Shifts Happen – Series 3 Session 9 – “Becoming Abundant”


Today, in our first of four sessions in Series Three – “Manifesting Abundance”, this journey begins with working on essential beliefs to lay a prosperous foundation. I can’t emphasise to you enough how important this is!

I hope that you understand why during this session.

If you don’t “Become Abundant”, durable prosperity is highly improbable if not impossible. The core beliefs, that I will discuss with you today, are some of the greatest reasons that people, even those who can manifest money, are not abundant. Becoming abundant means many things. Becoming abundant actually has nothing to do with money itself, yet ironically prosperity won’t come into play until you become abundant.

You may have heard that some people win the lotto, even millions, and become flat broke again. The reason is they never had abundant beliefs to begin with. Even though, somehow, they had beliefs of “good fortune”, their money beliefs were of poverty, lack, and powerlessness.

Many people can suffer from problematic internal money beliefs. Some people who work very hard for money, can’t make ends meet no matter how much they earn, or end up losing the results of their hard efforts and even land in debt.

My relationship with money, absolutely used to fall into the later category. (I’ll talk more about this soon.)

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What is Abundance Really?

Abundance is not a “thing” “situation” or “event”. It’s not an “outside-in” thing. It’s not like “When I get this money flow or financial improvement, I will become abundant.”

Abundance is a state of Beingness.

As students of ascension, you now know that no amount of “doingness” and “gettingness” can compensate for a defunct “Beingness”. Beingness is your inner programming on any topic in your life. These are your beliefs, which are how you “feel” about something, as opposed to what you are trying to “think”, that unfold your reality EXACTLY. Without exception, every single time.

We are Human Beings, not Human Thinkings. Within the highly conflicted beliefs we have suffered from 3D struggles, most people’s financial flow has suffered terribly! Even if you are living “comfortably”, you may not yet be in 5D unlimited, creative abundant expansion.

True Abundance is knowing that you are an energy spirit in a physical body, also known as “heaven on earth” with more potential, and unlimited creative expansion and manifestation power than you could imagine. When you understand how to cultivate your Beingness at the right frequency to harness this power, you will be stunned and thrilled with the results of this.

As Starseeds, people interested in re-membering “Who You Really Are” at a deeper level, many of you are rising from broken and empty to abundant and full, from within, and then seeing the startling and often instant results from the outside. You are doing an amazing job! You should be so proud of how far you have come.

And I’m excited about how far we can go!

Quantum Ignition works like this on ANY topic – you shift out whatever doesn’t feel good, then fill that internal place with Light to have space and calm on this inside. Then “ships come in over smooth waters”. That’s what our Quanta Freedom Healing™ Sessions are about – getting out of your mind and turning on your Inner Source Self Codes. It’s a dedication to this practice that allows you to live and love your “Quantum Life”.

I know this can be hard regarding “finances”. You may be terrified and traumatised about “How do I pay this next bill? Yet, God/Source/Creation is never LATE and never NOT present, when you train yourself to stop obsessing and instead shift. Then the inspiration, ideas, often some form of spontaneous healing, or support or messages from the outside that are the solution, opportunity, synchronicity and miracle appear, to activate your true Soul’s Desires.

Which of course is “enough” money to be safe and survive.

However, abundance can expand for you much further than this.

Let’s learn how!



The Connection To “Being Abundant”

Synonyms of abundance are “fullness’ and “enthusiasm”, this is the opposite of victimhood and lack.

Abundance is living in gratitude for the abundance of your life, even when there is very little to show for it. If you are stuck in the feelings of dismay, loss, endings, and the minimal life that you are living now, you are not in abundance.

If you have forgotten that you are a Divine Creator, this eclipses your life continuously from the victim frequency that you continue cultivating. The thinking about your losses, the conversations with others about the devastation, despair, and your envy of the person who took your money, or left you without what they seemed to bring into your life, is the antithesis of abundance.

Please know this, Whatever is yours by Divine Right can never be taken away from you when you are Vibrationally Divine.

If you don’t know Who You REALLY Are, A Divine Creator, a fractal of Source, literally Source Sourcing, then you don’t understand yet how vital it is to put in the work of cultivating an Abundance Frequency within yourself.

Gratitude. Excitement. Happy to be YOU having this incredible soul growth experience!

I’m not saying this shift is easy. I promise you I intimately understand what it is to have victimised financial frequencies. I previously lost obscene amounts of money in narcissistic relationships. Finances that I had worked so hard as a solo woman, to create my security. After this devastation, I felt like I was burning in hell, I had so much resentment.

In this place it got worse … and worse … and worse. I nearly died.

Thank God I woke up to the Quantum Truth and knew I had to shift from broken and destroyed. I had to let that go completely. I had to clean up the trauma of the unthinkable cruel, criminal losses I had suffered. I couldn’t do this logically, because I felt too decimated, yet with Quanta Freedom Healing™ I was able to.

I also knew the belief, “Until I recoup what I lost I will never be happy” was NEVER going to serve me. Quantum Law – so within, so without – is as absolute as gravity. If you feel “empty and poor” and need something to happen to feel abundant, then you won’t get abundance, you will get situations that keep delivering you more of “empty and poor.”

Then I knew I had to cultivate being grateful and excited about my REAL life beginning, regardless of how it looked! I did such a great job I felt the most “whole” I ever had in my entire life, despite having lost virtually everything and everyone. The reason was because I had finally come home to myself.

I had made peace and knew my value never again would depend on “what I did or didn’t have.” There was NOTHING to chase from my past because I had found my TRUE abundance – the value of me. I felt the richest I ever had.

Only a few years later, I had recouped 10-fold what I lost, doing what I love, in two revenue streams I never thought would be possible – being a global spiritual teacher of a multi-million dollar business in over 150 different countries, as well as property revamps, sales and holiday accommodation, that have also generated over a million dollars of profit.

These came about because I was abundant on the inside, and followed my intuitive desires that were bringing me joy! I loved Quantum Healing because it saved my soul and life, I was passionate about this, and I love decorating and making old spaces become new and beautiful ones.

MTE happened because I was sharing my Quantum insights and how I was healing my “the unhealable” diagnoses in ways that defied usual therapy. The first property I bought, after abuse, was a miracle. I was able to secure a bank loan without making any repayments for a year! Neither of these endeavours began as a business!

None of this would have eventuated if I didn’t make “becoming abundant on the inside” my highest priority. I promise you that your real life will begin, so fast, when you set this inner foundation for yourself too!

An abundant Beingness is this personal orientation, “There is always a solution, miracle, breakthrough and exciting possibly ahead.” This has to apply no matter WHAT your present situation is.

Of course, this takes SHIFTING if you are, understandably, struggling with this after the losses and the trauma that you have suffered in your past. Or, you are embedded in negative mindsets! Today, I hope you feel relieved to know that we are going to work on your blocks to Abundance today in our Group Healing!

And .. please know this HAS to be your Life Orientation if you want True Abundant Miracles to activate in your life.


Transitioning From The Mind to True Abundance

Please, please get this piece – I know so many of you are trying to THINK “How am I going to make money?” Or you are trying to visualise and keep focused on the results of your money – the fancy house, the expensive car, the nice clothes.

Possibly your thoughts of success are about getting revenge on your ex.

Maybe you have made a vision board.

Can I be honest with you – that is SO 3D!

Do you realise how many people have GOT those things, and are miserable?

That’s not abundance!

Soul gratifying creation is abundance. Otherwise, you will be existing with people or doing things that feel like a “dying” instead of connecting to making a “living” for yourself. It’s also a way to attract and be surrounded by narcissists!

TRUE Abundance is feeling spacious, clean, grateful, and lit up from the inside, and then following the cues on what it IS that LIGHTS you up on the inside.

If you are happy and positive about your life … because you are now honoring yourself, being authentic, taking care of yourself lovingly and healing beyond your shadows … and purposefully cultivating a grateful and “anything is possible” mindset then …

What interests you?

Follow that.

What calling do you feel?

Follow that.

Get this piece too – you may feel like you have a sense of WHAT interests you, but you have fears of connecting to THAT.

You believe you aren’t good enough; you don’t have what it takes, it will be too hard and it will take too long, or people may judge you!

That’s NOT abundance, and these limiting beliefs need cleaning up too!

Today we are going to work on the specific Quanta Freedom Healings™ to start lessening and dissolving the 3D beliefs that have been holding you back so that you can start to move forward into expansive and unlimited 5D abundance creation.

If you sense that you have specific and complicated blocks that you are struggling to move past, you may be interested in specialised breakthrough Quantum Coaching with me.

We now only have a few days left until my 12-month, most intimate Quantum Healing Program, called Super Thrive – Love, Health, Wealth, starts. Only one Group is running for 2024.

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I hope that this information has helped you to understand “Being Abundant” and how to ignite your prosperity at a much deeper and more powerful level!

I look forward to sharing Session Two of this series “Manifesting Abundance”, with you next week.

As always, I look forward to your comments and questions below.

Much Love

Mel xo