The Trauma Is In The Body … Not The Brain!

The Trauma Is In The Body … Not The Brain!


In today’s Thriver TV episode I deeply explain to you the truth about trauma.

Trauma is not logical, trauma is emotional.  The brain follows the body – always.

You cannot think your way out of your suffering or the devastation and intense challenges with a narcissist, therefore you can’t heal for real from narcissistic abuse by using your mind.

But there is good news – a way to not only release the trauma inside of you but also to access the shortest, most direct and powerful passage through to calm, aligned, powerful thoughts that will lead you out of abuse and into your new life.



Video Transcript

Today’s Thriver TV may help you understand trauma at a level that changes everything.

And not only changes your understanding of it but also makes an incredible difference regarding how you can heal from it.

These revolutionary understandings are what have made the difference between people merely managing abuse and trauma systems, or truly recovering from them.

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Trauma Doesn’t Reside In Our Brain

I really want you to understand that, yes, our brain is severely affected by trauma, however, that is not the seat of where our trauma is.

Trauma is not logical, trauma is emotional.

It is crucial for you to understand that when we think, talk and research, this cognitive part of our brain is not in contact with our limbic and emotional systems where our trauma is stored.

Let’s say these following statements together;

“I think devastated.”

“I think horrified.”

“I think powerless.”

All of these statements are coming from the cognitive frontal part of our brain, which is not in contact with our visceral experience inside our body.

It’s our internal experience that is driving our life, that is shaping it as the people we are, because it is responsible for what we believe about ourselves, life and others.

We think that how we feel is because of our thinking, yet the real truth is our thinking follows our feeling always.

When we go back to those three statements that we just said, our ‘thinking’ has nothing to do with these feelings. We know that these statements should be, ‘I feel devastated’, ‘I feel horrified’, ‘I feel powerless’.

Why? Because these states are feelings, they’re not ‘thinkings’.

The way we are thinking is because these feelings are happening as our inner experience.


The Brain Follows The Body Always

To understand the body brain connection, we need to realise how vitally our feelings control our consciousness, and therefore our thinking.

When we are experiencing the visceral emotional hijacking of trauma, what we discover is that our thinking is not calm, measured and capable of finding solutions to the feelings that we’re experiencing.

Rather, we are likely to be thrown into uncontrollable bouts of “stinking thinking”. What we discover is that our thinking is stuck in the matching experience of our inner feelings. And yet, we try so valiantly to change our feelings in our body by trying to force our brain into healthier ways of thinking.

But we just can’t consistently access and then continue to hold saner thinking. And maybe no matter how hard we try, we just keep defaulting back feeling hopeless, helpless and powerless. Then we think, ‘this is just our lot’ and we try fruitlessly to get ourselves out of what seems like a completely traumatising situation, with no end to it.

This is normal. And this is why it is so usual to wonder ‘what on earth is wrong with me? Why can’t I get it through my head that this person is no good for me, is destroying me, and that I need to get away and stay away?’ And we wonder when we actually do crawl away and stay away, why is it that our head keeps defaulting back to all of the thoughts of the trauma, of what happened, and what we could have done differently to not have lived through what we did.

It’s common to have not just lingering thoughts of regrets, heartbreak, remorse, powerlessness, grief and such; it’s also a huge battle just trying to regain and rebuild your life. The reason for this is because your brain is following your body.

When there is trauma stuck in your body, in your visceral experience, in your limbic emotional systems, this is hijacking the integrity of your Being. It affects your consciousness and the ability for you to open up and access relief, resolution, healing, evolution, solution, and expansion.

All these things have been shut down.

It is simply not available at the level of consciousness that your internal trauma is generating for your brain. You’ve been thrown into the back part of your brain, the amygdala, which is purely focused on survival. This is not a place where a connection to The Field (which is all of life) in solution based, supportive, powerful and even miraculous ways, is available.

When we are not Thriving as a result of not understanding the body brain connection, it means that we are trapped in our primitive brain suffering intense traumatic feelings and thoughts that set up a horrifying peptide addiction.

Until we understand how and why we need to make the shift to put the body in front of the brain, it truly is a prison with no escape.


The Shift Into Our Body

The complete irony is that the one place we need to go to the most, is the place that we’ve all been programmed to stay out of.

Self-partnering is the only true way home to come back into our own bodies with love and devotion to do the inner healing work to find, load up, release and reprogram our trauma, so that we live free of it.

When we do this, we discover that those feelings of being devastated, horrified and powerless no longer exist. When we check into our body, instead there is a feeling of calm, warmth and even hope and power. Stunningly we discover that we can experience these feelings without even having to have any physical evidence in the world outside us to provide us with these feelings.

This is when we have started to take our power back.

We realise that we literally are Grand Creators who through our visceral emotional experience Be-come the generation of the life that we wish to live. And we may not know it at first, but when we start becoming an emotional experience inside our being, we discover organically that inspiration, hope, power, solutions, and things and people outside of us start reflecting back ‘more of the same’.

It’s then that we realise how much power we have in the creation of our life process. We also awaken to realise that when we were battling a traumatised visceral experience, trying to get things and people outside of ourselves to change or soothe us in order to try to produce better feelings, that it didn’t durably work.

It’s so ironic that the training that we had to self-avoid and self-abandon, such as don’t think about that, distract yourself, get someone to love you to try to take the pain away, eat that food, smoke that cigarette, drink that alcohol, take that pill, jump on social media, watch TV, all meant that our inner trauma remained screaming, was ignored and just got bigger and bigger.

Yet, when we went inside with love and devotion and used an effective quantum tool to reach, release and reprogram our trauma, we discovered the love that we’ve been looking for all along – the devotion, commitment and consistency to continually free ourselves of trauma and remember the incredible Quantum Creators that we really are.

This is only possible when we self-partner ourselves from within.


The Relief Of Self-Partnering

You may have seen that Emma Watson has been talking recently about her experience in being happily self-partnered. There are people who have criticised this, saying that it’s an excuse to try to feel better whilst being single and that people can’t be complete if single or that they’re single because they may not be able to connect to other people in healthy ways.

Nothing could be further from the truth than these assumptions. The greatest benefit of being self-partnered is that finally, you understand the body brain connection, and you are doing the work of meeting and being with yourself in a deep intimate way so that you can heal, release and self-soothe whatever your traumatic inner experiences have been.

And what you will discover is when you do that, your brain will automatically follow your body.

You will become wise, powerful, centered, solid, calm and able to access solutions, possibilities, expansion and even miracles.

That is what self-partnering in a quantum way produces when you are prepared to meet the trauma in your body, be with it with love and unconditionally and then release it. It’s not just the ultimate act of self-partnering, it’s the true way to generate your personal evolution.

Which is the true reason we are here to wake up to.

Does this make sense to you?

Can you understand now how problematic and even impossible it is to try to think our way out of trauma?

If so, I want you to write below, “I’ve woken up!”

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