric Fromm who coined the term**