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How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Find out how to narrow the field of potential lawyers to handle your divorce and what to ask during your first meeting.


Family Lawyer Answers Most Important Divorce Questions

Family Lawyer Answers Most Important Divorce Questions

Divorce can be a painful and traumatic experience not only for the couples involved but also for their family and friends. If you are planning to file for a divorce, make sure to read these questions first. According to statistics, about half of marriages in the United States end up in divorce. The most common […]

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Make Your Divorce Easier

8 Smart Family Lawyer Tips to Make Your Divorce Easier

Make Your Divorce Easier


When I started as a family lawyer over 13 years ago, I was as new to the divorce process as anyone else. Having now been involved with hundreds of cases, some more difficult than others, I’ve learned some sage advice to give my clients. Divorce is by no means an easy thing to go through, but there are some things that you can do to make the process a little bit simpler and easier for you.

Here Are 8 Smart Lawyer Tips to Make Your Divorce Easier:

Observe Proper Timing

Divorce is as important as a couple’s decision as getting married is. You can’t force someone to get married the same way as you can’t just force a divorce on your spouse (setting aside special circumstances). It is best to talk things through before filing for a divorce so your partner won’t drag the process just to get back at you.

Open Your Own Bank Account

Ideally speaking, you should have your own bank account even when you are married but if that is not the case, then you should get one; whether you are getting divorced or not. Know that in cases of joint accounts, your spouse can drain your account without your consent so it is better to avoid this situation, to begin with, by having your own.

Ensure That You Have Time for a Divorce

Getting a divorce can eat up your time and the changes will be hard for you, your ex, and the children. By making sure that you have the time to devote to a divorce, not only will it make the process easier and faster but you will also have time to allow yourself and loved ones to transition into your new life. I’ve seen many cases where, although a divorce is needed, the timing causes havoc far beyond the existing marital issues.

Your Divorce Rationale Letter Should be Lawyer-Reviewed

If you are the one filing the divorce, you might be compelled to explain why to your spouse in writing. Because of guilt, raw emotions and history with your spouse, you might say things that can hurt you later on so it is better to have your lawyer review your letter to ensure it doesn’t contain anything that can be used against you.

Begin with a Lawyer and Lawyer Meeting

Most divorce cases are negotiation proceedings so having your lawyers meet in the beginning makes sense to minimize communication issues later. A lawyer to lawyer meeting like this often results in a win-win divorce with no need for dramatics.

A Second Opinion Won’t Hurt

A divorce is a one-time thing so it follows that you cannot make mistakes with it and end up with an even bigger problem. This is why a second opinion matters. Your lawyer will also usually welcome a second opinion from a respected colleague.

Ask for Relief When You Have Multiple Reasons to Do So

Filing a motion for every little thing and for the smallest of things will just annoy the judge, your spouse, your spouse’s lawyer, and your lawyer too. It is best to wait until you have a few things to address.

Expect that the reason for the Divorce Won’t Affect Who Gets Child Custody

It doesn’t matter if you are divorcing because your spouse used up all your money or you caught your partner cheating. Know that child custody goes to which parent has better means and ability to take care of any child from the marriage.

Going through a divorce will forever change your life, your ex’s and your children’s lives. How you go about it, can play a large role in how you persevere throughout the process and how you manage to turn the page and live your best life moving forward. From my experience, following these tips, the divorce process will be smoother and you’ll be better for it.

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MILFs Expose Judges & Morgan Hill Lawyer Laura Perry in  Silicon Valley  Guns & Sex Trafficking Ring

Sex Trafficking, Drugs & Guns In Silicon Valley Divorces

Morgan Hill attorney Laura Perry just tied Morgan Hill’s most nefarious MILFs and a  criminal enterprise trafficking teenage girls, guns and designer drugs through the county’s foster care system and local family courts. 

Taxpayers and Victims determined to remove Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen and Judge James Towery from the county payroll, found divorce cases linked to the Morgan Hill  office of Laura Perry that tie south county to court corruption that  has resulted in the  separating of  families and trafficking young wealthy women whose parents ended up in the courtrooms of Judge Patricia Lucas, James Towery, Christopher Rudy, Mary Arand, Stuart Scott, Theodore Zayner and Mark Pierce. during their divorce or civil cases connected to  Silicon Valley start ups, real estate  and tech businesses. 

The criminal enterprise apparently operates in divorce cases where judges appoint lawyers for children, or to act as private judges. Heather Allan, Rebekah Frye,  BJ Fadem, Jessica Huey, Richard Roggia, Hector Moreno, Walter Hammon and Bradford Baugh are the core lawyers working to use domestic violence and mental health claims against former spouses that  separate children from their parents and find many of these children fleeing the area, or ending up in the county’s  foster care program. 

Once children are in these programs, a local Standing Order allows county employees to order medical procedures and drugs for children without parental consent. Slowly these kids are placed on dangerous prescription medications where mind altering effect make these children more susceptible to becoming high school dropouts, gang members and run always, or worse, to be picked up into sex, gun and drug trafficking rings where the children easily vanish from their communities and are written off as part of their parent’s nasty divorce cases. 

An audit of Santa Clara County  family court orders show a core group of judges routinely issuing  orders for medical treatments, supervised visitation centers  and detention centers where they hold a financial interest. 

Judges currently earn $180- 220,000 in Santa Clara courts, a fraction of what is needed to live a middle class lifestyle in Silicon  Valley. This pay gap as left judges ripe for corruption, kickbacks and sex favors, many of which are provided through an elaborate network of lawyers, court reporters and bailiffs. 

Perry is also linked to gun runners and abusers operating out of Gilroy, Morgan Hill and San Martin where a  couple known as “Heidi and Scott” have reportedly become known as the South County homewreckers. This couple goes in to troubled marriages through elaborate dating schemes played out on, Instagram and Facebook. The couple sets out to have affairs with couples in troubled marriages ultimately bringing  in Laura Perry and other area lawyers willing to suck community property into the criminal enterprise that continues to thrive in Silicon Valley. An enterprise  fueled by the most famous names in tech and social media.  



Highest Ranking  Lawyer Who Protected California's Judges: Criminal Investigation for the Holidays


Attorney Victoria Henley:  Cockblocker for  Judge Complaints

For decades parents in family court complained about judges violating the law, separating families and acting in a manner that should have removed them from the bench. That time was a heyday for judge crimes and judicial misconduct. 

Parents had no idea where to complain , or who could help. 

Since 2010 the ubiquitous use of the internet has helped these parents to organize. To find others. They have started websites, and blogs. They have flooded social media groups, online chats and Instgram. They have even used anonymous names on popular video games to communicate with children judges kept them from. 

Now the children are growing up. They are speaking out, they are searching for parents they lost through legal abuse and where judges abused their power. 

California’s State Auditor  is now monitoring complaints and Victoria Henley the WoMAN who blocked these complaints and protected bad judges will be called to a special place in hell. and jail, for what she has done to families and children. 

Without your children this holiday season because your ex over paid a greedy crooked family law attorney?  You are not alone. Post for your county and we will connect you to others. 

​ File you complaints to the State Bar and the Commission on Judicial Performance. 

Keep copies and resend if you do not get confirmation of your complaint, as the CJP and the State Bar are known for losing complaints. 

Redact your information on a complaint and sent to Q , we know what to do! Flood them with complaints. Complaints must show patterns of judges violating the law, or the California Code of Judicial Ethics – need help ask. Write often . Post everywhere. 

Through Recall, Impeachment or Complaint Judges who harmed families must be removed from the court! 

Complain about a Judge in writing to: 



Domestic Violence: How to Ruin Your Ex's Life and Make Your Lawyer Rich

Nicole Ford (above), Elise Mitchell (right), depicted in new art display for failing victims of Domestic Violence. 

Journalists and Victims Threatened by 49ers to Stay Silent on Domestic Violence. 

Silicon Valley artists target Santa Clara County divorce lawyers: Nicole Ford, Elise Mitchell, Hector Moreno, Leah Amini, Walter Hammon Valerie Houghton,  and Bradford Baugh  for failing to protect victims of domestic violence and falsely prosecuting innocent parents in divorce cases to earn more money. Complaints  allege these lawyers have also been threatening the press to keep the 49er brand, and themselves, from becoming “tainted” in the local legal community.  

Domestic Violence in Silicon Valley is at an all time high. Not because parents are more violent, but because divorce lawyers have colluded to grab more money in a divorce case cases using DV as a litigation tactic and local district attorneys have let them. 

Divorce Attorneys Nicole Ford and Elise Mitchell were recently overheard talking about ” arm  reduction surgeons”  and laughing about the fees they took in the Domestic Violence case involving former 49er Ray McDonald. A case that is getting a new look after the 49ers fired Ruben Foster following a Florida arrest for domestic violence. 

 District Attorney  Covered Up Domestic Violence to Protect 49er Image

Recently released Santa Clara police body cams show that 49er Ruben Foster got favorable treatment after the Santa Clara County DA refused to prosecute Foster for interfering with the police during a recent DV call.  Jeff Rosen when soft on similar claims that were pending against former 49er Ray McDonald, claims Rosen dragged out for three years and then let slip off into the golden plea deal Rosen is famous for offering high profile abusers. 

Josh Bentley, the lawyer for 49ers,  has reportedly been giving Jeff Rosen kickbacks to keep 49er DV issues out of Rosen’s office,  and out of the  media , including by ” fixing” stories that appear in the San Jose Mercury. 

Elise Mitchell, Ray McDonald’s family law attorney, is a divorce lawyer (who sits on fee arbitration panels for the Santa Clara County Bar Association) was  reportedly using secret deals in fee arbitrations to kickback favors to area lawyers. Mitchell  is also charged with  giving information and kickbacks to keep former 49er  Ray McDonald, out of jail. after he  beat the mother of his child in 2014 and in 2015.

Elise Mitchell reportedly crafted the legal culture of slut shaming victims by threatening the  media to not cover Kendra’s story in 2016, after it hit on ABC, NBC, TMZ, and CBS as McDonald was getting favorable treatment before Judge James Towery, a close friend of Elise Mitchell. Kendra Scott is one more high profile victim failed by Jeff Rosen, as Rosen took over the county’s Victim Services and panders to his political allies in lieu of serving victims. 

DA Jeff Rosen, and his former assistant,  Kayrn Sininu- Towery have a long history of letting 49ers out of serious charges of physical violence against others,  especially  intimate partner violence. That history led to Sinunu -Towery resigning in July 2013  before she was disbarred. It is no surprise her husband, James Towery, gave favorable treatment to these players in divorce and custody cases. 

Even now Jeff Rosen is reluctant to arrest a 49er who was already arrested in another state, as the San Jose Mercury reports. 

Another link to Rosen, is criminal lawyer Dan Jensen, a lawyer who gets regular referrals from the DA’s office and is reportedly is on the referral list for Silicon Valley’s high tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google


                                     ACTIVELY KILLING MEDIA COVERAGE 

Independent news agencies and reporters have been reporting that 49ers, private divorce lawyers  and DA have been using the media to cover up the potential harm NFL players impose in a local community. ( See Tweet of Tim Kawakami back when he tried to cover McDonald back in 2014) .

Retired  49er players report that the 49er management  took  an active role in threatening the victim of 49er Ray McDonald, and regularly trains their players to get consent on their phones so that lawyer Josh Bentley, or Dan Jensen,  can get them out of charges of domestic violence or sexual assault. 

                                  JEFF ROSEN FAILS VICTIMS PROSECUTES PARENTS 

Court papers charge that Jeff Rosen, and the Santa Clara County Independent Defense Office (IDO), have been working to secret domestic violence and false claims of domestic violence back to 2010, when Rosen was running for office. More recently antitrust documents charge that Jeff Rosen has been using domestic violence victims to build his career and cover up real harm.  

                             Violence that Makes Divorce Lawyers Rich

Divorce Attorneys Sharon Roper and Bradford Baugh have been reportedly colluding to use domestic violence to earn more attorney fees, claiming they can earn over $100,000 in a single divorce case simply by adding in a false DV claim. 

DDA Allison Filo (who was charged with trying to send an innocent man to jail for rape), knew of this collusion back to 2013, but was told to cover it up as the Santa Clara County DA’s office as the office was under pressure in a high profile DV case, and as the Audrie Pott suicide was being used to make money for some of Jeff Rosen’s divorce lawyer friends.

Sharon Roper, a highly controversial court appointed lawyer for children, was recently hired by the Santa Clara County Courts and is charged in court documents as using false claims of domestic violence to profit herself. 

These same court  files charge that lawyers are acting in criminal conspiracies using  domestic violence as a profit opportunity. Recordings and emails that document  this conduct have been being presented to the State Bar for over 20 years, and the Bar has done little  discipline divorce lawyers who are getting rich by claiming DV in divorce cases.

While many people seek to use the legal system and fairly execute their divorce, a small number of people appear to be hiring divorce lawyers to draw out litigation and weave a false domestic violence claim, or pressure real victims to remain silent.  Sadly, good parents who may have had atypical emotional responses during a separation, are facing life time sentences that can impact their ability to work and pay support, none of which is good for children.  

                                        Can Your Divorce Lawyer Go To Jail? 

Most district attorneys refuse to prosecute perjury and criminal conspiracies in divorce cases, which has given divorce lawyers an invitation to violate the law and steal more than just outrageous fees.

An indictment of controversial divorce lawyer, Valerie Houghton, is one of the few criminal indictments charging a lawyer with felony white collar crimes, which include enhancement for stealing from a senior. Houghton was charged in 2016 and has still not gone to trial. Rumors abound that Jeff Rosen has directed the charges against Valerie Houghton to be dropped as a favor to James Towery, a sitting family court judge and close personal friend. Towery reportedly worked on Jeff Rosen’s political campaigns , including when Towery was Chief Trial Council at the California State Bar.  

The Houghton indictment is a cancer on the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. It shows how Jeff Rosen has consistently failed to prosecute lawyers and 49ers as a form of protection and collusion with private divorce lawyers. An illegal protection  that fails victims over and over again.