Q Emails Expose Sex Trafficking Rings to Sacramento Judges and Los Gatos Police Officer Silva


California Sex Trafficking Rings Tied to Sacramento Judges Matthew Gary and Judge Mize – Chief Justice Tani Cantil Sakauye knew !

From Sacramento’s sleazy Paula Salinger sleeping with Judge Matthew Gary to Judge Mize ripping children from Grandparent’s Q has been overwhelmed with over 200 emails in the past month following a report from the State Auditor claiming state watchdogs have failed to protect the public when it comes to bad judges and lawyers.  Q will begin posting your emails to better connect you in each county, by judge, lawyer , CPS or custody evaluator issue. Please do not put anything in the email that would reveal the litigants or case. Briefly identify your issue. the judge and the lawyers involved. Q is monitoring how self- represented litigants are being treated by family court judges, and is tracking unethical lawyers. Santa Clara , LA. and Orange County are rising in corruption claims. 
If it looks unfair, it probably is. 
If it feels unfair, it probably is. 
If you think your rights have been violated, they probably were. 
If if you think they will stop harming families and children, they won’t , unless they are exposed in the Court of Public Opinion.

If you would like your letters read on a podcast, or YouTube video, please let Q know. 



MILFs Expose Judges & Morgan Hill Lawyer Laura Perry in  Silicon Valley  Guns & Sex Trafficking Ring

Sex Trafficking, Drugs & Guns In Silicon Valley Divorces

Morgan Hill attorney Laura Perry just tied Morgan Hill’s most nefarious MILFs and a  criminal enterprise trafficking teenage girls, guns and designer drugs through the county’s foster care system and local family courts. 

Taxpayers and Victims determined to remove Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen and Judge James Towery from the county payroll, found divorce cases linked to the Morgan Hill  office of Laura Perry that tie south county to court corruption that  has resulted in the  separating of  families and trafficking young wealthy women whose parents ended up in the courtrooms of Judge Patricia Lucas, James Towery, Christopher Rudy, Mary Arand, Stuart Scott, Theodore Zayner and Mark Pierce. during their divorce or civil cases connected to  Silicon Valley start ups, real estate  and tech businesses. 

The criminal enterprise apparently operates in divorce cases where judges appoint lawyers for children, or to act as private judges. Heather Allan, Rebekah Frye,  BJ Fadem, Jessica Huey, Richard Roggia, Hector Moreno, Walter Hammon and Bradford Baugh are the core lawyers working to use domestic violence and mental health claims against former spouses that  separate children from their parents and find many of these children fleeing the area, or ending up in the county’s  foster care program. 

Once children are in these programs, a local Standing Order allows county employees to order medical procedures and drugs for children without parental consent. Slowly these kids are placed on dangerous prescription medications where mind altering effect make these children more susceptible to becoming high school dropouts, gang members and run always, or worse, to be picked up into sex, gun and drug trafficking rings where the children easily vanish from their communities and are written off as part of their parent’s nasty divorce cases. 

An audit of Santa Clara County  family court orders show a core group of judges routinely issuing  orders for medical treatments, supervised visitation centers  and detention centers where they hold a financial interest. 

Judges currently earn $180- 220,000 in Santa Clara courts, a fraction of what is needed to live a middle class lifestyle in Silicon  Valley. This pay gap as left judges ripe for corruption, kickbacks and sex favors, many of which are provided through an elaborate network of lawyers, court reporters and bailiffs. 

Perry is also linked to gun runners and abusers operating out of Gilroy, Morgan Hill and San Martin where a  couple known as “Heidi and Scott” have reportedly become known as the South County homewreckers. This couple goes in to troubled marriages through elaborate dating schemes played out on, Instagram and Facebook. The couple sets out to have affairs with couples in troubled marriages ultimately bringing  in Laura Perry and other area lawyers willing to suck community property into the criminal enterprise that continues to thrive in Silicon Valley. An enterprise  fueled by the most famous names in tech and social media.  



State Bar and the Nurses Strike Expose Court Corruption

Nurses striking in Alameda County got the support from doctors and had the opportunity to spend several hours chatting about Silicon Valley divorce lawyers, which led them to Chris Dull, a family law attorney who is known for using online dating services, watching porn during office consultations  and sexually, verbally and emotionally abusing women clients, workers and colleagues. As the nurses shared stories of their own divorces, and those of their friends, a pattern  emerged and an unusual network appeared to  be formed. 

Joining the nurses were several area teachers who explained alarming mental health issues related to students whose parents put them in divorce court; One teacher described how a student had written in a journal with a note; “Please Read”, where the teacher found vivid descriptions of horrific child abuse the student had suffered at the hands of  her own father. As a mandated reporter, the teacher reported the journal entry to the school psychologist. The teacher later learned the district attorney had been called, but had done nothing. The child was forced to return to her father, and court orders kept her entirely from her mother. 

As more nurses appeared joined  the discussion over local divorce and custody cases, horrific crimes of abuse, fraud and horrific stories revealed that these cases are being  fueled by a core group of family lawyers  who have avoided prosecution because of kickbacks to the local district attorney through Santa Clara University. Many described complaints to the State Bar and county politicians had simply been ignored. 

One nurse who neighbor is an  attorney at the State Bar said that the Bar has known lawyers are committing crimes and not being disbarred, or prosecuted based on secret deals with government lawyers in Santa Clara County, Contra Costa, Sacramento and Orange County. 

During the strike, buttons and stickers circulated and nurses, teachers and doctors appeared to be committed to getting these stories told, and bad lawyers recalled or removed from office by working across county lines and in Sacramento to bring attention to the state’s law makers.