Shifts Happen – Workshop 8 – Becoming a Boundary Beast

Today, I’m excited to share with you some truths about boundaries, including how important they are.

So many of you have been reporting fallout and breakdowns – with people and situations in your life that are flaring up.

Please know this is universal right now!

We are being called to face things.

WHAT and WHO in our lives are no longer a match for who we are?

What behaviours will you NO longer tolerate?

WHICH situation in your life, are you being called to speak up and STAND up on?

We have all learned that we don’t leave our doors unlocked, keys in our cars, or bank accounts without passwords. But were we ever taught about the most precious resource in our life – ourselves? How to keep the bad out, and let the good in – emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially?

No, we weren’t.

Are you ready to pick a lane – the “right action” lane?

The one that is NEVER easy, yet ironically IS the huge turning point, changing your life from violated to FREE and finally healthy.

That’s exactly what becoming a Boundary Beast is about. Knowing what is yours, what is someone else’s – how to stop trying to work out other people, and instead align powerfully with the truth for yourself.

This changes everything … and is what today’s Shifts Happen Workshop is all about!

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Video Transcript

I hope today can help you so much if you have struggled with boundary setting.

Sadly, the majority of humanity has battled with laying boundaries. Either underdoing them or when finally pushed to the limit, trying to set them in ineffective ways.

We have not been taught healthy boundaries, and have been programmed out of them. Rather, we are training to acquiesce, hand our power away, go along, keep the peace, and ignore our Inner Being screaming out “Wrong Town” to us.

In this stage of your ascension journey after dissolving your Inner Critic, knowing your Value, and stepping into your True Deservedness, you are now emotionally and vibrationally expanding – becoming a match in your subconscious inner programs (where your real life is emanating from) with the flourishing and nourishing you want. The organic “good” that is yours by Divine Right can start to flow into your life.

But … maybe there IS still a block in your way, that is hampering this flow, OR when it does come in, there could be other complications.

So, how do you protect the GOOD stuff?

How do you stop throwing your pearls in front of a swine? How can your health, joy, and success not be drained and sucked out by people who are entitled, exploitative, or have no intention to start generating healthy results for themselves?

Maybe these people’s entitlement is because of envious resentment towards you, which allows them to justify their behavior.

(Many of these people, in this Age of The Great Awakening, have been and are being exposed!)

How do YOU wake up and stop just “seeing the good” in everyone and accept that ALL people exist – including bad people who manipulate and mine others? Individuals whose personal agendas, despite the cover story, do NOT have your best interests at heart?

Truly if we haven’t learned this after narcissistic abuse, I don’t know what we need to see!

I want you to know, that accepting there ARE bad people in the world, will NOT take away your goodness – it will help you develop and safeguard it and have an abundance of it to give. Wanting to live in some imaginary world of “only good should exist” is what makes you lose your beautiful Light!

It is possible to be a good person, have a good heart, and trust ourselves – and then others appropriately – when we learn and accept the hard truths.

No one, as an adult, is responsible for your choices and boundaries but YOU!

Let’s keep exploring the true reasons why healthy boundaries are necessary.


You Cannot Expand and Hold Onto Your Abundant Healthy Life Without Boundaries

It’s time to wake up Dear Thrivers!

I can’t tell you how many times I have, even recently, been guilty of choosing to see the good in others, and felt guilty for taking a stand. I know most of you take on far too much responsibility, even the blame. You like to think of others and make allowances – but really, we have to FACE reality.

It’s so important to listen to your inner voice. It’s vital to seek truth and proof if you are getting mixed messages, double-speak, or given false promises that don’t eventuate.

One of my issues has been “I’m too busy, I don’t want to be bothered with that detail,” and then it has bitten me on the backside. I’m learning, finally, and leaning inward to stop the gaps that have been occurring in my life.

That is growth. It’s self-responsibility. It’s not caving into this ridiculous notion, as a bypass to growing into boundaries, by playing victim, blaming people, and declaring that people are awful and should know better.

What you accept is what you will get.

I want you to breathe, open up, and soak this in “What if people were AIDs in our life, Angels-In-Disgusie, hurting us and bringing the necessary pain, so that we could finally turn within, shore up, heal up, and get better so that we could do better – with self-value, courage and directness?

Wouldn’t that help all of us so much anyway? To be real, open and honest. To stop playing games? To stop expecting people to be mind-readers? Wouldn’t it be much healthier to stop being mad at people for not granting us the stand we didn’t take for ourselves – especially when they never had the desire or the capacity to grant us what we wanted anyway?

Then wouldn’t life work better, regarding connecting healthily with others when we know we trust ourselves, we have “got” boundaries, and we are not handing away our power and life and soul to them? Because we can love and care for ourselves regardless of outcomes?

All of us in the last few years, and it will intensify now in 2024, are going to be challenged with having to Step UP and SET boundaries.

The greater the Light and expansion grow, within you and also in our collective, the harder the Darkness will try to cling and attack. But the Light – God/Source/Creation wins especially if enough of us keep anchoring into the Light.

The Light is not some fluffy New Age concept of “Namaste, Love, and Light” – “Let’s just love everyone and hope they treat us the way we treat them.”

No – that is a complete hoax and inversion of Quantum Law – so within, so without – people don’t treat you how you treat them, they treat you by how well you value yourself and how clear you are in authentic communication regarding where the limits and boundaries are … as well as how authentically you care for them.

Naturally, this means being transparent and vulnerable. It means having awkward and difficult conversations. It means risking losing people or even having them turn against you.

But let’s be really honest about this – didn’t we have people in our lives who abused us, lied to us, and took from us, as we tried to do the nice thing without putting our foot down, and the destruction was far worse than anything you could imagine?

You are risking nothing by laying boundaries. NOT laying boundaries is one of the most dangerous paths to take, and the consequences are far worse when not flushing someone out of your life in a timely manner.

Or, when allowing a long-term person in your life to continue sucking your life force, health, and resources continually to your demise. How sick and destroyed do you need to get to finally say “Enough”?



The Blocks To Laying Boundaries

Many good-hearted people, with integrity, cannot begin to imagine the capacity some people have for wrongdoing.

This is a big issue. Many Starseed souls have sensitive natures and are already in Unity Consciousness “If I did that to me, I would be doing that to myself – unthinkable!” and struggle to accept the heartbreak that this 3D planet is steeped in the Separation Consciousness of “Me versus You” where “trying to get the upper hand” and “fighting for my share, at your expense” and “I don’t see you as ‘me’ rather an ‘outer object’” has allowed fear based exploitative consciousness to take place.

You have no power over darkness unless you can accept it, face it, then deal with it. Pretending it doesn’t exist is childish and allows it to be in the shadows in your life, messing with you.

You need to accept this – right now. Because then your real life can begin!

Additionally, many people have the fears of CRAP – fearing being Criticised, Rejected, Abandoned or Punished for stating their truth and values and standing up for them.

This comes from childhood and past life trauma – often specifically the terror of persecution – which most people who have suffered narcissistic abuse have struggled with greatly.

This was huge for me, as I know it probably was for you, “What will happen to me if people believe the smearing?” It feels like annihilation like you are going to die!

I promise you with all of my heart, until working with Quanta Freedom Healing on this terror, I didn’t go free. Nothing I tried to do cognitively helped me with this.  Now, because I have shifted this out from inside of me, I don’t care what people say about me – at all. I don’t even need to defend it.

And of course, the other barrier so many have is “I feel so guilty and bad for saying this”, “What if I’m expecting too much, or I got this wrong?” You feel ashamed for bringing things up! Maybe you feel like you are obligated to absorb someone else’s bad behavior or exploitation and you feel guilty for stopping this happening. Many people go through this with children, family members, and of course elderly parents, and even narcissistic partners.


Doing Boundaries Means Discomfort

Let’s get this straight, your 5D ascension is not about your life becoming “perfectly” smooth and easy. No way! It’s about navigating the challenges in your life, turning every breakdown into a breakthrough. This means every hard time grants the opportunity for an UP-shift beyond that repeat pattern in your life that was limiting you. That means access to new and Higher trajectories of power, possibility, and success. As we are shifting from 3D Earth to our New 5th-density Earth, the breakdowns are everywhere. As are the breakthrough opportunities in equal measure.

Boundaries require confrontation, courage, and acceptance there will be people in your life who won’t stay connected to you anymore because of your boundaries. They will leave and try to latch onto a softer target. Or, they are entrenched in 3D living and can’t handle the new, empowered, expanding you!

Yet, please know THIS – good people, with wholesome intentions and healthy self-responsibility, and especially those growing themselves, will have no problem with your honest boundaries, as long as you do the inner work to stop feeling squirmy and tormented about “Am I wrong in saying this?”.

By becoming a Boundary Beast, you will drive away the people who are not healthy for you, and open the doors to people who are.

That is what a healthy boundary is – it lets the good in and keeps the bad out.


Boundaries Are About YOU Not the Other Person

I want to help you understand some key things…

  • You listening to your Inner Gut and showing up, asking for clarity, or saying your value and truth is where your power lies. It is NOT from observing someone and trying to work them out.
  • No one needs to “get” your boundary, ONLY you do. They don’t need to agree with it and come on board. It’s about you being willing to lose it all to get it all “If you can’t respect my boundary, and what I need from you to be healthy with you, then we are NOT a match. I will detach and let go.”

Let’s be very clear – master manipulators come into your life pretending to be everything you could want. You have to take your time to get to know people and see what their values and truths are before conjoining with them in crucial ways.

Think of the Trojan Horse. Pretending to be bearing gifts, was allowed through the gates and then in the dead of night, came out to destroy. If those gates had not been flung open, it would not have happened.

Connect with people emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually, and financially over time, in healthy, mature ways. Not immediately.

Retain your values, boundaries, and truths.

If you don’t stand for your inner truths you will fall for anything.

This is not about being guarded, suspicious, and paranoid. It’s about healing enough so that you can flow with right action, feel whole regardless of whether someone is right or wrong for you, and choose and conduct yourself accordingly.

You have already worked on neediness and emptiness in previous Shifts Happen episodes. Especially in Season 1 – our initial Shifts Happen 4 sessions, you came home to Source – feeling full and whole. You are developing your Inner Being beautifully, to be a Source to yourself, that should not be the issue now – but what may be is your inability to show up question things that feel off, ask the hard questions, say “No” or risk offending someone.

It takes development. It’s not going to happen overnight. It takes inner healing, especially for people who have suffered abuse because their boundaries have been disregarded and even desecrated. You may have been brought up in an environment where you were never allowed to have any.

The best way to grow into boundaries is to do powerful shifts on the inside to relieve and replace the trauma of the impact of having your boundaries violated and the fear of it happening again. Then you return to “right action” within yourself.

Then the confusion, guilt, and fear of setting boundaries dissolve away. You can have a much better connection to your inner GPS (God Protection System), clarity, and the courage for “what to say”, without feeling emotionally derailed or fearing consequences (which absolutely creates them).

You also will no longer have the attachment of the person having to grant you anything at all – because you have just provided safety, truth, and health for yourself.

This grants you the freedom to enjoy healthy people, and easily detach from those who aren’t.

For many of us, this switch simply wasn’t possible when clogged up with the previous trauma of what has already happened to us.

This is exactly the shifts the Quanta Freedom Healing shifts, that we are going to do now …

—————-*End of Transmission*—————–

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Much Love

Mel xox