Finding Your True Self After Abuse

Shifts Happen – Healing Financial Prosperity After Abuse

Imagine finding true financial freedom after leaving behind a toxic relationship that left you traumatised, sick and barely functioning. This is exactly what Kami, a Thriver Community member, experienced after working on her inner self with Quanta Freedom Healing™.

Inspired by nature, Kami found her calling as an artist and now sells her stunning, intuitively channelled art globally. But despite her manifesting abilities, Kami struggled with managing and holding onto money. She contacted me for a one-on-one Quanta Freedom Healing™ to release subconscious blocks around money and achieve lasting financial prosperity.

Through this healing, Kami experienced profound reversals in her beliefs and was able to use words like “money” without feeling conflicted. Two days later, she felt like she was “flying”, and her imagination was soaring. This is the power of one-on-one healing and the ability to heal from the inside out.

If you want to start your healing journey and experience the transformative power of Quanta Freedom Healing™, join the Thriver Community today. Don’t let subconscious blocks hold you back from true financial freedom and living your best life.


Video Transcript

Today, I want to share with you a live Quanta Freedom Healing™ on a HUGE topic for so many people – healing financial prosperity after narcissistic abuse. If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so, and I’d love for you to share my work with others who need it.

Kami has been in the Thriver Community since 2021 and worked diligently on herself, with NARP and my online programs, to heal from narcissistic abuse and chronic illnesses. When I first met Kami, she was traumatised, sick, housebound and barely functioning. She literally believed that if Quanta Freedom Healing™ hadn’t worked for her, she didn’t want to live.

Thank goodness she did find this way to heal!

Kami released many of her internal traumas, became healthy and happy and pursued her dream of creating beautiful paintings and sculptures and sharing them with the world globally.

Kami sells her stunning intuitively channelled art online, has her own exhibitions and has even sold pieces whilst creating them, on the spot, at the beach, or online within minutes of posting them!

Now, as a result of unlocking her subconscious blocks, Kami enjoys feeling whole in her own body, globally travelling and being inspired by nature whilst making money from what she loves doing.
However, even though Kami is a master manifester, money slips through her fingers. She creates windfalls of money but then finds herself struggling again. Kami realised this was the pattern, and there were painful beliefs around money stuck in her subconscious.



Kami reached out to me for one-on-one healing because she was sick of her battle with finances and wanted them gone.

I was more than happy to help her achieve this – with Quanta Freedom Healing™, which changes us powerfully directly in the subconscious mind/body to change our life.

This one-on-one healing is the finding, releasing and reprogramming of WHY Kami has had this pattern and has not been able to be solid, healthy or safe with finances.

As you will see, Kami’s healing brought so much MORE to the table than either of us could have imagined! Our healing together was fascinating, leaving me again wondering, “How on earth could this be healing other than Quantumly?”

If you already work with the Super Tool Quanta Freedom Healing™, watching this healing will grant you wonderful tips regarding how to work on your own healing. If you have never experienced Quanta Freedom Healing™ or considered working directly with the subconscious mind/body, I hope that this method of healing makes sense to you and shows how our lives unfold from within if it is possible to heal from the inside out, and if we don’t go within, we go without.

Within the healing, Kami experienced profound reversals in her beliefs. Off-camera, when we chatted, she said, “This is the first time in my life I have ever been able to say the word ‘money’ without feeling conflicted.”

Two days later, Kami messaged me, “Before my session, I felt limited when I thought about money. Now, I feel like I’m flying, and my imagination is soaring!”

I can’t wait to see what Kami will create next!

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I hope you enjoy this Shifts Happen Healing, and I look forward to answering your comments and questions.