Shifts Happen Transmission – Session 1 – “The Light Wins”

Shifts Happen – Transmission – Session 2 – “Ego Be Gone”


It was a joy and honour to speak about Higher Consciousness and Ego today – the expansive part of ourselves beyond the physical. That which we believe is “ourselves” – the limited mind and five sensory realities.

This explained to members the difference between programmed fear, pain and struggle and being freed into flow, power, love, liberation and grace.

Session 2 went deeply into the difference between Separation Consciousness and Unity Consciousness and why the former has been responsible for warring, dis-ease, lack and traumatic struggles, including the ones we can have in our own everyday lives!

This conversation, at this pivotal time in Humanity’s history, is how we can awaken to a Higher Level of Consciousness that not only frees us into the lives we dearly want to live but also has the ability to heal our world.

It is my greatest wish today that this following information is soul and life-transformational for you.

I know HOW much you will be able to relate to what is going on in your OWN life right now!

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Video Transcript

Let’s get started on today’s very important topic, “Ego Be Gone”.

Today is a talk about a consciousness shift from who you thought you were being to who you really are.

This is vital information – for you to feel whole, happy, loved, deserving and FULL –  meaning having risen out of pain, struggles and traumatic suffering.

By engaging in the consciousness shift that we are talking about today, you will feel whole and happy regardless of what you do or don’t have. That is TRUE freedom from where you can organically and EASILY expand and create – finally knowing that you are Creation itself.

Let’s dive straight into this – what Separation Consciousness is as the playground of the ego and how you have been deceived into living this way.


Separation Consciousness

Separation Consciousness is not knowing that you and Source are One, or that Source is within you as you, or innerstanding your capacity as God / Source Consciousness.

In your programmed Separation Consciousness, you feel like a small, separate Identity. You’ve forgotten that your Identity is All That Is, so you try to create a False Identity from the outside in.

This is limited to your physical self, how others see you and what you have or haven’t accomplished.

Interestingly, no matter what you achieve or hope to “do” and “get” to feel worthy of love and acceptance and feel like you belong, something is always missing.

Please know until this Quantum Journey, I had felt like this my entire life!

Then your mind battles to find a way to finally “arrive” somewhere where you will feel whole, acceptable and worthy, yet is conditionally precarious on what happens on the outside.

It constantly tries to gather information about what people think. What do they have that I don’t? Why do others seem to get what they want and I don’t? And … Even after I succeed and get certain things, what more can I get now?

This is because your mind is NOT your True Identity. Your mind is only a servant of your Beingness, and if your Beingness is in Separation Consciousness, not knowing that you and God / Source / Creation are One and you ARE All That Is, with NOTHING missing, then your mind is also in the dark believing it is coming up empty – no matter what it gets.

This is why you are never durably happy! It can only ever be temporary!

Never durably full. Or satisfied. Or safe. Or whole.

And always feel like there is something to feel stressed and hurt about.

You think this is normal, that this is the human “accepted” condition. It’s not – there is nothing natural or normal about it – it is inner programmed insanity!

It’s because you aren’t living life from your True Identity – “Source and I are One”; you are living life through a False Self – a mind that believes everything and everyone else is your Source and Identity.

Please think about the following in relation to our world …

Humans can demonise, violate, desecrate and murder each other when believing they are not at One with them. They are separate, so, therefore, it’s possible. And because we were separated from ourselves, it was possible to despise and treat ourselves with a total lack of care, love and respect.

Just as it became possible to despise God / Source / Creation, not knowing that this is us … all of us, and All That Is – because we thought it was something outer and separated instead of inner and connected.

This is the delusional dis-ease of Separation Consciousness that has taken humans into total darkness and given rise to the False Self – aka ego.



The Ego – The False Self

Let’s look at how the Ego operates as a disconnected from Source “Edging God Out” Entity.

It …

  • Feels empty, needy, anxious and wanting.
  • Judges self, life and others harshly.
  • Believes that this life is all that there is.
  • Tries frantically to “find something” on the outside to take away the pain.
  • Feels unsafe and unsupported.
  • Has to “know” and won’t stop obsessing.
  • Believes that life works from the outside in, trying to control all aspects of others and all the possibilities.
  • Lives in the pain of the past and the fear of the future.
  • Has only access to programming from the past and information derived from someone else – despite whether or not it is even accurate or true.
  • Does not critically think for self and goes along to get along.
  • Is disconnected from intuition (the inner GPS – God Protection System).
  • Has no Inner Identity other than what can be gleaned from the outside.
  • Will sacrifice self for supposed security.

This is an incredibly limited and painful capacity that leaves you always coming up empty and continually being traumatised.

Now, let’s examine the rise of consciousness that is happening for humankind right NOW and is more available than it ever has been.


The God / Source – True Self

  • Let’s go of internal trauma and fills up where that trauma was with Source’s Light.
  • As a result of filling with Source’s Light, activates into feeling whole, safe and “at home” right now unconditionally.
  • Doesn’t resist events but rather accepts all of it as evolutionary evidence: “I’m aligned” or the gift of knowing how to move into alignment.
  • Knows self as immortal, eternal and infinite – The God Source Self.
  • Knows that when one’s inner self is shifted into Light and peace, all else follows.
  • Feels safe and supported.
  • Has no need to know absolutes or outcomes and simply aligns with right action in the now.
  • Has access to All That Is and information that is the truth of Existence Itself.
  • Is alive, functional and whole in the moment.
  • Is guided by Inner Infinite Knowing.
  • Knows truth and sees through illusions.
  • Knows self as at One with Source.
  • Innerstands the connectedness of all things.
  • Will lose comfort and security to gain one’s True Self and True Life – the only life that is aligned and durably fulfilling.

Now let’s look at the passage of the dissolving of the ego to the birth of the True Self …


Ego “Be Gone” to True Self “I’m Home

I know that the True Self may seem like a dream come true, yet this is your organic self that just IS. It’s your defunct Separation Consciousness programming that has foisted this way of living upon you that is totally unnatural and completely traumatised you.

Who has this benefitted? Definitely not you and not the citizens of the world.

It has served the agenda of people who want you disempowered, fighting against each other, fearing all sorts of crises, being in the dark and seeking outside authorities other than your Soul Source Self – all for power and control of people and resources.

It’s all been a narcissistic anti-life, anti-human, anti-Source / God / Creation model.

Now, can you accept the truth?

I know you may feel very attached to your old way of thinking and living life “from the outside in” and wanting things to “please your ego”, and that’s totally understandable. It was all you knew.

However, to stay in this old system is becoming intensely painful and ineffective. Now, in the egoic mind, results are non-forthcoming. It is like walking around the block fifty times to try to cross the road.

If, on an inner level, you aren’t feeling whole, the veil of manifestation is so thin now (Source / Creation and You are One), the results will be painful, no matter what you try to do.

Life from the inside, being your True Source Self, is the only one that has any pleasing, happy and healthy results now.

Because you are Creator.

The reason why we are having this conversation, now, is because it’s TIME to!

The old 3rd density paradigms, fear, pain, separation, trauma, dis-ease, lack and fear structures, are being exposed and coming up to be released and finalised. They can no longer hide in the shadows.

This is why, right now, you are seeing people and situations in your life which are no longer tenable. Individuals and things are falling away. Additionally, you are getting powerful intuition and knowing. You are experiencing your Self more and more beyond the physical, as you REALLY are – telepathic, intuitive and knowing.

The era of “Power Over” “Separation Consciousness”, and “being in the Dark Ages” has run its Course.

Now, more than ever, you can surrender to and BE who you were born to be. It’s time to heal, not just for ourselves but for the collective. To raise and unify within ourselves, back to Source and with each other.

That is what the rise of Unity Consciousness is all about.

We can shed the trauma, lies and shackles and know ourselves as the True Human, taking our place in The Light, as we were always designed to do – rendering narcissistic, deranged inner and outer tyrants powerless against us.

They could only ever operate when we were in the dark.

But we aren’t anymore.

Let’s now do the Quanta Freedom healing shifts to really bring this home.

…End Of Transmission…


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