How To Defeat A Psychic Energy Vampire

How To Defeat A Psychic Energy Vampire


I know that psychic vampires can be terrifying. They are REALLY hard to PICK. And … if they get their hooks in … devastatingly DANGEROUS.

Are you sick of having this happen to you? Do you know how to get clean, clear and DEFEAT them?

Sadly, most people don’t know how to … and what they have been told, just doesn’t work!

This is why I created this TTV episode. To explain the TRUTH about HOW they get in, and what to do, so it NEVER happens to you again.



Video Transcript

Are you sick of having people in your life suck the life-force out of you?

Is this something that has been a struggle for you? It certainly was for me.

Do you want to keep struggling with this and the fear of energy vampires? Or do you want to find a way out of this nightmare?

I promise you there is a way to take your lifeforce back.

Keep watching…

Because I’m going to tell you what is REALLY going on when an energy vampire hooks in, and how you can shape up, get away, stay away and be impervious to them.

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Now let’s get into it!


Stop Looking Out For Them

You may think I’m mad saying this…

But I promise you I’m not – even though once upon a time I would have thought so too.

Defence is Wrongtown with energy vampires. It actually makes you more susceptible to them and easier for them to infiltrate you and start feeding from your energy.

Offence is the BEST way to beat them.

I know you may have been learning everything you can about energy vampires to try to defeat them – but I’m going to tell you, in the nicest possible way I can – STOP. DOING. THAT.


Because when you do that, you leave your territory to go searching ‘out there’ for someone who could be your threat. Meanwhile, you have left yourself totally alone ‘in there’.

And it is ‘in there’ where you are susceptible to infiltration, damage and theft. There are not only ‘gaps’ – you are now completely unattended and exposed.

Imagine your house with broken doors and windows, and you start roaming the streets looking for people who may try to rob your home. Wouldn’t it be much better to fix your doors and windows?

Wouldn’t it be much better to be ‘in there’, doing the inner work to shore up your gaps and develop yourself to be impervious to energy vampires in the first place?

You bet it would!

In fact, it is the only way you will EVER be safe.

To neglect your own self-discovery, inner work and development – whilst you learn everything about psychic vampires to protect yourself – is a total waste of time.

Psychic vampires don’t put their hands up and announce their arrival – ‘Hello, I’m a psychic vampire about to desecrate your life!’

Rather, they scrutinise you to find out what gaps you have ‘in there’. They then infiltrate and act out what you want to see and hear, all the while taking full advantage of what they find.

And they do it with such masterful precision that you DON’T see the warning signs until it’s too late.

I know this may disturb you – but it shouldn’t. Not at ALL!

It should EMPOWER you.

So, now, let me explain how psychic narcissists DO infiltrate – and then how they simply can’t.


How a Psychic Vampire Gets Their Hooks In

I want to use this example…

Cindy meets Joel.

Joel is a psychic vampire on the hunt for a new target – someone who he can enmesh with; get narcissistic supply from; self-medicate with and suck dry.

Cindy doesn’t trust people, and because of this is on the lookout for narcissists.

Joel shows up being how he is with most people when he first meets them – charming.

He is skilled and knows exactly how to test out new sources – to see if they can be hooked.

Joel works out pretty quickly that Cindy is distrustful of men. He asks some empathetic questions about her life and feigns total consideration and care.

Because Cindy has felt so hurt in the past, and has never healed this hurt within herself, she wants someone in her life who is genuine, caring and real. With love so drastically MISSING in her life, Cindy is CRAVING it. Him ‘being gentle, caring and kind’ is as appealing to her as an oasis is to a parched woman in the desert.

So Cindy gravitates to Joel, opens up and tells him what has happened with men in the past.


Joel has all the information he needs. He expresses a story where ‘he went through the same’ and explains how he just can’t believe people would behave like that and how he would never do it himself.

The crazy thing is – Cindy thought she had learned everything she could about energy vampires. She believed she could pick a narcissist at 100 paces.

BUT the narcissist, Joel, picked her. Picked her off, actually. And so easily it was CRAZY!

HOW could he?

This is how…

Cindy was unhealed from her previous narcissistic experiences.

She had not gone ‘in there’ to do the work to be shored up and impervious.

Cindy was still carrying the following beliefs:

‘People who love me hurt me.’

‘I can’t trust the people I love.’

‘I’m not able to be safe with love partners.’

Now please understand, LOGIC has nothing to do with these inner unhealed traumas.

Get this … Before her date with Joel, Cindy was on the phone to her girlfriend, Katie, telling her how she knew she would never fall for a narcissist again; that she had watched every YouTube video on it, read every article and all the experts had told her what to look out for.

BUT … and it’s a huge BUT…

Her painful inner belief systems, that hadn’t yet been healed up, meant that she could ONLY connect with the LITERAL match to them.

It was inevitable. It’s Quantum Law – so within, so without.

I did it, you did it, we all did it. And many of us are massively intelligent, learned and researched.

So, it all gets back to ‘in there’.


There Are No Warning Signs!

Where were the red flags?

There WEREN’T any!

Of COURSE, Cindy doesn’t see the narcissistic warning signs such as:

  • An over inflated ego.
  • Making it all about himself.
  • Being triggered about ridiculous things that most people don’t get upset about.
  • Being controlling, exploitative, unreasonable, refusing to take responsibility for his behaviour, and so on and so forth.

Within two days Cindy, completely believing she had met her dream man, is in Joel’s bed.

Within two more weeks he has moved in. Just the way a narcissist likes it – quickly securing supply, as the payoff for their efforts.

And he had expertly manoeuvred all this so that it wasn’t even his idea. He crafted this by feigning being happy to wait for sex for as long as it took; he would give her time to trust him … blah, blah, blah.

Convinced he was decent, respectful and trustworthy, without EVER getting to know him or waiting to see WHO he REALLY was, Cindy flung open her door, bed, body and heart to him herself!

Of course, the results were terrible for Cindy. Within six months Cindy has Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), fibromyalgia and has lost half her savings to him.

A year later she was too sick to hold down her job and was fighting to save her home.

Why didn’t Cindy leave, before it got this bad, when his mask dropped and she had started to see BIG ‘warning signs’ – irrational selfishness, refusing to take responsibility and his horrible knee jerk reactions?

Because she had gaps that he had well and truly hooked into and exploited, which meant she kept clinging on trying to make him go back to ‘Beautiful Joel’.

After all he had become the saviour of her soul, which she was not to herself yet.

This is the most powerful ENERGY TIE we will ever have with an energy vampire. Not being whole and healed yet is the EXACT reason they can get in, remain in our life, dig in and suck.

Now let me show you what being impervious to a psychic vampire looks like.


How to Defeat a Psychic Vampire

Here is another example…

Joel, having discarded Cindy in the gutter and run off with all that she previously had, re-emerges and is on the sniff again.

He meets a woman at a café. Let’s just call her Jean.

Jean used to be a true food source to narcissists. Co-dependent, clingy, unhealed and carrying a ton of beliefs that made her a match for abusers. Beliefs like ‘I can’t survive without a man’, ‘Other people are much more powerful and know more than me’ and ‘If I don’t comply I’m going to get smashed’, as well as a bunch of others and with big, bad abandonment terrors thrown in.

In the past, as a result of nearly dying, she got to work on herself. BIG time. In fact, she worked diligently on herself every day for months, because there was NO way she was going to go through it again.

Okay, so here she is out at a café, innocently working on her laptop, when a charming, good looking man sits down next to her.

‘Hi’, he says.

She replies with, ‘How are you going?’

Joel flashes a killer smile and asks Jean what she is writing.

She tells him that she is writing stuff to help people recover from abusive relationships.

Joel asks her if this is about personal development.

Jean smiles back and says, ‘Yes’.

With some more chit chat, Joel asks Jean if she had herself been abused and this is why she does this work.

Jean says, ‘Yes’.

He says, ‘You poor thing that must have been horrible.’

Jean says, ‘It was amazing. I’m so happy it happened FOR me.  My life is so much better because of it.’

Joel looks at her like she has two heads.

He starts doing a double-take, trying to work out where her ‘gap’ is, so that he can appear to be ‘the saviour’ of an unhealed wound (insecurity) she may have.

It’s obvious he is rattled.

Jean, is now observing him thinking, ‘How hilarious, this guy is a narc.’

He can’t find her ‘gap’, so he starts telling her how he loves personal development.

Jean is having fun with him now, asking him questions about the teachers and books he professes to know, because it is plain to see he is full of BS.

Both Joel and Jean know he is sounding like an idiot.

He looks at his watch and tells Jean he is running late and leaves.

Jean is nearly crying with laughter on the inside.

The entire time during their exchange, she couldn’t have cared less if he was decent, a narcissist or an alien. She had simply been herself.

Okay, so maybe this is MY story … I promise you I have had that happen!


The Moral to This Story.

Please don’t think I am better than anyone else here, because I purportedly know how to pick an energy vampire.

I am not.

The only reason I’m not concerned, EVER, about people being narcissists or not, is because I know that NO energy vampire (False Self) can infiltrate, if I’m being my True Self.

What is a True Self?

Someone who is fully committed to releasing themselves from inner trauma to be Who They Really Are.

When you do this, you WILL be whole and full on the inside.

You won’t NEED anyone to ‘give you yourself’.

There will be ZERO compulsion to take emotional risks.

You will realise that when you are healed up on the inside and are no longer driven by your inner emotional wounds, akin to being a broken inner child seeking a parent to fix you, you make really healthy choices.

Including speaking up when something feels off, asking difficult questions and setting boundaries, if necessary.

You will firmly know that you are totally prepared to lose people in your life, rather than lose yourself again.

You may not pick a narcissist immediately, like I did in this example. But who cares! I don’t care whether a narcissist shows their true colours immediately or down the track.

And neither will you after doing the real inner work. Because if you are fully YOU, regardless of what other people are or aren’t doing, then how could you not be TRUE to you?

You will take your time to get to know people. You will ascertain people, before they get into your bed, heart and life. You will get to know their values, character and background before committing. You won’t do business deals with people, without making sure contracts are drawn up and signed.

Remember Joel with Cindy and how fast he moved on her and got in?

Narcissists need to do that – they don’t waste time with people they can’t hook. They need a food supply quickly. Think of a predator in the wild. They don’t tackle a robust bison; they take on a limping gazelle at the edge of a pack.

Clean up your limp.

Become a bison who is solid, emotionally self-sufficient, totally unafraid of anyone, and robust enough to show up truthfully.

If you have done the inner work, you will be in your body, totally connected to your inner cues and gut messages. These are prompts from your Higher Self and the Divine, who are partnering with you, always to grant you the truth.

But if you are researching around ‘out there’, doing everything that you can to learn about narcissists, and you haven’t even started to self-partner and come home to yourself, are you going to listen to ‘in there’?

Or, are you going to keep making excuses for other people, be ruled by your unhealed wounds, emotional emptiness and recklessness, and hand your power away?

Please know I’m not saying HOW it IS to shame you. Rather, I’m telling you this, as I needed to do with myself, to wake you up to the truth and to EMPOWER you.

Who do you want to be – a robust bison or an injured gazelle?

And are you willing to do whatever it takes to play your BEST Offence Game?

If so, put down your fruitless narcissistic research and instead fully dedicate yourself to healing yourself.

Robust bison or limping gazelle? Be honest, who are you right now and who do you want to become? Let me know in your comments below.

All right, let’s do some Bison Training to defeat energy vampires by clicking this link.

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Smearing – How To Defeat A Narcissist Who Makes You Out To Be Crazy

Smearing – How To Defeat A Narcissist Who Makes You Out To Be Crazy


One of the most painful aspects of narcissistic abuse is SMEARING.

Being discredited with any available information and even fabricated lies, is a horrible tactic that narcissists use to undermine your credibility and even to try to rip lives apart.

It’s completely usual for this to happen to you. Often after your relationship ends with a narcissist – and even during it – and certainly when problems arise within the relationship.

The feelings triggered within you may be so INTENSE that you may even feel like you are going to DIE.

In today’s Thriver TV episode, I deeply and candidly share with you my journey with smearing – what I discovered and how I recovered QUICKLY in ways that ASTOUNDED me.



Video Transcript

Narcissists smear, it’s just what they do.

And when they do, they will undermine your reputation and often state that you are the one with massive psychological problems.

And boy do we feel like saying, ‘Would you like to look in a mirror?’

Anyway, today’s Thriver TV episode is all about how to NOT come across as the crazy one and feed the lies, and how to not just survive a narcissist’s smear campaign, but to actually defeat all attempts to discredit you.

To do this, I’m going to share with you my personal story with smearing – because I know it will help you a lot.

And I know you will want to watch this, because chances are you have been, or are being, smeared.

Okay, before we get started, thank you everyone who has subscribed to my channel and for supporting the Thriver Mission. And if you haven’t yet subscribed, I want to remind you to please do. And if you like this video, please make sure you hit the like button.

Now let’s get started…

The ‘Genuineness’ of the Smearing

It is unthinkable for anyone with a conscience to tell downright lies about another person. And it is deeply hurtful when someone does this against you, and with such conviction as narcissists do.

You may not have realised this about narcissists, but they literally believe in their own BS. I know it’s unfathomable but it’s true – the narcissist’s disordered thinking has them firmly convinced that it is YOU who is the culprit, crazy and the problem.

Deeply unconscious people, who refuse to take any personal responsibility for their feelings and behaviour, are skilled at automatically flicking their internal switch to projection. In fact, it’s an automatic response that they have no control over.

And then there is the hardened psychopath type, who can chillingly look people straight in the eyes and tell them the most horrendous lies about you – without flinching.

Either way, when dealing with a narcissist, they are highly believable. I promise you this, narcissists know how to smear people in expert ways. They are skilled at making the smearing sound balanced and non-judgemental, to the point where other adults think ‘surely no adult would say that unless it is true’.

Whereas, as highly agitated victims, when we try to retaliate with OUR truth of versions, we are angry, devastated and come across as non-balanced and incredibly judgemental.

Who are people going to believe?

I really want you to think about this – whether you are talking one-on-one with your sister or on a stand in a courthouse.


Being Triggered in Relation to the Smearing

Of course you are triggered! There is nothing more devastating and unjust than having someone spread horrible lies about you – especially when those lies are usually exactly what that person themselves did to you!

However, I really want to set you straight here. It’s incredibly important you understand the truth in this.

Your triggers are handing the narcissist bullets to keep shooting you with. They make you look crazy, and they make the narcissist’s job of ripping you apart easy, destroying your credibility and life. The harder you try to get people and authorities to believe you and see the truth when traumatised, the less likely it will happen.

It may just seem like such a horrible deal, but it’s PURE Quantum Law – so within, so without – meaning if you attempt anything whilst being in a level of trauma, the only results you will get are more things to traumatise yourself about.

We always get MORE of who we are BEING.

This is why the DOING is totally ineffectual.

I have seen people smashed repeatedly, when stuck in the premise of trying to thwart the outside with ‘doing’ whilst traumatised. Tragically and horrifically I have seen people lose everything, even their children, when trying to defend against narcissist’s smear campaigns.

I wish it wasn’t the case, and I wish such horrors didn’t happen – but they do.

Rather than stay in our victimised beingness, there is another way to tackle the smears and to emerge victorious, a way where we don’t suffer the complete and utter devastation.

And it all starts with healing beyond your triggers.


The Deeper Reasons This is Happening

Those of you who know my work, know that I believe in past lives.

Those of you who really know my work, know that I believe when traumas are in our life, this is showing us that we already have an existing and matching trauma trapped within our energy field – otherwise whatever that is happening would not be in our experience today.

And here is the key…

When you do inner healing work with NARP, it takes you directly to the matching core wounds in your genetic, past life, childhood and collective human trauma history, and then releases them so that you can finally evolve beyond that experience.

When it’s gone from the inside, it MUST leave your experience on the outside. And it does.

In my previous experiences, before Thriver Recovery, there was always someone wanting to take me down, discredit me or smear me … and I mean always. And it was the narcissist’s smearing and dismantling of my Life that was the Big Bad Wolf, and the thing that completely blew my house and life down.

Having departments, authorities, family, friends and colleagues, and even my son, side with the narcissist, was so traumatising that I thought I was going to die. I had no idea how I was ever going to win my life and key people back.

Of course, initially, I did the predictable. I tried to justify, explain, stop it, go into damage control – it was beyond terrible. I was being destroyed everywhere and nothing I was doing helped, instead I was losing out horrifically.

When I finally woke up to the truth, I stopped what I was doing because I KNEW I had existing persecution programs in my subconscious. I finally understood that these attacks upon me were showing up as the BILLBOARD evidence in my life, of my inner wounds, as a result of what had happening to me before.

Evidence SO big and obvious that there was no avoiding this truth anymore.

No longer was I going to suffer the devastation – I was on to it. I completely took my focus off what was happening on the outside, and with Quanta Freedom Healing went diligently and purposefully to the inside where I found these persecution programs. Programs where I had been tried and found guilty, and even put to death, and as a result I had a literal terror of anyone thinking badly of me.

This realisation made so much sense to me. Even as a little girl, I had been terrified of doing anything wrong, and what would happen to me if I did.

I want you to understand that collectively this is a REALLY common wound amongst narcissistic abuse sufferers, and it is a terrible wounding that narcissists can use to try to destroy you.

Now I want you to also understand a deeper truth here, something REALLY important…

Narcissists will ALWAYS deliver to you the EXACT wounds that you need to heal. The wounds that you need to heal to go free and have your Highest and Best life.

Even before the narcissist, this subterranean terror of persecution, which I had carried for many lifetimes, was holding me back. It had stunted me and hurt me in more ways than I can describe. It had caused me to people please, hand power away, not rock the boat, and had stopped me from being fully myself.


Shifting Out of Persecution Programs

As I diligently met and cleared all my inner fears of persecution, the following miracles started to happen without me DOING anything – they were generating from my BEINGNESS.

I discovered that I didn’t care what anyone else thought of me. I no longer felt like I was going to be court marshalled, executed or abandoned by people and Life when they didn’t believe in who I was.

I knew who I was now, and I also knew that Source had my back. I felt safe and anchored in my body, regardless of what other people were thinking.

It was a miracle; I had never felt this way before.

That’s when everything shifts … the inner feelings precede the outer change.

People started turning their back on the narcissist and coming back to me in droves. My key people saw the truth. He screwed up with them, and the police caught him out! He became exposed.

Justice came. But here is the thing – I hadn’t even needed it too, because I was at peace BEFORE it came.

And, true to Quantum Law, more things arrived to grant me peace.

All the smear campaigns and attacks stopped. Abruptly – they just stopped.

I discovered, going forward, that I was able to start speaking up, confront things, be myself. I no longer felt the angst of people judging me or believing I might be ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. In fact, the releasing of the persecution programs is what has allowed me to be so easy and open and revolutionary in my presentations with you.

The bottom line is, I’m just being me. I’m not worried about being judged or what people think. No longer am I living in the internal terrors of the times of being stoned to death or burnt on a stake!


What You Can Do Right Now

I really want you to know this – when you release all your fears, as a result of healing your internal persecution programs, the narcissist has no power over you.

Can you understand and admit what you have been trying hasn’t been working?

Are you willing to look for and live a deeper way of life that IS the truth?

If so, please write below – ‘I am going to find, release and live free of my persecution programs NOW!’

I promise you, when you start living like this, you will wonder how on earth you were ‘doing’ life any other way other than from your own CORE.

Whether you are still carrying the traumas of past smearing that has ripped your life apart, or you are in the middle of a horrific smear campaign, I promise you that when you find and release the resident trauma within you, all of it will disappear.

I have seen families reunited after decades after people did this inner work – because those who had been turned against them come back into their lives. I’ve seen narcissists defeated in court cases regarding property and custody after people diligently worked on their Inner Universe first and foremost.

Can something in you sense this is true? Your cellular inner being always knows the truth, when you listen to it.

Please come with me and find out more about how to heal all the internal traumas that have been causing you so much pain, including your persecution programs. Let’s end these horrible smear campaigns once and for all.

To do this, click this link.

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