FBI  and Orange County Register Ask for Help From Jane and John Q Public

What does a jailhouse snitch have in common with a divorce attorney? The FBI and reporters at Orange County Register are investigating that very question in a collaborative investigation of Orange County family and criminal courts. 

In late 2016 Santa Clara County helped smuggle several snitches out of state in an effort to cover up crimes committed by police officers all over the state of California.  

As early as 1994 ,  district attorney Tony Rackauckas  obtained jailhouse and courthouse recordings that documented some of the worst crimes committed by cops and lawyers acting in the local courts.    Cops who raped victims and kids, judges who sodomized little boys and elaborate networks of divorce lawyers, cops, judges and custody evaluators who trafficked children into sex slavery or abusive homes for some of the wealthiest  families in California. The recordings were even used to prosecute Santa Clara County DA Alan Nudelman who attempted to prosecute a cop for raping his partner. The recordings also exposed what was happening in divorce cases   involving Facebook, Oracle, Google and Yahoo executives where hundreds of millions of dollars were paid to lawyers and private judges, as mainstream media informally placed a blackout on covering these cases. 

By the early 2000s the a criminal enterprise had expanded into Silicon Valley and signs of that enterprise were largely ignored. A young mother working for Oracle jumped to her death because of her divorce, and no media covered it. Another mother could not afford to pay to fight to protect her daughter from an abusive father, and no media  would cover it.  That father later drugged, raped and killed his own daughter and cops in the San Joaquin Valley just watched as many were involved in similar crimes themselves.

Wives married to men trafficking drugs as was exposed by San Jose Mercury Reporter Gary Webb in the 1990s were screaming for attention, and no media covered it. Much of this was captured on the Rackauckas recordings, that until now remained largely a secret. 

By 2016 court clerk David Yamasaki was operating  a machine of corruption that took homes from families, traded children in custody battles and charged fees and fines to the poorest of families as he built an empire that no state agency or law enforcement agency would touch. Then he moved to Orange County in 2017 and started it there. 

This time, there is a new DA in town. Todd Spitzer won the 2018 election for district attorney and sent former DA Tony Rackauckas packing, Then Spitzer got to work hiring an elite team to uncover the people behind the snitch scandal, and to investigate claims made on social media about the county’s family courts. 

This website has been an important part of that investigation. Reporters from Orange County are asking for more information. Currently being investigated are divorce attorneys Tom Tuttle, Keith Dolnick, David Weinberg, and CPA Drew Hunt who is said to have rigged accountings in order to  help sex and drug trafficking enterprises in divorce and custody cases. Rebecca Bailey. PhD and unlicensed reunification camps torturing children by court orders are a top priority in the investigation. 

                               FBI INVESTIGATION : OPERATION  BROKEN HEART 

Grand Juries and FBI investigators  monitoring  social media sites connected to this blog are asking for your help. They are asking for court documents, names, and photos to support their investigation.  While this investigation was brought to the FBI and DOJ by newly elected Orange County DA Todd Spitzer , the investigation has now been opened to include Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Napa, Solano, and Sacramento counties. 


Contra Costa’s Grand Jury began interviewing people associated on social media who gathered for a May 2018 protest. Testifying before the grand jury several residents reported horrific stories involving Child Protective Services and Family Court Services where court executives including David Yamasaki have been the masterminds and architects. 

Funding what is certainly a criminal enterprise are court reporters who prepare transcripts and only accept attorney trust account checks or cash payments, bailiffs who transfer cash to lawyers and judges in courtrooms without detection and litigants who pay with traveler’s checks, Bitcoin and other currency that is being converted to pay off the mortgages on the homes of judges and other elected officials. 

Most scandalous are the reunification camps operated by Dr. Rebecca Bailey where court ordered payments send children into what is essentially concentration camps costing divorcing parents $40,000 or more. Bailey’s program weaponizes children for wealthy abusers. Children are reporting being tortured until they agree to live with an abusive parent and reject the parent, usually a mother, trying to protect the child. 

Bailey’s contact are also appearing on leaked papers and accountings known as the Mitchell papers. Information from those papers show Bailey worked with lawyers appointed in divorce cases and government lawyers to cover up large sex trafficking rings that kicked off perks of sexual favors to cops and judges. 

If you suspect your divorce lawyer or former spouse could be involved in sex or drug trafficking and you are facing retaliation  and abuse in the courts, please contact us immediately at: or contact the Orange County Register and ask to speak to any reporter working on this story with District Attorney Todd Spitzer. 





Orange County DA Todd Spitzer to Break Up Family Court Corruption

According to a source connected with  newly elected Orange County DA Todd Spitzer, the FBI has been called in to investigate  several court clerks, judges and divorce attorneys  for obstructing justice in CPS, divorce and custody cases following the transfer of court executive David Yamasaki from Santa Clara County in early 2017.

Orange County  has been fraught with jailhouse snitches and federal investigations of the county’s traffic court cases, Recent emails leaked from the DA’s office indicate family courts are being investigated for covering up money laundering, drug enterprises and sex trafficking rings.


Ambulance chasing is to personal injury lawyers as case rigging is to  California’s family law attorneys. These lawyers chase divorces involving private businesses with crimes to conceal and family homes with millions of dollars in equity.

Divorce can put companies at risk. Inflated expenses, cash funds, and tax evasion secreted away from shareholders can be exposed when an ex spouse’s lawyers and accountants dive in to determine the value of community property.

According to sources involved with the investigation, since 2000 ,  small groups of lawyers have been rigging cases to get before certain elected judges or appointed private judges.

Emails discovered in a private email account of Mr. Yamasaki and  a Silicon Valley divorce lawyer known as “Black Tulip”  indicate large payments flowing to lawyers, family court services and experts who are handsomely paid for court appointments.

Cases appear to be  rigged when court clerks assign a case to a judge during an exparte request, or when cases are originally assigned. Clerks investigated during the 2015 traffic case scandal who were not indicted, appear to have moved either to divorce cases, or into private businesses benefiting from the criminal activity.  These individuals troll new divorce filings and in some cases work with lawyers before the case is filed to get it before a corrupt judge. The ” clients ” have no idea this is occurring such that a disqualifying 170.6 challenge can be lodged.


A critical component of this enterprise involves the emotional, financial and physical abuse of former spouses who may know too much .  Secret surveillance, personal computer hacking and cell phone Stingrays are regularly  used to discover what a spouse knows. If that spouse is determined to be a threat based on an ability to expose a former spouse’s secrets, the enterprise moves in to have reports issued to a judge that  that  claim a former spouse is ” crazy” . ” abusive ” or mentally unfit to parent children, or to remain in the family home. Stripping women in particular of their home and their children is so destabilizing, it changes the game for the enterprise.

Staffers in Family Court Services, or CPS,  appear to issue reports favorable to the enterprise such that the report can be rubberstamped by a judge, which helps the enterprise avoid detection.

Spouses busy fighting move out or supervised visitation orders are too fragile to challenge the financial aspect of a divorce case.

Before mandatory JCC,  or emergency screening hearings occur, the enterprise has already rigged the outcome of custody decisions  with judges working for the enterprise in return for future employment in private judging, mediation and arbitration once they leave the bench

The FBI investigation has focused on Dr. Rebecca Bailey, and her reunification camp following news reports by NBC Bay Area.  Parents scouring the courthouses for other victims of the enterprise have also become investigators best sources, as few DA offices are prepared to properly investigate family courts and related cases.

SECRET AGREEMENTS- FLEAs (Family Law Elite Attorneys)

Divorce lawyers calling themselves ” Elite” Family Law Attorneys  (FLEAs)  have been known to law enforcement, and the courts since 2000. Little has been done to stop these lawyers, whose work  and misdeeds remain largely underground.

FLEAs operate regular legal practices in the area of family law, where 80% of cases are quickly resolved or settled. For the other 20% , FLEAs identify a spouse with secrets to hide and focus on destroying the other spouse in a divorce case in order to protect secrets could result in criminal charges. This conduct serves to protect clients who are  vulnerable to a criminal enterprise orchestrated to protect the secrets from the IRS, the DOJ and the FBI.

Businesses in the  marijuana  industry, transportation, professional sports organizations and tech are the main flow of cash to the FLEAs. Bad cops collecting cash and turning away from drug and sex traffickers act as a freeway for cash payments and bribes to elected politicians, judges and private divorce lawyers. Above board these lawyers are paid with the sale of the family home, or rental properties, but behind the scene far more money is moving in illegal payments.

Well paid lawyers are loyal and protective of the criminal enterprise.

In Orange County, as designed first in Santa Clara County, lawyers, minor’s counsel and private judges are assuring payments of cash to pay off loans on the properties and investments of the judges whose disclosures are carefully monitored by the press.


Divorcing spouses are often surprised to learn a former spouse is willing to sell real estate to pay legal costs in effort to drag out cases. And many spouses are surprised to learn courts willing to sell these houses to pay the enterprise, rather than preserve community property as the law provides.

Victims of the criminal enterprise report high conflict custody disputes left them ill prepared to recognize the scheme to sell the family home.

Most alarming has been the discovery that elected judges in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Diego, San Francisco, LA and Orange County regularly fail to disclose their real properties on the required From 700. Worse are cases involving private judges with real estate holdings that are not required to be disclosed.

Emails between Black Tulip and Court CEO David Yamasaki indicate Rebecca Bailey has been one of bad actors assisting the enterprise in laundering money, abusing children and silencing the parents who dare to speak up. It is estimated that Mr. Yamasaki has orchestrated the illegal transfer of billons of dollars of California home equity in the state’s family court cases caught up the web of a criminal activity designed to separate children from their families, and sell off the family home in order to operate.