Where Do Obsessive Thoughts REALLY Come From?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts you simply can’t seem to let go of? You’ve tried therapy, numbing out, and more – but the thoughts just won’t go away. If this is the case, I’m here to help. Over the course of this 5-Day Challenge, I will share with you the step-by-step recipe to end obsessive thoughts – forever.

Today, I’ll walk you through the first step: Identifying WHAT and WHY you are obsessing about. First, let’s get started with a few deep breaths and some positive affirmations. Say out loud: “I give myself full permission to be honest with myself. If I am real, then I can heal. My truth sets me free.” Now, think of one topic of obsessing to work on – and be honest with yourself about what you are obsessing about.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “So within, so without.” This Quantum Law perfectly applies to your thoughts – because what’s inside of you is exactly what’s outside of you. What this means is that your inner identity beliefs are what’s co-generating the experience you’re having. To tackle these beliefs, we need to first get in contact with your feelings. Get ready for the deep inner healing you deserve. Trust yourself, and remember your vulnerable feelings lead you to healing within.



Facebook Live Transcript

Okay, so you want to stop obsessing about something that you simply can’t seem to let go of.

Maybe you have been doing a lot of Quanta Freedom Healing, and you feel like there must be something missing because you can’t go free from these thoughts yet.

Or perhaps you have been trying to get relief by trying to stop thinking about it and just get on with your life. Or perhaps you’ve tried a ton of therapy – trying to talk it out. Or your hoped time would heal whatever you are obsessing about – and you will eventually stop thinking about it.

Perhaps you have adopted ways to numb out – because the obsessive thoughts are so painful.

Over the course of this 5-Day Challenge, I’m going to share with you the sure-fire step-by-step recipe to end obsessive thoughts – forever. Today I’m going to explain each step for Day 1, which is about identifying the obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me!

Please make sure that you have your journal and pen ready.

We are going to start off with the questions soon, and in regard to your “obsessing”, please work with one topic of obsessing – so that you know how to address it. Then, you will be able to use this healing formula for ANY other topic you are obsessing about.


Identifying WHAT You Are Obsessing About

Exercise 1: Write this statement down now: “I give myself full permission to be honest with myself. If I am real, then I can heal. My truth sets me free.”

Read it to yourself a few times whilst you have your body relaxed and you are deeply breathing – this helps you absorb this statement as an “inner standing” and embodied feeling rather than just thought you are trying to get through your head.

Okay, now let’s start with the first question – write this down …

Question 1: What is it I am obsessing about?

Be really honest – just name it.

It could be that your ex moved on as if you were nothing.

It could be a person professing to love you who has betrayed you.

It could be the fear of finances.

Or … literally anything at all.

Write down as clearly as possible what you are obsessing about.

If it’s a whole heap of things that you can’t separate or define, then write down, “I’m overwhelmed”.


Identifying WHY You Are Obsessing About It

Now please know, incredible Quantum Energetic Being that you are, Soul of Energy-In-Motion – which means Creator through E-Motion – I promise that everything you are going through and experiencing IS about you because this is the only place your life experience is created from.  It is also the only place to transform you, inside of you (which is the REAL you), and then you and your entire lived experience can change.

This is where you will start discovering that your Inner Identity Beliefs, which are underneath these painful experiences in your life, are unconsciously co-generating them with life and others.

PLEASE know this is NOT blaming you – it’s just allowing you to know – incredibly powerful creator that you are – that you live in a physically manifesting Universe that adheres to Quantum Law – which means “So within, so without”.

What this means is that whatever your Inner Identity Programs are, for good or bad, is exactly to the letter the experience that you will continue to choose and who and what will choose you. This is what you roll around in, battle with and obsess about if it’s a False belief and painful.

Your FEELINGS are your Inner Identity programs!

You can’t heal “the thoughts about what happened to you”. That’s a symptom of the Inner Program. Your FEELINGS ABOUT “what you are obsessing about” lead you to where you can heal yourself – by finding and shifting the painful belief on the inside.

So, let’s get to the FEELING …

Exercise 2: Okay, now please write down “I bless and accept my true feelings. I am ready to meet and embrace a part of myself that needs my love, attention and healing.”

Now… before you GO for the feeling inside of you – let’s go through some examples … So, for example, with your ex moving on like you didn’t exist, the painful associated feeling could be  “I’m not worth loving” or “I’ll always Be Alone”.

Fear of finances could be “I’m not going to survive” or “I’ll lose everything”.

Or you could be obsessing about challenges and frustrations with others, and the painful feeling is, “I’m invisible, and I have no voice.”

Maybe you are obsessing about constantly struggling in life,  and the feelings are “I’m not enough to make my life work.” Or “I’m meant to suffer. I don’t deserve the good stuff.” Or “life is always hard.”

Now, how do you know the difference between the “obsessive thought” and “the feeling”? It’s simple: the “feeling” is inside your body – it arises when you get in contact with your inside experience. And that’s vital to do because if you don’t get in contact with your inner experience, you will only ever be trying to address “the symptom” and will never “heal the cause”.

Which is like trying to turn your radio up louder to drown out your car engine, making weird noises, instead of going mechanically inside to fix the true problem. If you do this naturally, your car breaks down, just like we do, if we don’t go inside.

So, let me take you through the exercise to feel your feelings in regard to your obsessive thoughts.

Exercise 3: Open your body and breathe, move a little, whatever feels nice to create space in your body. Now, with your eyes closed, with your attention inside of yourself, ignoring any outside thoughts, ask yourself, “What is the vulnerable part of me feeling about this topic.”

Be loving, kind, receptive, in your heart space, open and present – as you would as a loving parent showing up for a child you adore.

Question 2: What are my vulnerable feelings connected to the obsessive thought?

Write down and record what these are. Examples again – are feelings such as “I’m not worth loving” and “I have no value.” “I’m supposed to suffer.”

Let these feelings be authentic to you – what does your Inner Being say to you when you ask her/him, “What are your vulnerable feelings driving these obsessive thoughts?”

Trust yourself … whatever arises.

If you can’t get to the vulnerable feelings – then you may need to deal with your defences first – namely, your ego.



Ego Blocks Not Letting You Get TO The True Reason You Are Obsessing

Your ego is the internal narcissist – it feeds off drama and your pain body. It doesn’t want you to evolve and go free from pain and fear. It KEEPS you stuck in obsessive-lopped thoughts and feelings. The acronym for EGO is Edging God Out – it traps you in the traumatised small mind, keeping you separated from your True Power as a Source / Soul Creator.

As a healing ascending Being, your ego’s days are numbered, and that is a good thing – because with your ego at the helm, you would remain in the lopped thoughts that are in the bandwidth of your unhealed trauma (darkness). Of course, it is your destiny to go free into the Infinite Source / Self mind – which is health, well-being, solution, progress, purpose, joy and miracle (The Light).

Your ego tries to convince you that you need to hang on to dark and painful rumination to keep you safe – yet that is a totally inverted false premise that keeps you embedded in darkness with no way out.

Your Ego shows itself by not letting you get vulnerable with yourself. It gives you feelings of anger, blame and self-recrimination. Your ego keeps you focused outwards, blaming others or turning on yourself with anger, dismissal, degrading statements and shame. (Sounds narcissistic, yeah?)

Imagine the EGO guarding the hurt, vulnerable Inner Self (which is in there), refusing to let you get near, hold or heal this part of you. Yet … we are waking up from this trance! Then the ego ceases to have power over you – you CAN call it out and then shift it out.

What are classic EGO feelings, “They are to blame for my life” and “My pain is their fault”?

As “true” as this may be from the “human” perspective, it doesn’t allow us to get better, be better and do better. We will always remain a victim with internal unhealed trauma eating us alive. Zero healing or evolution is possible if this defence isn’t recognised and removed.

Also, classic self-abuse EGO statements are “You will never heal”, “You should be punished”, and even “You are bad and evil.” These statements are designed to CONVINCE you that this is WHO you are – but it’s a lie. You are a child of God / Source / Creation made in the image and likeness, no matter what you have done or gone through!

Exercise 4: Sooo … now I want you to again, open your body and breathe, move a little, whatever feels nice to create space in your body. And with your eyes closed, with your attention inside of yourself, ignoring any outside thoughts, ask yourself …

Question 3: What does my ego tell me about my obsessive thoughts?

Remember, these are outer-focused and/or self-punishing thoughts. Write these down in your journal, such as “It’s (that person’s) fault”, “I’ll never heal”, “This is (or I am) useless” etc.

Shifting Painful Feelings To Start Dissolving Core Obsessing Reasons

The fastest route to healing your feelings and, therefore, thoughts and therefore life is changing your INSIDE programs. Speedy Shifts have the potential to heal aeons of traumatic programs in minutes., granting you fast relief and breakthroughs.

So now, here are my recommended healing combinations.

  • Shift Ego Blocks First

You have to dissolve away the EGO, the “guard” who is not letting you hold and heal the core reason you are obsessing … then …

  • Release and heal the “vulnerable” feeling that is released once the ego defence is removed.


Okay, So How Do I Do This?

This depends on the following categories that you fall into.

  1. Intense Triggers and Obsession

If you are just starting with Speedy Shifts and your journey of narcissistic abuse recovery, and you have SO many things that are causing you obsession (this is usual) – then take the feeling of “overwhelmed” to NARP Module 1 Speedy, follow the instructions, and repeat until you can eat, sleep and function again.

Then go on to this next step if …

2.  You can Identify a Particular Obsessive Thought/ Feeling about anything at all. (This step applies to all Speedy Shifters.)


  • a) Target and shift any EGO FEELING with Module 1 Speedy NARP or The Source Healing and Resolution within the actual Speedy Shift Course. **IMPORTANT – Do NOT Stop healing and give in to your ego, no matter what!!! If it tries to block you, then keep restarting the healing, TARGETING the ego block. Rinse and repeat until you have cleared all of these blocks and egoic feelings, and the voice in your head is gone … then.


(Start with the most powerful painful feelings first and work down your life to the least painful. The BIGGEST ones are the ones trying to get your attention first and, therefore, are the RIGHT order to shift first. By healing the biggest, you will see many other painful thoughts/feelings diminish greatly and even melt away.

Keep working with these for the next few days, and take notes in your journal about …

  • what you shifted,
  • what scores have you got to,
  • how you feel …and
  • what shifts and changes in your life as a result.

(You may experience positive instant turns of events that seem like miracles!)

And … next week, we are going to take a deep dive into Day 2, investigating “where you have landed”, then identifying your trauma patterns that are in repeat (that keep you in over-thinking patterns) and how we start dissolving them out of your Inner Identity E-motional signature.

Hint … We are going to get to more creative/specific and Source-defined shifts!

But let’s just get our foundations right first!

To have this direct experience with me – in my Facebook Live – where you will also see questions answered, come join my Facebook Page here. The replay will be just as powerful for you.

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I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.