Shifts Happen – Series 3 – Session 11 – My Energetic Prosperity Flow


Money flow and financial freedom. How do you make this work in your life?

What is Financial Quantum Abundance, and how does it differ from traditional thinking about and trying to come up with solutions to your money problems?

How can you turn your life from financially broke to buoyant, for REAL and quickly, even when nothing else you have ever tried has worked?

Today, I want to introduce you to the Quantum Power of being In partnership with your Higher Unlimited Self, where there are no limits or non-possibility, including finances. That’s what today’s lesson is about: “The Streets are Lined with Gold”, no matter how your life seems right now.

In the live global session today, Shifts Happen Members unanimously stated this was the MOST helpful and powerful session to date! As such, I am very excited to share it with you!

In this session 3 of Series 3, I talk about how the flow of “money out” and returning “money in” may not be in harmony with Quantum Law for you. This can make it incredibly difficult to increase your money flow, instead seeing a decline in how much money you have to go around.

No matter how hard you work or try.

Whereas, with a few simple Quantum tweaks, it can make all the difference!

I hope that this Shifts Happen Session will help relieve your fear around money, and help you understand how to use it as a Quantum accelerator into abundance.

Financial opportunities can be unlimited and plentiful in your life when you know how to access the Quantum Field of Money Flow!

Most people don’t understand energetic prosperity flow.

They either treat money wildly, with full abandonment, or hold and horde it.

The Laws of The Universe, regarding energy out and energy in, are so important to apply here – especially Quantum Law so within, so without.



Over-spending and too much money out

Over-spending can be generated from an inner feeling of emptiness, “I feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I need ‘more’ to try to take away these painful feelings.”It is about “If I just have this or that I will feel better about myself”, it’s about trying to self-medicate.

With people who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it is an entitlement, “I’ll have what I want when I want it” and usually these people are good at sending your money if you let them! Entitled overspending is a highway to hell for all concerned. The narcissistic person is always coming up empty – never feeling satiated no matter what they get, and other people get financially decimated!

Over-spending to one’s detriment is not innerstanding Quantum Truth, we never wanted anything in our life other than for the reason to feel good. Feeling good in an inside-out job. We can add awesome stuff to a great inner core, but outer stuff will never grant it!

Poor money flow with overspending could be about rebellious self-sabotage. It could be an overcompensation for having been controlled, limited, or preached to about saving, there is not enough money to go around, and being careful with money – which felt like Wrong Town to your soul and this has been your reaction.

Either way, the consequences could severely limit your ability to have financial flow and freedom.


Hoarding and too little money out

If you are hanging on to money, this causes stagnation. It happens because of fear. “I need to hang on to money for a rainy day. I’ll be sensible with it, just in case.”

This is hoarding money – it’s stuck energy, it is like the pond that is stagnant water. Life force can’t exist there, only toxicity does.

How you flow with money has so much to do with your health (it’s very closely related). Stuck energy with money can translate into your body and literally start to break it down. Many of my clients and students over the years, sorting out their money flow, made incredible differences as to how their bodies started to flow and produce their healing.

Hanging on to your money is about “lack”. It’s a belief “I don’t have enough”, or “I may not have enough to get by.”

One of the ways that this is demonstrated is by not paying your bills on time. Hanging on to the last minute or the red notice. God/Source/Creation interprets your emotional offering (which is where your entire life is generated from) as “I don’t have enough money to pay the bill.” Therefore, you start manifesting issues in your life from your energy, which brings about the experience of “not having enough money.”

You may have observed that every time you go into lockdown with fears about money, things happen that you need to pay money for.

That is why!

Think about this flow of life force – plants give us oxygen, we give them carbon dioxide, and together, we have a beautiful synergy of life force being shared. They feed us, we feed them.

If you hold off on paying your bills, you are not flowing with the giving to others that creates the support, assistance, and services that everyone, including you, requires. By supporting others, you create a greater life force for them, which in return grants your life force.

By blessing others with money payments, you are blessing yourself!

This is all to do with prosperity. It’s a prosperous ecology. It’s all connected. It’s Unity Consciousness – It’s Oneness.

Let’s look at being in debt, and not addressing this. You are constantly in the fear and pain of “Being in debt”. It’s on your mind, you fear it and you feel stuck. Yet, if you heal that stuck feeling away, courageously face what you need to, and get a consolidation deal in place, paying a comfortable amount, on automatic payments, then you are free to start creating financial flow.

Another way you can stagnate by hoarding money is by not investing in yourself to create financial flow and prosperity. Spiritual and physical health are paramount. You are Spirit in a Physical flesh suit. Both are imperative. Investing in clean filtered water and organic food, free of toxins means that YOU can function, flow, and expand. Releasing and healing from your fearful and painful limiting beliefs and traumas is essential too.

Yes, this costs money. However, by assembling your food from farmer’s markets and eating cleanly, you could save money from fast food, processed food, and eating out. You can grow your food from seeds. Quantum therapy, is far less expensive and much more effective than contemporary therapy. You get very fast and effective results, unleashing you into your prosperity generation.

Many of you are already there!

You can learn incredible prosperity skills from the internet. Information and training are freely available to all now.

If you think “I can’t afford this” regarding investing in yourself, then you stagnate.

Your “self” is the engine of financial flow. Would you believe you could travel, expand, and experience new frontiers in a broken-down, un-serviced jalopy? Of course not!

Many people, who don’t invest in themselves, spend money on things that damage themselves instead. Toxins and addictive pastimes destroy their energy force.  Have you noticed this?

What would happen if they switched this around and invested in themselves?



The Spiritual Malady of Poor Money Flow

This is important to understand. It’s not so much the habit of too much or too little outflow, but rather what is creating this.

It was a spiritual issue at first, way before it became a practical issue. Because beliefs create behaviors. It has to do with our inner emotional wiring.

There is a great strain on Planet Earth to do with “needing money to survive”. To have to pay for every organic basic living aspect of our life, as if someone else owns these things, when earth’s people should be free to access them for necessary survival, is unthinkable to more evolved societies.

It’s literally programmed insanity.

Yet, until we are birthed into 5D Unity Consciousness, which may take some time, we need to upshift to healthy prosperity beliefs to survive and thrive here.

This starts with embodying the healthy belief that “Source/God/Creation flourishes and nourishes me because I exist”. This doesn’t mean you sit on your behind, just believing all is well. The expression “God helps those who help themselves” springs to mind.

You can work on internal healthy beliefs, plus play your role in the Unity Consciousness partnership with God/Source/Creation. It’s about partnering with Source, and Your Inner Being, as your dedication to yourself, and then moving forward outwards in the World.

The limiting beliefs that are rife in fearful Separation Consciousness are, “God and I are NOT one.” “I am meant to suffer and be punished.” “I don’t deserve anything good.” “There is not enough for everyone and I don’t have a place at THAT table.”

Those are FALSE beliefs. Please know, as has been Quantumly explained again and again – flow, plenty and expansion, and more than enough-ness is the TRUTH. The truth is right in front of you – everywhere. Plants are God Godding. One plant reproduces itself with hundreds of seeds.

If you have bought into Separation and Lack Consciousness, and if the trauma of this remains unhealed in your Inner Being then you will have a compromised prosperity flow. “I am disconnected from Prime Source. I am not filled with Light. I am not taken care of. I am out in the dark, on my own trying to survive.”

This puts you in too much outflow, or hanging on and hoarding. Overs-spending is trying to self-medicate away that Separation Consciousness pain. Underspending is trying to avoid feeling it.

It is not trusting that Source/God/Creation is a constant flow of energy.

Working on your Source Beliefs (Series 1 of Shifts Happen helps a lot) to come home to the trust in the bounty of Source/God/Creation – the inspirations, opportunities, synchronicities, and miracles – that equate to God is ever-present and always on time. We never go without – unless we are in opposing beliefs and traumas.

You are never limited and stuck unless you believe you are.


What Does Prosperity Flow Look Like

It’s a belief that prosperity is an energy and like all energy is unlimited and plentiful when you expand, open up, and shift up into your heart space with abundant beliefs.

“There is more from where that came from”. This is a plenty mindset, not one of lack.

If you pay your bills joyfully, on time, or even before the due date – the signal you send to God/Source/Creation which is always producing more from the sponsoring emotions is “I have more than enough to go around.”

This creates more.

If you try to do this, but you are still in internal fear, it won’t work. You need to do the inner work so that it is a genuine, emotionally supported act. (There is no fooling Quantum Law.)

I learned this truth years ago. I have had times in the past where I had no idea where the next amount of money was coming from, but it always did as a result of blessing my bills and paying them in fearless faith.

Since going Quantum, not only did I come back from financial devastation at 46 years of age (again as a result of abuse) I ten-fold recouped my life in a few short years. Working with prosperity-flow had a lot to do with this!

This is what I did – I healed and sorted my inner beliefs that had created financial devastation. Lack of belief in Source, poor boundaries, and terrible financial beliefs (all the things we have been working on in Shifts Happen!)

Then, I had the urge to buy my first property after financial decimation. I had very little money. A broker found me a mortgage deal with the repayments being offset for a year. With the money I earned, I started renovating this place – much of the work done myself to improve the property value.

Then I secured a second loan to buy the apartment next door. I rented out the first apartment as an Airbnb to afford to renovate the second place. Again, I lived in the place and did a lot of the renovation work myself. Often, I had no reserve money in the bank. At the same time, I was working online full-time building MTE. Much of the renovation work I did was after hours.

I repeated this formula for a third property. I sold one of the properties for a profit and leveraged the other properties to buy a very expensive three-story luxury property on two waterfronts that had an outdated interior. I renovated that property and then sold it for a large profit,

That is how I made a small fortune.

I promise you nearly every time I committed myself to an intuitive expansion move – I would be hit by terror. Everything was on the line! But I shifted. I used Quanta Freedom Healing to load up and release my fears and blocks and bring in more Light.

Then I would feel free, inspired, and open to channeled directions. I’m not saying it was always easy. There were times of great challenges and things going wrong, but because of my inner work, I was able to turn every breakdown into a breakthrough.

I made some mistakes. I wasted money on some of these mistakes. Yet my beliefs are of “plenty”. I thoroughly believe and have worked on my Inner Being with Quanta Freedom Healing™ shifts to know “The Prosperity that is mine by Divine Right can never be taken from me”, and, “Whatever I lose will return to me many-fold.” Therefore, I have no regrets and no pain over anything that happened to me in my past.

My energy is free for the now and the future.

And I made some master moves that created miracles. I can’t take the credit for these moves because they came from my channel after doing Quanta Freedom Healing™. The one that blew me away, was I was trying to sell the big house that had crazy mortgage payments attached. Interest rates were about to skyrocket – everyone knew this. I was trying to get out – just in time.

The sale was stalled. It was stuck, and I went into fear. I knew with interest rate hikes I would not be able to afford the repayments and very soon people were not going to pay big money.

I did a Quanta Freedom Healing™ on this. Fear dissolved, and I felt that familiar peace, tingling, and “Everything is in perfect and divine order without needing any outer evidence” feeling. Then 5 minutes later whilst making a cup of tea, my internal voice said “Call the agent and tell him the price has gone up 150,000 dollars.” I unquestionably followed the voice’s suggestion.

I had NO Idea how or why that could work and didn’t even analyze it.

My real estate agent argued with me – vehemently – he was nearly yelling at me! He said “I have people deliberating! They are going to run.”

I said “Just do it, my intuition told me to do this! Do it!”

That night he rang me back with the sale, and it was unconditional. One of the interested parties jumped, they thought I was about to either put the price up again or take the house off the market!

Had I not Quantumly shifted myself within, there is no way that outcome would have happened!


My Conclusion about Prosperity Flow

It’s energetic. The best results are from unlocking yourself and not stagnating. This is about letting go of money, moving forward using money to make money, and having healthy beliefs.

And letting go of fears that arise. There could be many that are specific to you. As a woman you may feel like “I need a man to create and provide money for me”, or “I can’t be successful and be in a relationship as well”, and for any sex, the blocks that are causing you to stagnate may be many, but with Quanta Freedom Healing™ we can blast them out and get you flowing!

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