Stop Falling for Covert Narcissists

00:00 Stop Falling for Covert Narcissists
00:46 Understanding What Covert Narcissism Is
02:57 Why Covert Narcissism is Such a Powerful Trap
03:44 Escape the Trap: Emotionality is NOT Emotion!

Covert narcissists create something of a trap for those of us who tend to live life as empathic caretakers. Whether you struggle with echoism or just find yourself falling for partner who seem more harmful over time, you can break free–and the first step is being mindful of when and how your care-taking impulse kicks in. Once you start to see that the apparent vulnerability of covert narcissism isn’t in fact vulnerable at all, you can become a lot clearly about what goes wrong and why–and steer clear of relationships that keep you stuck. Here I discuss what covert narcissism, why it pulls you in, and how to see through the pattern to achieve greater clarity.

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