Shifts happen – Workshop 7- Deservedness of My Best


Happy New Year Dear Thrivers!

2024 here we come, and I wanted to kick it off with EXACTLY this Shifts Happen session!

In our first two rounds of Self-Foundation – numbers 1 and 2 – we workshopped through better self-talk, as a result of dissolving the inner-critic, and then shifting you into valuing yourself. This was to lay the platform for and work on your deservedness.

“Deservedness” is such a painful and twisted subject for humanity!

Being able to “deserve the good” is very important, because you can only receive the level of well-being, lifeforce, and prosperous flow that you believe you deserve.

Please know that if you are new to Shifts Happen, these workshops DO build upon each other, however, wherever your entry point into these workshops they are still highly beneficial for you. You can do this session first because they are all interconnected. However, I do suggest going back to the sessions before this one, workshops 1 and 2, when you can.

These “Spas for your Soul” are 90 minutes in length, and by watching these and being in the healings, you will have profound shifts. Also, our first round of Shifts Happen (1-4) are Source Foundational –  healing, relieving, soothing and soul-graduating for you, as well, especially when absorbing the accompanying Quanta Freedom Healing shifts.

I know many of you are reporting only watching your TV series once a week now, you’ve stopped watching the news and are doing these ascension workshops of an evening, for life-changing results. Some of you are reporting the changes are instant.

Anyways, now let’s get started and explore today’s very important topic of “deservedness”.

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Why Nice People Don’t Feel Like They Deserve

As a person who is interested in self-growth, you are intrinsically a nice person. You take responsibility for “your stuff”. You care about humanity, and your contribution to life and others – otherwise you wouldn’t be doing this work!

Many of you have experienced narcissistic abuse and hubris, and you know that entitlement is very ugly and destructive to oneself, others, and humanity.

Also, you have been brought up by other kind souls, who were indoctrinated into being ‘the have-nots” and that it’s wrong to think you “deserve”. That other people need stuff so much more than you do, and who on earth do you think you are wanting to “deserve” more than others? Interestingly all of this “lack” and “martyrdom” was pushed and indoctrinated on you by people who always were and still are mining, pillaging and dictating how “lesser beings” must live.

Yep – we all fell for it.

Hence why good, kind-hearted people believe the nonsense pushed down their throats, go without, bow to false idols, believe what they are told and suffer lack, battle, struggle, and hardship as “normal”. And offer help and assistance to structures and organisations without even investigating if their charity goes to the right places or is instead usurped unscrupulously. It’s all been a huge problem with giving away our inner guidance, critical thinking, and ability to investigate and ask questions.

The ONLY starting place of deservedness is this – you deserve the TRUTH. Without it, you will never be free to Thrive and contribute to humanity in abundant ways. To move into deservedness is to be free of “going along to get along”. If you are stuck in the social construct of following along blindly because you want to be “accepted” without trusting yourself and without asking questions – especially the question of “Is life meant to be one momentous battle every single day?” you can’t receive true soul deservedness.

You may be great at granting assistance to others, and have a great deal of resistance to asking for what you need from others and life, and be unable to receive the good stuff.

The indoctrination has been “be small, go without, and don’t dare ask”. Can you see how well that has gone? People are still starving and humanity has never been in worse shape. So-called “global philanthropic people” have super yachts, private jets, and everything that money could buy, countries are pillaged and genocided for their resources and land grabs, narratives are bought off and controlled and a huge percentage of the population is starving, and living without basic decent care.

The so-called well-known charity organisations trace back to the same people who control all of the media outlets, the world is taxed and dictated to in every way you could imagine by self-elected officials and our infrastructures and standard of living are going down the toilet. Open-source research of following the money makes it very simple to start getting answers. Naturally, wealthy philanthropic people exist, who are making a difference! Yet, I would suggest, exploring the truth before assuming that they are. You may also want to start asking, why is it when ground-roots people start forming to look out for communities, to assist at ground level, that they are ham-strung and thwarted?

It’s common to have beliefs that others deserve more than you or that it is caring and considerate to put yourself behind others. Today I want to help you let go of these beliefs so that you can crawl out from under the “boot” of false beliefs, release feelings of guilt, obligation, and other barriers to receiving the good stuff in life, and help others rise and generate and create healthy, honest, wholesome lives for themselves and humanity at large, co-creating in the true essence of Unity Consciousness.


The Truth About Deserving and Accepting The Best

As a child of Source/God/Creation, you are well-being and expansion itself. You are God Godding or Source Sourcing. Rather than it being “holy” to go without, it is blasphemy to not allow God/Source/Creation to express creation, plenty, and expansion through you.

It is simple to understand why going without does not bless you OR others. It also makes you very susceptible to being held back and down by narcissistic people and entities who want to mine and exploit your charity and heart for their entitled purposes. As you can imagine courage and boundaries are essential as well as deservedness, and thank goodness we will be covering those in next week’s Shifts Happen workshop!

First of all, the analogy of the plane losing compression is important. If you don’t put on your oxygen mask first, then you could do more harm than good to other people who you try to assist.

So many people go without and then try to help others, but don’t do this from a position of fullness, wholeness, well-being, and empowerment. They may be, either consciously or unconsciously, trying to help others to try to be taken care of by these people. Being a martyr does not grant favours from others – life just doesn’t work that way. It’s Quantum Law – so within, so without. If you help people from an inner place of emptiness, then how they “show up” for you, in your self-generated experience, will be a match for the sponsoring vibration you hold inside, thus granting you even more emptiness. Any “satisfaction” is temporary because your breakdowns are only propped up momentarily.

Additionally, if you are limited, stuck, going without, and trying to achieve whilst being in survival, you have few resources to grant others in meaningful and impactful ways. Yet, if you are full, blessed, flourished, and nourished, then you have the best of you and optimal energy and resources to serve life and others.

Raising other people’s frequency requires leading by example with Thriving to these people. They are much less likely to seek out advice, healing, or success motivation from someone who is battling to pay their bills, rather than someone who is on a healthier trajectory.

You certainly don’t need to have reached “pinnacles” to teach and lead, however, you can lead others into breaking free from old programmed paradigms, into expansion, empowerment, and transparency – teaching what you are actively growing into and learning yourself.



Beliefs of Lack that Generate Non-Deservedness

There are no limits and lack when aligned with God/Source/Creation. All things are possible because there is access to the entire field of plenty. Of course, we have been living in a programmed delusion in the 3D reality of famine, war, poverty, disease, and lack – but as planet Earth and humanity ascend to 5D reality, these shackles will be broken and heal and true Thriving will begin.

There are more than enough resources, co-generation, solutions, and Thriving for everyone

It’s not true that there are limited resources, that your gain will be someone else’s loss, and that there is not enough for everyone. You see how nature reproduces constantly “more” of itself. How many seeds does one plant create?

Life force, well-being, and creation are the same, and you are a seed of creation, a spark of creation. Your deservedness, fulfilment, and thriving are not just for you, it is to enrich others and then they will also pass this on to others and so forth.  You are here to ignite yourself into fullness, achievements, and being nourished and flourished and spread that energy of plenty and Thriving with others – living the expansion of love, health, prosperity, and soul missions to enrich yourself, future generations, and humanity.

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If You Are Not a Good Receiver Source Can’t Flourish and Nourish You

If you are not okay with your deservedness, how can Source bless you with the good stuff? Nature, ecology, and lifeforce work as a system of giving and receiving.

When you are just giving out energy and are not comfortable asking for what you need, connecting to support, or being open to receiving, then you’re not the filled vessel that Source intended you to be.

I know a lot of us have had big issues with “receiving”. Such as people won’t love me if I need anything. It’s my service to them that allows me to survive, not the other way around. I don’t want to appear needy and vulnerable as a result of needing anything. What if I ask for something and I’m denied and then can’t live with the disappointment of rejection? I’m going to feel hurt just as I was as a child when my needs went unmet.

These are just some of the painful and limiting beliefs that stop us from connecting to and deserving and generating the good stuff. Because one thing is for certain – we need more than just ourselves. By yourself, as a singular identity, there is very little, in comparison to your True Potential, that you can create.

TEAM = Together We Achieve More. A healthy team takes cooperation, transparency, care, kindness, good boundaries, healthy clear communication, and receiving as well as giving. It also takes vulnerability without fear and defences.

As we can see there is work to be done on “Deservedness!”


Fear Of Being a Target If You Accept The Good Stuff

It’s common to have fears of getting the good stuff. You may wonder, “Will I be a target and people try to take things away from me?”, “Will those I have been connected to resent me?” This is something to consider as well as other limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to receive abundance.

You may also be scared of being held indebted to others who wish to grant you assistance, support, and opportunities. Especially if you have been struggling with boundary function – which we will be diving into deeply next week – you may not know how to stop people from taking advantage of you because you may feel indebted to them.

Possibly you just find it easier to “do it all yourself” so that you don’t feel like you owe anyone anything. Or, it can be disbelief in other people’s abilities, and “If I want a job done right I have to do it myself”.

All of these things limit you from being able to receive your Good.

This also gets down to not understanding or aligning with Unity Consciousness, which has been withheld from you. In the Quantum Field, The All Is Connected. You are your experience of everything and everyone in your experience. When just being “the small you”, the personality cut off from The Field, you don’t realise the enormity of potential that you are – or your ability to generate so much more than just you on your own, as the separated personality.

True healthy deservedness accesses and incorporates information, assistance, ideas, contributions, and energies from the Big You – the Infinite Consciousness that is connected to your Higher Self. This is The Oneness, the YOU that is connected to Unity Consciousness with other people, situations, and things in the expansion and flourishing of you.

Let’s now look at a mantra that expresses your deservedness …

“As an expression of Source’s plenty, abundance and Thriving through me as me, I open up to receive all of Source’s gifts and support from the Field, to fill myself up and then spread more of this throughout The All.”

Now, let’s do our powerful Group Quanta Freedom healing Shifts to anchor in your True Deservedness. After this, I will also grant you more Speedy Shift shortcut hacks to move into embodied Soul Deservedness.

—————-*End of Transmission*—————–

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