Mother’s Day Dread: Special Occasions Can Suck When You Are Divorced

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Let me preface this article with a caveat: what I am writing here applies not only to mothers on Mother’s day, it is applicable to father’s on Father’s day and to both parents for all significant events, holidays, birthdays, etc.

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly. Mothers’ Day hasn’t ever been my favorite day. This isn’t a specific result of my divorce however the divorce made my feelings toward the day more intense. My relationship with my mother is strained so I don’t really enjoy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Dread

Special occasions are one of the many times we should put our children and the example we set for them above all other emotions. I won’t lie, sometimes this is difficult however rising above my selfishness is an example I want to set for my children. One of the things I have done throughout my marriage, separation, and divorce is making sure my children had money to spend on their dad, his parents, and their cousins for special occasions if the kids wanted to do so.

Even when their dad is manic and on the warpath I want my children to learn the right way to treat people. I want them to recognize sometimes we have to respect the position people hold in our lives even if it is difficult to respect them as an individual.

My ex is their dad, he always will be.

So I teach our children to get him Father’s day cards and gifts on special occasions. We celebrate all the special occasions in his life. No gifts or cards are from me, they are all from our children but I want to allow them to express their love and respect to him.   Some years we can afford more than other times; sometimes they give homemade cards and candy because money is tight. They always give him something.

My ex does not reciprocate the feelings I have about respect. This means my special occasions, if our kids want to get something for me, or do something special for me I have to foot the bill. Kind of takes the fun out of it doesn’t it?  So, instead of my children bought me something I normally give them a list of things they can do for me that I would appreciate. Things on the list range from extra chores around the house to encouraging notes, artwork, homemade cards, simple things they are able to do without my knowledge.

You know what?

My kids are awesome!!! Valentine’s day I came home to a dark house, a path lit with candles, romantic music playing, I followed the path through my home (it was lined with cute paper hearts they had cut out), to my bedroom where my youngest son was sitting surrounded by tea light candles (with a rose in his hand), he spread his arms and said: “mom, I will be your valentine”. I cried! My kids are amazing. He was my Valentine’s date. We went to the movies and, had McDonald’s and that was the best Valentine’s day I have had in my life.

The point is a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Help your children express their love for your ex. My divorce is a high conflict divorce, things between us are not amicable but that doesn’t change how I want my children to treat their dad. Always make sure your children have the freedom and means to express their love and appreciation to your ex no matter how difficult the relationship between the adults may be.

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rent a husband: handsome man smiling doing handy work

I Need a Rent A Husband, Today And Every Day!

rent a husband: handsome man smiling doing handy work


I have often felt during the past 20 years of being divorced, how much I missed that built-in Handy Man I had in a husband! He could build anything, make anything, cook anything, grow anything.

He was just deeply talented.

Of course, it was wonderful to feel like you were part of a unit too. It felt wonderful to have a family. I felt like a whole table rather than a 3-legged wobbly table.

Those are the overarching faint memories.

I have been divorced for so many years, I barely remember the actual feelings of homegrown support any longer. Since my divorce, I have purchased two homes and all the furniture within.

I have purchased 3 cars; I have finished a remodel of the house we lived in when we were married.

I have dealt with leaky roofs, serious plumbing issues, and electrical challenges.

I have worked harder in my life than I could ever have imagined. Raising a family and caring for the household is a lot.

On my tax returns, I am labeled as head of household. There have been no truer words written.

I Need a Rent A Husband, Today And Every day!

On the day of my Father’s funeral, I came home at 9:00 pm with my 4-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son only to walk to the dining room and see standing water. The water that had been meandering from the front bathroom due to a toilet that had been overrunning all day in our absence.

I had just had the worst day of my life.

The only man left in my life who supported and loved me unconditionally was gone.

By virtue of just the sheer emotional sadness I felt, it was the final straw. I called my brother in law and he came over with his wet vacuum and we proceeded to clean it up.

I quickly put the kids to bed and continued to clean up.

By midnight I threw myself into bed and sobbed. I had never felt so alone in my life. I was brought into this world with a twin sister so being solo was not natural to me.

I have indeed been the provider for many projects that go along with owning a house. I entered this endeavor at the time of my first home purchase with a good amount of naivety. Forgetting that I had always had a handy husband who was brilliant at fixing and solving things.

My first home was purchased n March 2001. It is now May 2020 and I have fixed a lot of things at that time. I have hired a lot of technicians in their fields to work on my homes.

As I look back, I can’t help but think how great it would have been if I could have just rented a husband; instead of always being in the position of borrowing my brothers-in-law or friends’ husbands to help me out.

Of course, I would love a guy who could help me diagnose and fix all the ailments that go along with homeownership. But there is so much more beyond that.

One of my biggest dreads each year was buying the Christmas tree.

I always had a car that was too small to fit the tree in. Many a Christmas’ my little boy and I would be pulling the tree off the roof of the car which had been carefully tethered by an oh so skilled Christmas tree lot worker.

We always wanted a big tree so that meant it was twice the size of the child who was helping me drag it in and set it up. Wouldn’t it have been great to call Rent A Husband and Wala…he is there! Ready with a smile to help with a compassionate and cheerful attitude. Never annoyed and just always felt the family holiday cheer!

Sigh… it would have been so wonderful. And then there was the Christmas present buying for the kids. One year, I waited so long to get the gifts because I needed the paycheck that could cover it. My kids were with their Dad for the weekend so I came home on a Friday night after a long week and proceeded to get out of my work clothes and ready to dawn the charge to Toys R Us who would be open until midnight.

I had my car filled with toys. I got home and then had to wrap them all. I was Christmas for my kids, and I was never going to let them down! Ever.

How great would it have been if My Rent A Husband would be there to help me shop and then tell me he would wrap the gifts. He would eagerly say, “Go ahead and take a hot shower and get comfy after your long week of work. I got it from here.” Happier words could not have been received to my ears.

A Rent A Husband would come in handy on so many levels.

I think back on all the time spent making dinners, making school lunches, doing homework, giving baths to my kids, all after working a full day, a full week, a full month year after year.

My ideal Rent A Husband would step in and allow me to take a slow hot stress relieving bath while he helped the children with homework and get them ready for bed.

My ideal Rent A husband would let me go to bed early as he sits down and pays the bills.

My ideal Rent A Husband would step in and take some of the load off my shoulders so that I may just sit and breathe the kind of long sighing breaths that naturally allow your shoulders to fall to a relaxed state of being. A place they rarely sit in.

As the children grew and college was on their horizon, I spent many a long night going through college portals to ascertain what the acceptance rates were, what their school specialties were, and ultimately what the tuitions would look like all before we sat down and filled out the complicated applications.

With my ideal Rent A Husband by my side he would say, “You have done that leg, now let me help. I will figure out the college tuition and better yet, the FAFSA portal in case we need student loans.” Which of course we did.

Now I know you are probably saying, “Karen what are you talking about? Why don’t you just hire a handyman or a babysitter or a tutor or a personal assistant or something? Or better yet, get a boyfriend?!”

I had never really felt the desire during that time. But I may have gotten it all wrong. I was mired in so much all the time.

I had a babysitter until the day I could no longer afford one.

I had a handyman in my Uncle before he became too old to do the heavy lifting.

I had an advisor in my Father before he succumbed to cancer.

I had a boyfriend until I realized he wasn’t the real deal and he really didn’t care about me, the person… only me the person who was there for him only.

And I did indeed have a husband at one time who I thought was all the above.

What I really needed was just a good friend who didn’t want anything from me and who was willing to do anything for me.

I know it sounds very one-sided, but really that’s all I wanted back then. So here I am now twenty years divorced. Maybe my ideal Rent A Husband could indeed be my best friend now.

My person who I can lean on for help. Or, maybe one day my next real second husband.

Who knows?

But for now, I would settle for that Rent A Husband every day of the week and twice on Sunday if it gives me just one hour, one day, one moment in time that I feel less stressed and more centered. I would take it!  I’m ready to book my next husband! How about you?

Yellow Pages Phone Book Advertisement:

Rent A Husband

“In my book, you are my Prince. In my movie, you are my Hero. In my body, you are my Heart. And in my life, you are my Everything.”

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7 Ways to Honor Single Moms on Mother’s Day

7 Ways to Honor Single Moms on Mother’s Day

Single moms, your courage, bravery, and strength is beautiful. Truly, you amaze me. May others see your brilliance this Sunday and honor you in every way. Happy Mother’s Day.

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happy he left

6 Reasons You’ll One Day Be Happy He Left

happy he left

When he left, I thought I’d die, now that he is gone, I’m almost giddy!


When I think back on my husband leaving and the repercussions, I fervently wish that someone would have told me I’d one day be happy he left. At the time, though, I didn’t think I would survive emotionally. I was certain my life was over.

I was wrong!

It took time and a belief in myself before getting to a place I could be thankful for the new life I gained due to him leaving our marriage. I got there, eventually, and so will you.

Below are 6 reasons I’m happy he left.

1. I had no idea how strong I was.

I would have never known my own emotional strength and stamina if my marriage had lasted. I had a career, was financially independent but, I was quite emotionally dependent on him and my role as his wife. I defined my worth by my relationship with him.

Once he was gone and I was left to do life on my own as ME, I discovered that being autonomous wasn’t bad at all. Once I moved past the licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself stage and began to take control over My own life. Although I had to build up enough courage in myself to step forward and find a new path for myself I honestly have to say, my life is 100% better without him.

2. I now know how awesome I am.

That isn’t something he wanted me to know. I think he knew it and was threatened by it. He knew my strengths better than I did. And he was threatened by what he knew me to be capable of. In fact, I think it terrified him and that is the reason he constantly demeaned and belittled my accomplishments.

His negative voice is no longer in my head. It’s been replaced by the voice of a woman who knows her own power and has total faith to go forward and kick some ass if need be.

You’re still in pain, still hoping he will come back and still trying to understand why he left. That is a path you are going to have to traverse, it’s called healing.

3. I’ve been able to expand my horizons.

When we were married, our future was all about his career, his idea of what was right and wrong for us as a couple. I deferred to his desires and opinions and I no longer have to do that. I sold my home and purchased one that better fit my style. I decorated it to my taste. I got rid of our family van and purchased a Volvo. I took a new path with my career.

You know what else I did? I kissed a lot of boys! I explored MY sexuality and learned that there are men who enjoy women who call the shots in bed. I gained so much insight into myself, my likes and dislikes in all areas of life. I seriously became myself for the first time in 15-years.

4. I redefined love.

I determined that if I felt unhappy or lonely in a relationship, it was my right to have more. I left relationships where I felt genuine love for my partner because I knew it wasn’t receiving kind of love I wanted and deserved. I make the conscious decision to not be in a relationship because I thought I was “less than” if I weren’t. I’m happily remarried and, this time, I got exactly what I wanted out of love…a healthy relationship.

5. He and our marriage brought out the worst in me.

Have you ever had that, “I am not this girl” moment, and realized that you woke up one day to be paranoid, unhappy, and “walking on eggshells”?  I did, and it was literally like an outer body experience for me since I was always happy and positive before our marriage. Someone who loves you should bring you UP, UP, UP; stronger, better, and confident in your relationship with him.

It took him leaving for my sense of confidence to return. For me to feel happy and stronger and realize my own worth. I became a better person after accepting that he was not coming back and working through the pain caused by his leaving.

6. He took the drama with him when he left.

There was always chaos and drama in our marriage. There was always something he was unhappy about or some plan that had gone awry. He was like a petulant child who stomped his feet when he thought things were going according to his plans. And, I worked overtime to make sure his plans and needs worked out.

When he left he took that need to have control over every aspect of life with him. I, for the first time in years, was able to relax and go with the flow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a planner too but, if things don’t go according to plan I don’t go apeshit crazy the way he did. It’s so nice to recognize that as abnormal behavior and RELAX.

I know some who are reading this will shake their head in agreement. They’ve been on their own long enough to learn the same things about themselves and life that I have.

Then there are those of you who are just starting out this journey. You’re still in pain, still hoping he will come back and still trying to understand why he left. That is a path you are going to have to traverse, it’s called healing. And, you will heal and once you do, you’ll have your own reasons why you are better off without him.

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Valentine’s Day: Wise Words From The Wisest On Love

valentine's day


While romantic love is certainly a special kind of love, it is not the only kind to celebrate on Valentine’s Day!

Some of the world’s greatest philosophers wrote and talked about the many kinds of love and their meanings.

By studying their works, I have learned over the many years as a divorce attorney, a wife, a step-mother, a friend, a daughter, a sister (and as the caregiver of a rescue dog, Rodney), there are many facets (gems) to the beauty of love.

I remind my clients who are going through the angst of a divorce to be open on Valentine’s Day (and all other days of the year) to consider how they, too, can live the truths of the philosophical love reminders we all have access to—I ask them to operate on a higher plane.

Doing so serves to distract them from the loss of romantic love, a commodity, when absent, can only be amplified on February 14. As 13th century poet, scholar, and theologian Mevlana JaJaluddin Rumi (better known as just Rumi) said,

“Your job is not to seek for love, but to remove the blocks to love’s awareness which is inherently yours already.”

Ascribing to that philosophy of love, I have put together a few words by others well known for their perspectives on love, and how you can utilize them throughout the day on Valentine’s Day, and long after.

Here is a list of my favorite “jewels.” Perhaps, you have a list of your own!

Wise Words From The Wisest On Love

Charles Dickens:

One of the world’s best storytellers said when talking about gratitude: Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”  Yes, itemize your list every morning. Doing so will direct your attention away from the trite, the petty and the painful. Don’t focus on any irritant. That mental activity will only bring you negative energy.

Negatives can expand and fester when you are consumed with thoughts of things or people that irritate you. Instead, focus on what you appreciate in “things” and  “person(s)” and all other things for which you are grateful. This allows you to become more in touch with the love that is already there. If you feel the need to criticize someone or some one thing, stop and do a short two-to-five-minute meditation to clear your mind. It will then realign with a higher consciousness in the universe.

Mark Twain:

A great storyteller and humorist was big on forgiveness. He once said: “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the hill that crushed it.” This is one of my favorite sayings. There is a sharp bite to that and deadpan humor to the saying, though it rings true. If you’re tracking people who may have caused you hurt, remember most people ultimately find a way to redeem themselves.

(Even President Nixon said, “Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.” Unfortunately, he had to learn this lesson the hard way. But what better person to teach us this lesson). Forgive your ex on Valentine’s Day. You will find it very liberating.


A Greek playwright (458 BC) talks a good deal about grace throughout his works. He said, “Wisdom comes through suffering.” Anyone who has been through the deep hurt of a divorce or separation knows what he was talking about.  I believe that it is through suffering that the heart expands to the fullest. That is when we feel a deeper love is within us.

Again, concentrating on all Aeschylus expressed, brings us to a broader and higher love. I believe grace exists on the other side of pain—it is the sister of love. When going through a break-up, and when you take the time needed to wallow in the pain, that is not always a bad thing. Going through such a process head-on, rather than hiding from it (through alcohol, drugs and other excesses) allows a person to grow.

Through growth comes wisdom. I believe with grace we can have more compassion for our fellow man and ourselves. Focusing on grace can serve as a cushion when landing hard on the divorce floor.

Lucille Ball:

Groundbreaking actress/comedienne during the advent of television. Lucy believed that self-love was the key to life. “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line,” she was quoted as saying. Love yourself through good times and bad and love will be ever constant. If you are looking for someone to fill the void…complete you…then you will be forever restless and unfulfilled. Yes, you long for romance on Valentine’s Day, but what about self-love that day?

If you’re thinking about love with a partner, though, think about letting go of any type of control and supporting that person on good days and bad ones. Don’t “need” that person. Love that person while also loving yourself. If more of us would think: self-love we would have a more realistic perspective about what romantic love means as compared to self-love. Perhaps more marriages might be saved.

George Harrison:

Beatle’s singer/songwriter and philosopher (messages about love permeated his lyrics)  sang “ It is when we see beyond ourselves that peace of mind will be waiting there.” Ergo: Service to others. Those going through divorce are so wrapped up in their misery they have little time for the world around them and the people in it. Nothing transforms passive longing and feelings of loss than to give and serve others.

Maybe it’s visiting an elderly person in the hospital; jumping in to help a friend in need without them even asking; rescuing a wounded animal; showing more compassion for your children and close family. Find a cause and give of yourself to it.  When I ask myself how I can be of service and do it, it is one of the most gratifying “love” feelings of all. In the midst of it, you find your feelings of anger and resentment dissolve into feelings of love.

It is one of the suggestions I give all my clients on getting through not just Valentine’s Day, but every day especially during the divorce phase.

Ram Dass:

New age philosopher and teacher gave countless lectures and classes on love and trust. He once said, “No matter what life has thrown at us, there is always a way to trust not only that we can be present for life, but that it’s in the very nature of our life to renew itself.”  Dass taught us that there will always be doubt, doubt, and more doubt.

The secret to combating uncertainty is to concentrate on faith and trust—yet another way to express and indulge in self-love and give love to others. Courting doubt will simply engender more doubt. At this stage of your life—surviving a painful break-up—the best thing you can do is to trust yourself to make all the right decisions, and you will.

Trust will bring about the love which can take care of anything. Abraham Lincoln said, “The belief in that which is seen is really no belief at all. It is the belief in that which is unseen that there reveals faith.”

I think one of the great purposes of life is to look at the opportunities we have to grow the love within us despite the sadness, injustice, and adversity. We will see over the course of our lives that there are times when we succeeded in growing love and other times when we squandered it. But it’s always been there.

I urge you to take a Valentine’s Day challenge this year and work to make each day a conscious tribute to love, not only for yourself but for those around you.

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7 Ideas for Spending Valentine’s Day Solo or With Others

7 Ideas for Spending Valentine’s Day Solo or With Others

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be doomed because you’re getting divorced. How will you be spending it this year?

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Do Not Waste Valentine’s Day Mourning Lost Love: Celebrate the Love In Your Life Now

Do Not Waste Valentine’s Day Mourning Lost Love: Celebrate the Love In Your Life Now

 What makes you feel joy? Go ahead and do it! Celebrate love—on Valentine’s Day and every day of the year! Feel the joy of love rush through you non-stop.

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Do Not Waste Valentine’s Day Mourning Lost Love: Celebrate the Love In Your Life Now

Don’t Waste Valentine’s Day Mourning Lost Love: Celebrate the Love in Your Life Now!

What makes you feel joy? Go ahead and do it! Celebrate love – on Valentine’s Day and every day of the year! Feel the joy of love rush through you non-stop.

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14 Movies You Should Binge-Watch On Valentine’s Day

14 Movies You Should Binge-Watch On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.

Some of you may be excited about it, some of you are prepared for couples to be showing off their love, hearts, and roses all around you, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be around that if you don’t want to. You can just stay home and watch some movies, eat some chocolate, eat some takeout – whatever you like – and learn how to celebrate this holiday on your own.

The lesson of the day: You don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Here are 14 movies you definitely should watch on Valentine’s Day:

1. The Notebook


We’ve all seen this one… And cried our hearts out! If you haven’t seen this movie, it is a great romantic comedy to get you through V-Day. Plus, Ryan Gosling is a beautiful, beautiful man, and spending two hours with that face will do you no harm, only good. ???? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams star in this classic tale of two love birds and the journey of their lives.

2. Sleepless in Seattle


One of the best Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies ever! Nothing is more romantic and pure than seeing these two on-screen together. This is a MUST-SEE for those who are interested in celebrating Valentine’s Day the right way! Warning: You will cry a lot.

3. An Affair To Remember


Can you see the correlation between Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair To Remember? Well, if you’ve watched Sleepless in Seattle you’ll know that it makes a lot of references and remarks to An Affair To Remember, another love story that you’ll find yourself loving every minute of as you drink your wine and remember that you are what’s important now, and love is waiting for you somewhere.

4. Love Stinks


French Stewart delivers a wonderful performance battling this demon-like hysteria of a woman, Chelsea (Bridgette Wilson). This movie basically focuses on their relationship and builds up to Valentine’s Day. With its humorous class and relatable content, you’ll get a kick out of this couple that will probably make you feel a lot better about your relationship status, and feel really bad for French Stewart’s character instead.

5. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


A wonderful movie that needs to be watched by everyone. Jim Carrey shows his true colors in this one, and Kate Winslet will win over your heart with her unique, eccentric vibe. The movie will make you appreciate things you never thought to appreciate before, and also, the soundtrack isn’t that bad either.

6. When Harry Met Sally


You knew this one was coming, mainly because it’s probably one of those movies you’ve seen a dozen times, not even anywhere near Valentine’s Day. And that’s fine because this film is appropriate for all occasions. I fell in love with Billy Crystal the first time I watched this movie and loved Meg Ryan even more. I definitely recommend it.

7. Garden State


Garden State is a unique indie film, that most WILL like. Starring Natalie Portman and Zach Braff, it does have a way of pulling you in and not letting you go until the credits roll. Mainly because you just want to know where this interesting story is headed. Right from the start their chemistry is perfect, compelling, and before you know it you’re popping some popcorn and gazing into the tv in a dream-like state, eventually inspired and full of so many questions and desires.

8. You’ve Got Mail


Another wonderful classic by Nora Ephron. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in this classic piece as two New Yorkers who are “at war” and don’t know that they are actually pen pals on the internet. AOL and their true identities are the only things between them. Watch this movie if you want to laugh, cry tears of joy, and reminisce about your old AOL account.

9. Lost in Translation


When Bill Murray’s in it, there’s a good chance it’s gonna be a good movie. The same goes with Scarlett Johansson. Let’s just say, this movie will make you want to go to Japan and live out a week of the unknown with Bill Murray, oh excuse me, I mean, Bob Harris.

In a nutshell, this movie will leave you breathless.

10. Splash


By now, you’ve realized that I have a huge thing for Tom Hanks, and that thing will never die. This is a classic movie from the eighties starring Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy, and of course, the magnificent Tom Hanks. It’s about a man who was once saved from drowning by a mermaid, who ends up falling in love with her 20 years later. It’s a really good flick to get your mind off things!

11. Return to Me


Now this movie will bring on some serious emotions. Relationships can be beautiful, and it’s no easy task to let go of someone you love, whether it be through choice or destiny. Return to Me is a very good movie, in my opinion. My mom told me about it a few years ago, and man, am I glad I watched it.

12. The One I Love

Blog Art - The One I Love2.jpg

Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss star in this intense psychological thriller about relationships and what kind of partner people really want instead. It’s a great movie, and yes, I mentioned “psychological thriller”, but there’s no blood, guts, scary guns, it’s just got some twisty-turny plot twists that will BLOW YOU AWAY! This movie will make you think long and hard about what kind of person you’d want to build a relationship with, instead of just settling for. It’s a must-see for those who are in the mood for gasping.

13. Just Married


It’s still hard to believe that Brittany Murphy is no longer with us, but I enjoy keeping her memory alive by watching this movie, as well as King of the Hill, but that’s a topic for another day. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy play a couple who are just trying to enjoy their honeymoon in Italy while getting more than they bargained for in this hilarious, romantic comedy. It’s full of non-stop laughs and cute moments that will fill you with excitement, hope, and certainly entertain you.

14. It’s Complicated


Meryl Streep is so adorable in this movie, and so is Steve Martin, and I just can’t help myself when it comes to Alec Baldwin. He’s funny to me. This film has a very appealing cast, it’s full of big laughs and a lot of relatable issues we all have dealt with or may eventually deal with in the future, either way, this is a classic, and if you’re a Meryl Streep fan, do yourself a favor and give this movie a try!

Remember that you don’t have to celebrate this day alone; if you want to, if you can, you can celebrate with your family or friends. If you prefer alone time, you will have a blast, going through this list! Hope all is well!

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Swap out Valentine’s Day for Galentine’s Day this 2020

Swap out Valentine’s Day for Galentine’s Day this 2020

If you’re tired of the traditional Valentine’s Day, try swapping it out with Galentine’s Day this year, instead.

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