Say These Three Powerful Words To Dispel Narcissists – Not My Reality

Say These Three Powerful Words To Dispel Narcissists – Not My Reality


I know you may scream from the rooftops that narcissists are NOT your Reality.

You don’t WANT them in your life.

You can’t stand them and you’re firmly OVER them.

But why is THAT particular narcissist still making your life a living hell?

Or, if you did get free of that one, why can’t you seem to shake other narcissists off and have a life completely FREE of them?

Today, in this VERY important TTV Episode, I want to teach you WHY your ‘NO’ to narcissists may actually be a ‘YES’.

And HOW to once and for all, start living your life narcissist free. A life where you can honestly say and know ‘You are Not My Reality’.



Video Transcript

In today’s Thriver TV episode I want to talk to you about Law of Attraction.

What it really is and does with regard to narcissistic abuse, and how to finally say, embody and mean ‘Not My Reality’ – and effectively dispel narcissists forever.

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Now let’s get going…

When You Think You Are Saying ‘No’ but Aren’t

When you are trying to create an abuse-free life from a logical perspective, it’s very limited.

Your real-life experience will show you that what I am saying is true.

You may logically be saying ‘Not My Reality’ with intense passion and conviction, yet the narcissist’s antics, nastiness, and poison still continue in your life.

And no matter how much you declare you don’t want it and haven’t chosen it as your reality, it continues to be so.

Why is this your experience?

Because what is in your life experience is not being chosen by you logically. It is being called forth by you emotionally.

Much of this is unconscious. It is all to do with your almighty subconscious programs that not only control the billions of biochemical processes that define you as a living, breathing human being but also control, to the letter, your participation, application and connections in your life – both positive and negative.

Our painful inner traumas and beliefs are felt as fear, pain, righteousness and adamant ‘Nos’. These are the things we are most passionate about eliminating in our life.

Yet, the incredible irony is … these are the things that continue to enter our life experience over and over again.

I adored listening to an Ester Hicks message about making a pie in a kitchen many years ago, where a person was paranoid about the possibility of getting garlic in their pie.

Sure enough, garlic got in the pie.

The reason it got in the pie is because the ‘No’ that was being passionately declared was in fact a whooping great ‘Yes’. The subconscious program, with intense emotional energy of ‘garlic horrifies me’ connected to it, generated the reality of that subconscious program to the letter.

How the garlic got there is irrelevant. The almighty subconscious has unlimited permutations and ways available in The Field to unfold itself. Your subconscious fulfilling the subconscious program is as absolute as the Law of Gravity – and WILL always find a way!

Can you understand now that you vehemently declaring that the narcissist is not your reality, can make him or her even more so?

Should You Ignore What the Narcissist Does?

Okay, so does this mean that you are meant to ignore what the narcissist is doing so that you are not emotionally affected by their behaviour?

In my experience, it is a very rare individual who just decides to let it all go and actually manages to do so.

And this is where I am totally NOT a fan of the stock-standard Law of Attraction processes that are generally this: ‘Take your focus off what you don’t want and put it onto what you do want.’

When subconscious programs are entrenched in trauma energy, they activate survival programs. These survival programs mess significantly with our nervous and limbic systems and hijack not just our emotions but also our minds.

These inner programs, such as ‘The people who are supposed to love and care for me hurt me, abandon me, and even annihilate me’, have incredible power driving them. The cognitive mind is only responsible for 5% of our life, and it is the servant of the almighty subconscious not the master of it.

By trying to choose a new path that simply has a different ‘focus’, only makes the subconscious program reinforce itself more firmly.

This is why, in regard to trauma recovery, if we try to think ourselves into indifference, positivity and relief, it is a gruelling uphill battle that invariably leads to you sliding back into even more pain, helplessness and feelings of failure and being defective.

By trying to do this, when trauma is involved, we don’t get better, and we don’t do better or experience better.

Addressing the Horrible Reality In A Way That Works

Okay, so if we wish ‘Not My Reality’ to work for real with a narcissist, we know that adamantly declaring the statement doesn’t work. We know also that ignoring what is happening in your reality doesn’t work either.

The truth is: presently the trauma of the narcissist IS your reality.

How do we get the switch to ‘NOT my reality’?

By understanding where our reality REALLY comes from, which is from inside of ourselves. It unfolds from our all-powerful, subconscious programs that are interconnected with everything and everyone in The Field within our personal life experience.

Therefore, nothing that you do OUTSIDE of yourself – no pushing back or ignoring it – is going to work.

What is going to work, however, is changing your subconscious programs that are matching what is taking place with the narcissist.

How do we do that?

Much more simply than you can ever imagine. In fact, it requires no cognitive effort. All it takes is for you to take your focus off the outside world, which you have no control over, and move it onto your inner emotional world.

The ‘what hurts’ right now, in regard to what the narcissist is triggering off inside of you, IS the reality creating the reality.

Our subconscious programs appear in our consciousness, letting us know what they are via our emotions.

By using an effective Quantum Tool to reach your subconscious, emotional energy, you can load up and release this energy directly from inside of you.

This means you can LET IT GO.

And when you do this for real, it means the original belief systems that were underpinning the trauma energy, wrapped up in your Inner Being, leaves too.

This means the subconscious program no longer exists inside you.

This means it is no longer creating the validity of the painful belief in your life.

How do we know when we have effectively let go and eradicated a limiting, painful inner subconscious belief?

We know, because when we think about the thing that previously was hurting us, there is no painful energy on it anymore.

Let me explain…

Previously when we thought about what the narcissist was doing to us, it triggered pain, fear, dread and anxiety. The thoughts we had connected to this were of helplessness and powerlessness, no matter how much rage and righteousness we had onboard as defences.

After such a subconscious shift, when we think about what the narcissist did or is doing, those feelings of fear and pain are no longer there. We have completely different thoughts. We see it for what it is. We no longer have the internal match to personalise and internalise the behaviour, making it about us.

Now there is a separation – a distinctly different feeling.

Which goes like this: That is YOU, but this is ME!

Meaning: I am no longer sucked in, sucker-punched, triggered or handing power over. RATHER I am deciding and taking action regarding what IS my reality.

In certain cases, this may be doing nothing because there is no need to – you deeply know with your newfound wisdom inside that there is no point doing anything, responding or acting in any way.

Just starve it of energy.

This is not a logical decision. It is a solid, anchored inner knowing of the thoughts and feelings connected with your True Self state on the topic of this person in your life now.

Or, you may know deeply inside you that without the previous emotional derailment of your triggers, you can now factually, calmly and in a concise documented way, take action to create boundaries and accountability with this person.

And you have ZERO fear about their reaction to this.

And you know if fear does comes up – meaning that there is another inner subconscious program to be addressed – that you will turn inwards, go to it, and release it.

When you become the true inner subconscious programs of ‘Not My Reality’, and you say it as a calm, untriggered, solid inner state, you will feel, think and do in alignment with ‘Not My Reality’.

You will line up with all the ideas, inspirations, support, people, synchronicities, and even miracles, that unfold ‘more of that’.

Remember how your subconscious has unlimited access and availability to all the permutations of The Field in your reality, to help unfold the reality of the subconscious beliefs?

I promise you, with all my heart, that when you release the trauma that the narcissist is triggering within you – and all the painful beliefs that were connected with it organically leave your being as well – you will be able to say authentically ‘Not My Reality’. And you’ll be able to say this because that is the absolute truth of Your True Self and your True Life.

False selves and abuse are Not Your Reality.

Can you deeply feel into the results of addressing your reality where it is really going on?

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