Shifts Happen Transmission – Session 1 – “The Light Wins”

Shifts Happen Transmission – Session 1 – “The Light Wins”

This week’s number 1 debut Shifts Happen event is “The Light Wins”.

“The Light” has been a very misunderstood metaphor in relation to healing trauma, accelerating soul growth and emancipating you from fear and pain.

It is my greatest wish today that your deeper understanding of The Light, and how to apply it, will grant you healing, relief, freedom, illumination and wonderful soul expansion.

Not just for you personally, but also for our world.

Please find the video and the transcript of this transmission below.

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Video Transcript

Dear Quantum Warriors, welcome to our first-ever Shifts Happen Session – The Light Wins. My name is Melanie Tonia Evans, and I am thrilled and honoured to be here with you today – incredible souls from all over the globe.

Congratulations for wanting personal soul growth and being here with all of us – a Soul Tribe who is passionate about up-levelling consciousness from trauma to empowered freedom, especially in these crucial, pivotal times.

What Shifts Happen sessions are really about is dissolving away the restrictive and destructive programming you have received on planet Earth to activate the remembering of the true Light Codes within you as the Divine Spark of Creation that You Really Are.

It’s wonderful to see our Soul Tribe here, dear friends who have been with me for years, others more recently and beautiful new members who also deeply sense there must be a better way than what we are told is “usual” and “acceptable” human hardships.

This month of Shifts Happen is about serving you with four weeks of core foundational belief shifts that will play a very large part in not just helping you shed the Old Self, despite all you have tried to become your True Self, but also be able to deal, navigate and turn every breakdown into an even greater and more expansive breakthrough.

Such is your Life when you decide to Go Quantum.

If you are new to my work or Quanta Freedom Healing, please say “me” in the chat.

Welcome … I love that you have joined us today!

Okay, so today’s session is “The Light Wins”.


Everything That Will Fulfill You Is In The Light

The Light is vital – because in The Light is everything you want and need. It’s quite astounding that despite how obvious this is, many people leave The Light part out of healing trauma and trying to achieve personal ascension.

This is crazy because rising up is all to do with The Light.

You may have heard the expression, “I’ve seen the light.”

Or “The light at the end of the tunnel.”

Or, “I feel much lighter.”

These are uplifting statements, activating feelings of emancipation and breakthrough. Feelings of resurrection and power arise from within.

Let’s examine expressions of “darkness”, such as …

“A dark night of the soul,”

“I’m in the dark”,

“This is a dark time in my life”.

This feels like a breakdown. The word “dark” conjures up feelings of helplessness, bewilderment and hopelessness.


The Truth About The Light and Darkness

So, in stark contrast, what is The Light – really?

Spectacularly, it’s the antidote to darkness. It’s the TOTAL remedy.

I’ll explain how soon, but first, let’s look at these facts – you know, if you step into a dark room and turn on a light, the darkness is gone.

Similarly, in the myth of vampires, when you shine a light on them, they flee back into the darkness.

Let’s examine synonyms for Darkness – trauma, battles, dis-ease, bondage, struggle, breakdown, confusion, untruths, hiding, painful patterns and disintegration, being lost within.

The darkness creates withering, wastage, decline and demise. It is anti-life.

Meanings of The Light are – healing, relief, emancipation, freedom, illumination, the truth, life force, well-being, breakthrough, healthy new patterns, the integration of your Source Self and remembering Who You Really Are.

The Light creates growth, rising, expanding and evolution. The Light IS Creation itself.

When unpacked these distinctions, it’s clear to understand that The Light reverses darkness.

But, you ask, how can The Light actually be applied? Is it an “idea”? Information? An answer to a question?

You have been led to believe that if you just find the right THING or hear the right ADVICE, you will be delivered into The Light.

But it NEVER was something you could obtain from OUTSIDE of you.

It was only ever something you could GET INSIDE of you.

But how?

By filling up with it from The Light Source. By bringing into you the Light Codes directly from God / Source /Creation, you then awaken and activate the ones within you that are the SAME.

There is a process to directly do this. It’s Quanta Freedom Healing, and that is exactly what we will be doing together on the topic “The Light Wins” in our healing session today.



You Were Programmed Away From The Light

So … how has your human programming separated you from The Light and the re-membering back to Who You Really Are?

You were taught not to know how important accessing The Light and filling up on the inside with it really was. Also, you were not taught that even if you did know how to, you can’t put “ice cream on top of poop” (a famous late Debbie Ford expression), meaning unless trauma is released to make space, there is no room for The Light to enter you.

Also, you may have had painful programming about A Higher Power.

If you believed this Higher Power was separate from you, possibly judging you as an unworthy sinner, that made you feel flawed and bad. Naturally, this created internal shame and fear. Why would you wish to connect to a Higher Power that feels like these things?

And if you decided to connect to this Higher Power, did this mean you would have to submit to control, possibly suffer lack and martyrdom and give up your own desires to appease this force and earn your worth?

(Sounds and feels a lot like narcissistic relationships, actually!)

Maybe you would suffer punishment and even damnation if you didn’t get your service to this outer God right.

(It definitely sounds and feels a lot like narcissistic relationships!)

If you feel small, guilty and shameful, you may have felt like it would be preferable to turn to other authorities outside of you in times of fear and pain because turning to a Higher Power was so threatening.

But what if the truth of this Higher Power – The Light Source that is the Creator of All Things, wasn’t like this at ALL?

What if this Higher Power contained the Light Codes of healing, relief, love, integration, expansion, activation, confidence, wholeness, wholesomeness, courage, inspiration, guidance, support and the unfolding of your True Self and Life beyond your wildest dreams?

What if The Light WAS the remedy to ALL the darkness?

Would that feel better? Would you want to fill up with The Light and internally activate these things in your inner and outer Universe?

And what if you were made of the SAME Light, and that you and The Light were, in fact, never NOT ONE, yet your programming has caused you to have the experience of “being alone, separated and in the dark”?

What if Separation Consciousness was the true ORIGINAL sin of humanity that plunged us all into darkness, dimming our Light?

What if today I could show you how, with Quanta Freedom Healing Shifts, you can come back home to embody, activate and actualise The Light within you? The Light that is latent inside you, waiting for the Source Light Codes to activate your True Source / Soul Self?

Would you like that?

Do you wish to leave behind the 3rd density matrix of pain, fear, suffering, smallness and powerlessness? The delusion and lie that God / Source / Creation and you are separated?

Would you like to embody the higher consciousness 5th density truth that God / Source / Creation and yourself are One?

Can you start to innerstand how this will not just raise you up into Unity Consciousness and The Light, but also has the power to unite every narcissistically created “separation crisis” between religions, sexes, nations, races, and “groups”?

Evolved civilizations and planets know the truth about Unity Consciousness: if you feel at one with the Source and you know you are One with others, there is no possibility to deceive, harm or take from anyone. It would be akin to doing it to yourself, and because you already feel “whole”, what would be the point anyway?

Now, in our new golden age, many inhabitants on planet Earth are walking up out of the engineered trance of the dire and disgraceful effects of separation consciousness.

For you – embodying the Light of God / Source / Creation of all things, which is actually YOU as YOUR superconscious, elevates and awakens you to your true power and capacity.  In real-life terms, this delivers you to a light-filled, divinely guided, inspired and illuminated life that heals past traumas and starts to unlock your greatest fulfilment, flourishing and thriving.

Plus, your example will help heal the world and activate you onto your True Mission Path, the only life that would fully gratify you and the one that Source FULLY wants for you, too.

That is why the Light wins. It’s a TRUE win-win for all concerned.

So now … I’d love to take you through the specific Quanta Freedom Healing to connect you to and fill you with your Light-Coded Self.

Because this is in the Speedy Shift format, with me doing the healing for you, all that is necessary for you to receive the healing is to open and breathe and just “be” to receive the shifts inside of you.

Then, after we finish integrating this healing, I will grant you some additional powerful Speedy Shift formulas to further embody and activate your Higher Self Light Codes!

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Please note the most powerful recommended Speedy Shift Healing to resolve separation from “The Light” is Module 3 of the Speedy Shifts Course – “Allowing The Light”.

(Further add-on instructions and fast-track amplified healing are included in Membership Part 3 – the actual Shifts Happen Healing, with an additional Goal Set 3-part shift, and in Part 4 – Mel’s Tips where I granted 4 additional Source Healing and Resolution shifts – Module 4.)

I feel very inspired about next week’s Shifts Happen Session 2 – “Ego Be Gone”, because I know how life-changing this information will be for you!

I look forward to answering your comments and questions about this transcript below.