ECHO: Empowered Code For Healthy Outreach

ECHO: Empowered Code For Healthy Outreach


Today I want to tell you about a very powerful tool that has had a major impact on the healing process in our Thriver Community.

I developed ECHO, the Empowered Code for Healthy Outreach, because I wanted to honour people who had been victimised so that they could share their story, but I wanted it to be in a healthy way so that they could be met and supported to turn within and self-partner and start powerfully healing.

ECHO takes you through a Three-Step Process that shows you how to share information in the best possible way to generate healing.

I know it will help you understand how and why, this one shift in the sharing of your pain, can have such a profound difference in how you can heal from abuse and painful relationships.



Video Transcript

Today I want to talk to you about an especially important topic.

It’s called ECHO.

Echo is an interesting “name” in narcissistic abuse communities. You may know of the myth of Narcissus and how Echo fell in love with him. Narcissus was obsessed and in love with his own reflection in the water, and starved Echo of his love, which caused her to wither away and die.

Today, that is not the echo I’m talking about.

The ECHO that I do want to share with you is about the Empowered Code for Healthy Outreach.

Why am I talking about ECHO with you today?

Because understanding ECHO, will change the way that you reach out for help with narcissistic abuse, and deliver you powerfully onto the path of your true healing.

As you watch this episode, I promise you’ll understand why.


How Did ECHO Come About?

ECHO was originally the NARP Member’s Forum Code of Conduct. Our beautiful MTE team member Violet channelled this incredible and updated acronym name, which is just being released right now.

Okay … so now to the history of this Code, launched today as ECHO.

Many years ago, as my narcissistic abuse recovery work expanded, many people from all over the world, who had been narcissistically abused, were meeting in my Forum.

It shocked me, how people stuck in so much pain were lashing out not just about what the narcissist had done to them, but at other members of the Forum as well.

The Forum environment was incredibly toxic. It was beyond difficult to try to help people heal. And when people did try to encourage other people to drop the war story and start looking within to heal themselves, these people were demonised and attacked.

They were called victim shamers and blamers as well as many other things.

This was horrible to witness. How could I sort this out? I wanted to honour people who had been victimised so that they could share their story, but it needed to be in a healthy way so that they could be met and supported to turn within and self-partner and start powerfully healing.

I sat with it one afternoon, in deep inner enquiry, and the answer came.

The answer was ECHO.


What is ECHO?

ECHO is a Code to help people heal.

It is many things. There is one part of it, that I want to share with you – the Three-Step Process regarding how to share information to generate healing.

Hence why ECHO is called the Empowered Code for Healthy Outreach.

Let me explain this to you, starting with Step 1.


Step 1: Explain the Situation Factually

This is a statement of what your situation is, regarding narcissistic abuse.

Often, of course, in victimised pain, you look outwards and are in the war story of what happened to you. Which is completely and utterly understandable. Yet, this ignites cortisol and adrenaline. It accentuates fight and flight, which is trauma.

We know now, from the incredible work of scientists such as Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza, that when we are in this state there is a dire disconnection from calm, power and solution as well as healing and evolution.

In this place of heightened stress, you are also cut off from health and well-being. Your immune system and response to disease and threat physically, emotionally and spiritually is reduced … terribly.

Fight and flight is effective when you are in a situation of physical threat and need to get up a tree away from a predator. However, in terms of sorting out and healing and empowering our lives, this state is disastrous.

Not only does it impact us negatively, it triggers other people to catch the disease of victimisation, which ignites peptide addiction and keeps people extremely sick, and in progressive disintegration.

This is not just delaying healing; it makes it impossible.

Of course, venting in this way is completely understandable, but we can grow up to the point where we ask ourselves, “What do I really want to achieve regarding my healing? Do I want to get to the resolution of the trauma and claim my power, freedom and health?”

Of course, you know the answer to that question.

Okay, so rather than expressing what is happening to you in a traumatised, victimised way (which of course is very compelling and even addictive to do), if your explanation is calm and factual without using emotionally triggering words and statements, this keeps your Inner Being in a much healthier place.

Also, it doesn’t trigger others into a reactivation of trauma and powerlessness.

Please know there is no right or wrong. There is only what does and doesn’t work in relation to what we want to achieve.

So, in regard to Step One, Explain the Situation Factually, let me give you an example of what doesn’t work, as opposed to what does to take you towards your healing.

Jane is suffering the trauma of being hooked into her ex and she can’t stop breaking No Contact.

A victimised way for her to reach out for help in this situation would be something like this …

“I’m losing my mind. Why am I so stupid? Why can’t I stop going back? He just keeps hurting me, but I can’t stop loving him.”

Jane, at this point, is looking outside at what is happening in her life and has not started to self-partner to connect to her emotions (subconscious programs), to get into her own body where her power really is.

Yet, a small shift in the awareness of how to express what is happening to her can start that process, by saying something like this …

Step One: (Explain the Situation Factually) “I have broken No Contact three times in the last week. Every time I contact him, he is still abusing me and I get treated worse.”

The shift here is that Jane is simply expressing what has happened to her factually. This keeps her in her body and not falling into triggered peptide programs.

Now, Jane can move on to Step Two, which is …


Step Two: Claim and Express Your Painful Emotions

This part is initially tricky for people to do. But it is so powerful and 100% necessary for you to generate true healing.

By ceasing to focus on “the outside” and start coming deeply “inside”, you will awaken to, contact and start to heal your subconscious inner programs that are unconsciously co-generating the pain you are presently experiencing.

The reason why going inside to claim your own feelings is so powerful is because you are the only person who has the power to change in order to change your life.

So, what this means is you can start connecting to what you are feeling inside you and name it. This brings you relief and power by putting you back inside your Being – which is the only place where your power is.

Without you doing Step Two, healing is just not possible.

Let me give you an example of how this works with Jane again.

In her initial powerless statement, she said, “Why am I so stupid? Why can’t I stop going back?”

These are statements of being completely disconnected from self, rather than being self-partnered.

Her path to becoming powerfully self-partnered and healing her traumatised feelings began when she said:

Step Two: (Claim and Express Your Painful Emotions) “I feel like I am losing my mind. I feel powerless, worthless, broken. I feel like I’ll die without him loving me. I feel like I can’t live life alone, without him and that there is no hope for me to be okay on my own. This is what makes me contact him.”

By being REAL, about what is going on inside of her, Jane has just opened an incredible truth channel where others now have deep insight to what is really going on inside of Jane, and can reflect back to her WHY she is in such a “hooked in” situation.

This is what, as Thrivers, we do for each other. And it is incredibly healing (you will understand why soon).

None of this orientation and true solution was possible until Jane used the ECHO method.

Step Three is also vital.

It is this.


Step Three: Ask For A Solution

When you don’t ask for help and simply post about your suffering, what you are saying to yourself, other people and all of Life is this:

“I’m a victim.”, “I don’t deserve help!”, “I’m not worth helping!”, “There is no support for me!”

This will not shift in your experience until you start showing up asking for what you need.

This could be as simple as asking, “Please help me with this.”

How often have you heard somebody bang on with ferocity, pain and devastation, and you don’t even know whether they’re asking for help or just venting?

Something powerful happens when you set the intention and express that you want solution and healing. It starts the cogs of life shifting gears to support you and help bring that to pass.

So, after Step Two and Jane owning her feelings, she then posted …

Step Three: (Ask for a Solution) “Please someone help me, please help me get strong so I can stay away from him.”

Previously Jane had not asked directly for any help at all.

Now Jane could be met powerfully, truthfully and lovingly, in a way that helped her claim, shift and heal the necessary inner traumas to have her Thriver Breakthrough.

When Jane was instructed to shift EXACTLY those traumas she named, from her Inner Being with the NARP Healing Modules, she discovered the truth, about was really going on.

Somewhere in her past, Jane established wounds of not being worthy of love, of feeling she had to earn it, and she knew the familiarity of, “people who love me hurt me, abandon me and don’t want me”.

She had established these beliefs, “If people leave me I’ll die, I am defenceless on my own”. These were huge young survival programs established in her DNA as a child, and even further back, that Jane had previously felt powerless to overcome.

This was why she had kept going back to be battered time and time again, even though she wanted the abuse to end.

The same is true for all of us – there is a REASON within as to why we can’t get out of the abuse patterns.

Jane released and re-programmed these wounds with NARP Module work.

She then went free of those traumas and easily held No Contact.


The Shift From Victimisation to ECHO

Let’s just refresh our memory again.

Jane’s victimised post was:

“I’m losing my mind. Why am I so stupid? Why can’t I stop going back? He just keeps hurting me, but I can’t stop loving him.”

Now, I want you to feel into these words and feel the energy of them. What do they feel like in your body? Do they feel messy, traumatised, confused and hard to meet and help?

How do you help somebody who is in this place? It’s very hard to do.

Are they even in a space where they can be helped?


Now let’s go through the ECHO method of expressing yourself, and see how it feels in your body.

Step One: (Explain the Situation Factually) “I have broken no contact three times in the last week. Every time I contact him he is still abusing me and I get treated worse.”

Step Two: (Claim and Express Your Painful Emotions) “I feel like I am losing my mind. I feel powerless, worthless, broken, I feel like I’ll die without him loving me. I feel like I can’t live life alone, without him and that there is no hope for me to be okay on my own. This is what makes me contact him.”

Step Three: (Ask for a Solution) “Please someone help me, please help me get strong so I can stay away from him.”

Feel this in your body. I want you to really feel it … inside.

Now pause this video and share in the comments how this ECHO way of reaching out feels in your body.

Okay, so I hope that this has brought to light some of what goes on in the NARP community behind the scenes.

There is healing miracle after miracle in there every day. NARP and ECHO combined are powerfully responsible for that – as are the incredible MTE staff of moderators and also beautiful loving Thrivers, ever capable and able to support you with your Thriver healing.

I really want you to know that ECHO is not just for the NARP Member’s Forum. It is such an empowered and healthy way to be able to conduct your entire life because it allows you to stay in your body and co-generate real solution and healing.

Those of you NARPers who are Gold members, and are not as yet active in the Forum, I encourage you to come into the Forum and receive these magical up-levels and transformations.

And, for those of you who are not as yet NARPers, I can’t recommend enough, if you are struggling with recovery, or are in toxic environments of victimisation and venting with other people, or with yourself, to think seriously about getting involved in this incredible community, as a NARP Member.

You can do so, and become a NARP member today, by clicking this link.

And as always, I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.



7 Steps To Getting Healthy After Narcissistic Abuse

7 Steps To Getting Healthy After Narcissistic Abuse


Narcissistic abuse is one of the most devastating things you could ever go through.

However, this does not have to be a life sentence.

There are steps that you can take to rise up and out of abuse symptoms, and into your true and new healthy relationship with self, others and all of life.

Today, in this a very special Thriver TV episode, I have the absolute joy of sharing with you the seven steps that myself, and many other Thrivers in the community, have used to not just merely survive abuse, but to truly enter the life of our dreams.



Video Transcript

After being narcissistically abused there is a necessity to get healthy .…

Because you are probably going through the worst time in your life, you may feel like you’ve lost your life force, your well-being, your hope for the future, and possibly even your will to try to move forward and rebuild your life.

I know, 100% you may feel like your life is over, and you can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be healthy again.

I promise you that how you feel, and what your life looks like, isn’t going to be your reality for the rest of your life, if you work on these seven points that I’m going to be sharing with you today.

But, before I do, I’d just like to take a moment to thank all of you who have subscribed to my channel for supporting the Thriver mission, and if you haven’t yet done so please do, and also if you like this video please make sure to give it a thumbs up.

Okay so let’s start off by having a look at the first step to reclaiming your health after narcissistic abuse.


Step Number One – Start Self-Partnering

Self-partnering is vital. In fact, it’s crucial. And the reason that it is so foundational for Thriver recovery after narcissistic abuse is because it puts us back inside our body. Here we find and reverse all the unconscious reasons that led us to be narcissistically abused in the first place.

Initially, it is a very hard pill to swallow – understanding that we can be very susceptible to narcissistic abuse as a result of suffering a disconnection from ourselves. One that is extreme enough that unknowingly we are trying to seek the missing parts of ourselves, from outside of ourselves.

However, the truth does set us free. Because when we understand that there was a fracture within us, we can take our power back and heal it.

If we are not fully anchored in our body, being an inner emotional experience of knowing that we are lovable and worthy and as an adult capable of generating our own security and survival, then we are seeking these essential commodities from other people to try to feel whole on the inside.

Ironically, this lack of inner wholeness has nothing to do with how intelligent, capable or accomplished we are. These are emotional gaps within us, that often cause us to overcompensate and be even more practically high functioning than most people.

Narcissists know and sense these gaps within us. They know how to appear as the saviour of these parts of ourselves that we seek from the outside, whilst mining and sucking dry our capabilities and resources.

When we are not in our body, self-partnered, and integrated as a whole emotional source to ourselves, we dismiss our inner warning signs and we may even rationalise away the traumatic feelings of being abused. We are also likely to cling to the person who is the source of the abuse, trying to get them to change what they are doing so that we can feel safe and whole.

To rectify all of these patterns of being codependently abused by others requires self-partnering. It means rather than look to the outside to solve our problems, heal our wounds, and take away the pain, we realised that the work has to be done between us and ourselves, within ourselves.

When we turn within with the right intention toward our Inner Being, we are moving out of Wrong Town, and back home to ourselves.

I want you to repeat after me, ‘I am here for you. I will love and accept you – wounds and all. I am here to help you heal with everything I have, and I am never leaving you again.’

This is when we make the switch from living life ‘from the outside in’ to living life ‘from the inside out.’

It’s the only way to heal and Thrive.


Step Number Two – Engage Self-Devotion

It’s one thing to know that we have to turn inward and start becoming a source of self instead of trying to get others to give us ourselves … but it’s another to know how to start treating ourselves nicely.

I really want you to understand that you need to let go of trying to blame and shame and punish and criticise yourself into shape.

Can you see how, if you have been doing this – treating yourself with conditional love, and harsh expectations, why you have drawn into your life and tolerated someone who has been reflecting back how you have been treating and talking to yourself?

Self-devotion means this: ‘I am going to talk to myself lovingly the way that I would talk to a small child I adore.’

After narcissistic abuse you are healing, and you require your own tenderness and kindness. You need to be able to say to yourself every day, ‘I am proud of you, I love you and I’m here to support you all the way. You will get through this.’

And in times of triggers and fears, this is about learning how to be kind, supportive and present with yourself, and teach yourself how to breathe, while remaining in your body. The times when we make our most self-annihilating decisions are when we self-abandon.

Thriver self-devotion means not running away from these feelings anymore and making choices that only hurt you more – such as attempting to self-medicate with abusive people, terrible food choices, active addictions, mind-numbing distractions and all sorts of things that take you away from becoming your best lover, supporter and healer.

When we are doing these things to ourselves, we are not in control of our own lives, and we are highly susceptible to being controlled by people who hurt us.

Thriver self-devotion can also mean becoming extremely healthy with self-care, good nutrition, healthy exercise, regular sleep and maybe seeing a holistic practitioner who can help get your mineral and vitamin levels balanced and healthy again.

I want to share with you this vital fact – we will never tolerate a level of abuse that is beyond what we are capable of doing to ourselves. If we ignore the calls for help from our Inner Being, self-abuse ourselves with terrible choices, and continue to criticise and blame and shame ourselves, as well as feed ourselves with toxic food, then the identical treatment from the outside is what is familiar and what we will tolerate.

Treating ourselves with love, respect, devotion, and tenderness reverses all of that.


Step Number Three – Taking The Healing Time

A big mistake that many people make is trying to just get on with life.

I know that as a result of narcissistic abuse, you may have lost a great deal of ground, years, resources and the like. It’s very usual to try to just get up and get on with it again, and many people are shocked to find out that they just don’t have the capacity within themselves to achieve that.

This happened to me too. I had always been a doer, a high achiever who believed that my value and ability to be accepted depended on my accomplishments. After narcissistic abuse, I was forced for the first time ever in my life to place my soul and Inner Being as the number one priority. And I wasn’t going to survive until I did.

What I discovered, as a result of fully dedicating myself to healing and knowing that that was my greatest mission in life, was to repair my relationship with my Inner Being, in order to create true relationships with life and others.

This was the first time in my life that I understood how to get life right at the core base level where I needed to.

You will too, when you accept what I did – that it’s time to put your outer life on hold. It’s time to say ‘no’ to things and people outside of yourself and say ‘yes’ to you and your Inner Being. By doing so you will discover that you can self-partner and self-devote and start truly healing within your own being in order to change yourself.

Then the changes in your life will follow automatically.

I liken this to being a bird with broken wings, going into the bird hospital to spend the appropriate amount of time there, who then comes out and soars high in the breeze with the world literally at its feet.

This is exactly what you have to look forward to if you take this necessary hiatus and treasure your healing time. All of your real life does depend on it.


Step Number Four – Meet The Trauma In Your Body

We are so blessed in this space-time reality, right here right now, to be able to have the Quantum tools to bypass our logical brain, meet the trauma in our body, load it up, release it and replace it, so that we can literally shift out of who we were being, into the Being who can actualise the life, love and interpersonal relationships that work.

The old paradigm was about trying to manage the trauma in our body without ever living free of its effects, whilst trying to survive having the thoughts, feelings, people and situations that simply matched our already existing trauma.

Clearly, living trauma free is so much easier, cleaner and more powerful and so much more fulfilling.

This is where my NARP program comes in. You may have seen the incredible results that NARP regularly produces for the members of this community. The reason for these results is that these people, by releasing the trauma from their Inner Beings, opened up space to allow organic well-being that is naturally coded into all of us, namely life force itself, to enter.

Meaning that the old battle with trauma and its symptoms such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia, agoraphobia, adrenal malfunction all simply melt away. Which means our natural life force fills the space where the trauma once was – joy, creativity, inspiration, and excitement for the future and complete closure from the past, regardless of the age of the person, how much they have suffered or what they have lost.

This is what you can look forward to if you are willing to meet, and do the work, on the trauma in your body.


Bonus Step Number Four – Say ‘No’ To Your Old Patterns

This is where you need to get very clear with yourself. You may have released the trauma, but now you need to have boundaries and clear definitions regarding what it means to start experiencing your new life, which may be a life that you have never been able to access before.

So, for example, if your patterns used to be having unavailable people in your life who treated you like you were invisible, then it’s vital that you start showing up with the key people in your life asking for what you need.

It is also going to be vital to do the work on releasing the fears and traumas of being invisible, and knowing that you deserve to have healthy, connected, more committed relationships in your life.

Then you will see who will meet you at the more evolved level of relationship that you are now taking a stand for directly, honestly and lovingly. And in many cases, those who do have the resources will step up and meet you at this higher level of relationship as a reflection of the higher relationship that you are now living between you and yourself.

And, if there are people in your present life who don’t have the resources for communion and connection and intimacy or existing people who refuse or don’t have the resources to meet you there, then you will let go and move on as a fully integrated individual with yourself to be the generative force of taking a stand for what your reality is now.

We can’t continue to participate in our old programs and patterns and believe that the universe will deliver us a different reality. It just doesn’t work like that. What you accept is what you will get, point-blank.


Step Number Five – Expand Yourself

Comfort zones are never comfortable. If we stay stuck in comfort zones, then we are not growing. Of course, we stay in a comfort zone because we have a fear of expansion. And there may be many traumas deep in your DNA, which are even survival programs, such as ‘if I try to expand to be fully myself, I may fail or I may be targeted, or even annihilated.’

You may think I am kidding, but I’m not. I can’t tell you the amount of people I have worked on with Quanta Freedom Healing (NARP) who have come up with these deep powerful programs which are stopping them from moving forward into the life that they really want to live.

The easy and powerful way to defeat these is to use Quantum tools to go inside and find these opposing limiting beliefs, load them up and release them and replace them. Then you will easily flow into your desires with confidence and without the powerful emotional resistance that has been holding you back.

As a Thriver, I love to expand. This is one of the most powerful ways I’ve challenged and grown myself by stretching into areas, trajectories, and experiences that I could never access in my previous reality because it was riddled with trauma.

I can’t tell you the joy it is to get free on an inner level so that you can fully shine, glow and expand on any level. Because this is where the juicy, incredible stuff in life really is.


Step Number Six – Connect To Your Purpose

One of the most beautiful things that we can ever do to live a healthy life is to connect to our true mission and purpose.

All of us are here for some divine purpose. I totally believe those of us who have gone through narcissistic abuse are here for an incredible purpose. We are all angels, spirits who have been submerged into an experience of extreme darkness and trauma, in order to release the trauma out of our Inner Beings, not just for ourselves but for all of humanity.

When we actualise our true mission of meeting and releasing the trauma, we clear the space for who we really are to start flowing through us, as us. It is then that the connection to our mission comes. It is seeking us as much as we are seeking it. When we get ourselves, our old traumas and limitations, out of the way, that is when we connect.

It is incredibly usual for Thrivers who do the work with NARP, to start getting the inspiration within them about what it is that they truly feel passionate about doing. Many Thrivers within this community, just like myself, have found that calling. It may be similar to what I do, helping others to awaken and recover from abuse for real, and for others, it’s a completely different track.

What is vital to understand is that connecting to that truth is not possible when we’re stuck in surviving the trauma inside of us. We may think that the mission will take away the trauma, but it’s the other way round. When we take full responsibility and address the trauma ourselves, then the mission comes.

Because when that trauma is released, all of the energy that was trapped trying to survive the trauma is freed up to become pure creativity, mission and service.

This is the exhilaration and pure miracle of yourself that you will start experiencing as a result of this step.


Step Number Seven – Become Love

I believe that one of the greatest joys of Thriver recovery from narcissistic abuse is to reach the becoming of love. What I mean by this is the return to the truth.

We come home, we understand the truth about the illusions we have been fed, and the need to wake up from them. The knowing that we are all souls on journeys to release ourselves from the darkness and the trauma, to move into the truth and the light of Who We Really Are.

It is from this place of living without trauma that we see the truth that all of this, no matter how it looks, was all meant to be. To have the experiences required to lose those false aspects of ourselves, the lies, the false beliefs, the taking on thinking that we were unlovable, defective or unacceptable, and knowing that everyone who is hurt or hurting others, is still stuck in that lie.

From this place, we have acceptance, gratitude, and compassion for those still stuck in the trance. And we know that our greatest purpose, regardless of what our individual specific missions are, is to be love and to see the truth. It’s then that we let go of our righteousness, demonising and judging which only helps to cement our victimisation and powerless states.

To become love, without fear, is the coming home to the truth. This is where we are set free and we get to experience heaven on earth as we are, right here, right now.

It’s only then that the pain ends and the beauty of our life starts to unfold as the new and true belief systems that we’ve worked hard to heal ourselves back to.

If it wasn’t for the narcissistic abuse happening for us, we would never have had to effort so courageously and consistently to bring ourselves home to the truth.

I hope that these seven steps have helped inspire you to know where you are heading, and the incredible evolutionary gifts that you can claim, with Thriver recovery, after narcissistic abuse.

So, if this is where you want to go, you can get started by working with my NARP program. Join me on this incredible and spectacular journey of self and life, by clicking the link at the top right of this video.

And, if you are already a NARP member, and you are looking for the next steps after abuse to claim your highest and best life, then I’d love to introduce you to my Empowered Self course, which is going through a very powerful upgrade very shortly, which you will receive free of charge as a result of being a member.

You can check out the details of this course also by clicking this link.

Okay so I hope that this video has inspired you, and if you like my videos and you would like to be notified each time a new one is released then please subscribe to my channel. Also remember to give this a thumbs up if you liked it.

Please also share with the people you love so that you can help them wake up out of the human trance as well.

And as always, I am totally looking forward to answering your comments and questions below.



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