Shifts Happen Transmission – Session 1 – “The Light Wins”

Shifts Happen – Transmission – Session 3 – “Free To Be Me”


The latest Shifts Happen Session, “Free To Be Me” has just taken place.

My intention with this session was to allow people to understand what Soul Freedom really is.

And to recognise, that if you have disconnected from your inner calling, for security and approval, then you haven’t been FREE at all!

Maybe you have been trying to go along to get along,  and be safe and accepted – yet have suffered awful feelings of dissatisfaction and KNOW something is missing.

This session FREE To Be Me, is about helping you have the permission to be FULLY YOU without guilt, trepidation, or the terrors of being persecuted by others, for being “unusual” and “extraordinary”.

Like so many people NOW, maybe you feel you can NO LONGER tolerate being “ordinary” or “stunted” and feel a BIG calling to be “YOURSELF” in Life!

Beautiful souls today, from all over the world, reported massive shifts, awakening and feelings of purpose and freedom. 

This is available for all of us when you know the SHIFTS to get there!

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Video Transcript

Here we are on Part 3 of the first month’s foundational series for Shifts Happens.

We started with “The Light Wins”, understanding the nature and the power of Source /God/ Creation and how this Higher Power is made out of the same stuff as you and loves, accepts, and grants you more of yourself, as Source flowing through you, as you.

Then our next session was “Ego Be Gone”. Here we discussed how we have been programmed into Separation Consciousness, and we worked at Speedy Shifting to be at One, in Unity Consciousness with Source /God /Creation – which means being solid, at peace, and whole within. Plus we can manifest and create more wholeness, peace, and health with others, life, and our world – rather than be thrown into the division and pain of our self-sabotaging ego.

Now let’s look at our next step – “Free To Be Me”.

What does that mean …

It means FREE to be YOU!


To Break FREE, You Have To Know You Weren’t

To be FREE, you first have to acknowledge how you are TRAPPED.

What is the “cage” that you thought was normal? How did you think it is usual to “hand yourself away”, for supposed security and acceptance?

It’s important to understand you doing this meant you have never been able to be yourself.

As a child, this was very difficult to accomplish. As an adult, now, you can. Especially as a Quantum Adult, creating your own world and truth from the inside out – the only place where you do have power.

The USUAL human experience is being programmed to think how other people have told you to think. As per what your institutions, leaders, and parents have told you.

Maybe you have sensed, as many of us Starseeds (Empaths, Intuitives, Sensitives) have, that there were things that never made sense, and other things that were a terrible soul insult to us. You may have looked at humans, like I did at an early age, and said “They are all bonkers, I don’t even want to be here!”

Maybe you also thought like I did, that if aliens were flying by Earth, they would look down and shake their heads at the ridiculous ways we operate and treat each other!

Yet, like it or not, you incredible awakening Starseed, you are meant to be here! There is no mistake that you are here, and please know it is our time to be FREE and to help others break FREE from the prison of traumas and false beliefs and control that they thought were meant to be their lives on Planet Earth.

Of course, many people will not come with you to freedom if you try to force them, but many as per your example WILL follow. People are waking up now and doing this in droves.


What I love about this time, in this epic battle of Light and Dark, is that the more the darkness pushes back hard to try to hang on to control, the more the Source Spark that we are, expands and breaks free and bursts into even MORE Light.

Meaning, the freedom to be Ourselves – Our Source Selves – not the small, traumatised, beaten down, “I’ve traded freedom and authenticity to allow control, manipulation and exploitative power over me!”

NOT anymore!



You May As Well JUST Make Yourself Happy

Your Soul knows FREEDOM is God Godding/Source Sourcing – you expressing your gifts, and contributions and thriving for yourself and others. Yet, so many people in giving up the freedom to be themselves, why on earth are they demoralised, emptied out, and broken?

Freedom means making YOUR choices for yourself, the ones that make YOU happy, despite what everyone says you should be doing to make THEM happy.

Here is a wonderful little story to understand how trying to give up your own choices for what others say you should do isn’t even viable, let alone pleasurable.

There is a donkey, man, woman, and child approaching the marketplace. Someone calls out, “Shouldn’t that old man be riding the donkey? Why have a donkey if it’s not ridden?” So, the old man gets on the donkey. Then someone else yells out, “Why is that man on the donkey? He should be a gentleman and let the lady ride.” The old man slides off and hoists his wife onboard. Then someone yells out, “That poor child looks exhausted, why isn’t he on the donkey?”. Again, the family switches places. Then someone shouts “Why have a donkey if you all don’t ride it?” The parents join their son up on the donkey’s back. Then someone screams “Animal abuse – they are going to break that donkey’s back!”

The moral of the story is you will NEVER keep EVERYONE happy, so you may as well make the choices that make you happy!

SO WHAT if other people don’t like what you are doing? Wouldn’t it be much nicer for YOU to like what you are doing?

You are not on planet Earth to try to make everyone like you or agree with you – it’s exhausting and impossible. What is important is if your Soul/Source Self agrees with you and if you are YOURSELF – it does.

This IS the “right action” and unlocks blessings to come to you!


The Terror of Persecution

Part of the insane inversion of anti-life that has ramped up as Darkness is “separate” groups trying to force “the majority” to comply with their fringe model of the world so that they are not offended.

This is tyranny disguised as righteousness. Its control. It’s insane! That is EXACTLY what beating everyone else into submission so you don’t get offended is. Would that not offend others that they can’t have a differing opinion than you? Aren’t you trying to do to them (deny their reality) the very thing you accuse them of doing to you?

This is anti-life, its anti-God, it’s anti-Unity-consciousness. It means you do not know that you are a part of the One Godhead. When people are whittled down into so many different categories of what their identity is – they become less – not more. They become entrenched in separation consciousness, which is insanity, because they are being taken further and further away from the truth. This throws them into a dark separated abyss cut off from Source and divided from others trying to force them to do and say what they need to to feel whole – meaning agree with their madness.

It’s tyranny disguised as “righteousness” and getting the rabid crowd (minions who have been programmed) to agree as their foot soldiers. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the narcissist’s playbook.

Haven’t you already experienced this?

This has happened since time memorial – accusing people of being heretics, anti this or that, fascists or traitors, or whatever smear will get the most attention, when they are not following the controlled narrative of the time.

It’s happened between religions, sexes, theologies, skin colour, political parties, and health …  the same manic indoctrination, propaganda, smearing, punishing, vetoing, sanctioning, … and even torturing and murdering people if they don’t comply.

Heaven help anyone if they even try to question, bring research to the table, or look into the supposed “facts” about this so-called “thing” that must be complied with!

How dare you even begin to want to think for yourself!

Oh yes … welcome to Planet Earth!

Is it any wonder that so many humans are terrified about pushing back against the “programmed narrative”? Persecution programs run very deep within the human psyche. I know, I used to have them. I also understand this because I’ve done so much healing inside my Inner Being and worked with thousands of people over the years with this as well.

Most people, especially those who have had their rights and boundaries not-allowed or smashed by narcissistic people have the terror in their Energetic Fields of “persecution”. This often equates to “authority figures” – those who appear to be more powerful than you.

Which just means – being willing to be crueler than you ever could be – to force you to do what they say you should think and do.

This is unthinkable and doesn’t even compute for people like you and me!

This could be family members, such as your parents, or a spouse. Or perhaps it’s the government, or police, or someone in a white coat, or an individual who has a degree.

Maybe certain people won’t treat you cruelly, yet you are terrified that if you don’t agree with them they may push you away, stop loving you, or even abandon you.

It’s this fear that stops people from speaking up, laying boundaries, going against the status quo, and freeing themselves.

The worst tragedy of all is to STOP trusting your own Source/Soul self, your internal intuition, which is your GPS – God Protection Systems – which is not humanly programmed, hasn’t been indoctrinated, and is not caught up in a self-serving agenda at your expanse.

It personally disturbs me more, not those who are narcissistic doing terrible things at the expense of others, but those who are so out of touch on the inside that they just go along with it. Sady I used to be one of these people!

This is why you need to be “in this world but not of this world” to be FREE to be yourself.


Becoming Un-popular

To be FREE means you need to live in the right action and TRUTH. But of course, this is unpopular until our world UP-shifts enough to bear witness to and hold truth and freedom as sacred.

“Popular” is living as the masses do. I don’t want to feel or think, I just want to stay in the matrix in survival and not upset my comfort zone. There is no growth in this, no extraordinary achievements, contributions, or expansions. It’s pretty much you go through the paces, die, think worms eat you, and who knows after that.

God bless the “normal” people, if that is what they want and they are happy with this – all power to them. Let’s not judge them. However, it’s exactly that thinking that keeps our planet locked in 3rd density – this going along to get along, virtual signaling how wonderful they are because of agreeing with the current narrative, going along with everything they are told and not critically thinking.

If this was such a great life, why are many of them unwell, unhealthy, unfit, unsatisfied, depressed, medicated, and locked onto a never-ending hamster wheel?

(Just saying!)

Is it because it’s just “easier” to do this? Are they terrified of persecution if they rock the boat and become a trailblazer for higher consciousness (freedom and new endeavors.)

“Normal” people are only comfortable with the narrative because they are programmed to believe that anything other than the accepted narrative is “wrong”, “crazy” “dangerous” and “hateful”. People are taught to demonise anything that threatens a programmed narrative.

If you are free as your Source/ Soul self you can’t be narcissistically controlled, duped and mined. Also, you will help other people wake up to the freedom of their souls and take their power back, which of course is not welcomed by those who do not wish you to do this.

“Normal” people who are spiritually unintelligent, often despite being academically smart, are uncomfortable with your growth, vitality, and breakthroughs. Your Soul coming alive shows them how theirs is fast asleep on the inside.

The more you evolve yourself, the more unpopular and alone you will be. But what is the alternative – a lesser life trying to keep others happy and fit in at the expense of your soul? It’s exhausting, draining, and doesn’t allow you the freedom to be you – at all.

How can you connect to your True missions and passions that set your soul on fire if you can’t come out as YOURSELF?

Your unique contributions to the world are never going to be “What do I have to do to make everyone else like me and want something”. Rather it’s about “How do I bring Source through me as my unique expression of Source to make a difference in the world.”

Your SOUL knows what this is, and you can channel that through authentically to be fully alive and effective as YOU.

Let’s imagine you standing on a stage about to deliver a speech. You look out onto the crowd and you see people fidgeting, looking bored and you think to yourself “What do I need to say to please them and get their attention?” Or you stand there, be in your center, trust your soul, connect to your Inner Source, and just channel what comes through you – for the sake of service and being YOU.

Not the little empty needy YOU, the Divine Source Self You – who is not attached to outcomes. Only attached to authenticity and serving and following Divine Guidance. The You that flows through, because you have got yourself out of the way.

Which “you” do you think is going to reach the masses?

But be prepared that as “you” FREE to be you there may be people who were close to you – friends and family that will be intensely triggered by “you” now. You being FREE to be you will trigger many familiars immensely – the people who can no longer control you and the people who want you to stay ordinary, victimised, and depressed with them, and validate how right they are instead of giving them a comparison to see how painful it is living like that.

And of course, challenging them in their “uncomfortable comfort zones” (the depressing place of doing nothing to move on, yet feeling very discontent where you are) is scary for many people. Many traumas will be ignited for them if you push them out of this nest.

But there are benefits, you are no longer wasting time in your life doing “normal” stuff which becomes insanely non-productive and unfulfilling for you. You just can’t stomach life at that level anymore. Your soul is screaming at you “giddy up! There is WORK to do!”


In Conclusion

Being different and unpopular grants you time for Soul work soul mission and connecting to your Soul Tribes, people who are extraordinarily “different” like you – in this world but not of this world.

You can have the conversations you crave. You can share scintillating information.

And best of all you can come out AS yourself – if you are FREE as YOURSELF.

Please take heart though, because I firmly believe the New Earth and vibrational reality where we are going (absolutely in our lifetime) which is 5th density – Starseed Truth will be the new “norm”. You ARE on the right side of truth and history!

The Light Wins, Unity Consciousness is on your side and now, for the first time in EONS, you can come fully out as yourself, you just need to shift the trauma out to go FREE – and then the rest will follow.

If this speaks to you – you can change this reality, by letting go of internal traumas and false programs, on the inside, to start flowing into and generating this reality as real on the outside.

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As always, I look forward to your comments and questions below!