Divorce Attorney Elise Mitchell's Private Files Document Blow Jobs to Judges

San Jose Family Court:  Christmas  Protest During Hanukkah

Parents ignored Judge Lucas’ FAKE  Order as they blasted the San Jose Family Court with Megaphones , Picket Signs  and Christmas decorations in an effort to bring media attention to how California Courts are harming families. 

When the parents  left, on the last day of Hanukkah, they left a decorated  Christmas Tree filled with ornaments in memory of children who were killed, committed suicide or taken from their parents because of family court judges and corrupt divorce lawyers. 

These parents have been protesting the courts for months. Often led by Scott Largent and Michelle Chan with mighty megaphones, the parents are not backing down on getting their voices heard and media attention to the courts. 

Scott Largent was arrested last May for using a toy megaphone in the exact location of Monday’s protest,  but Santa Clara County Sheriffs have reportedly backed off as Sherriff Laurie Smith refuses to enforce what many believe is an unconstitutional order issued by Judge Lucas to silence protesters during the Persky recall. 

Judge Persky was recalled in June 2018 and is now trying to get donations to pay legal fees that are a fraction of what many parents paid to get divorced in his court. 

Meanwhile, lawyers inside and out of the courthouse have become aware of criminal investigations that could get many divorce lawyers disbarred and judges removed from the bench after a link to Judge James Towery and DA Jeff Rosen reveals pressure on the San Jose Mercury to not cover family court issues date back to Rosen’s 2010 election. 

Michael Lazarin was present at the protest, as he continues to fight to raise awareness related to issues involving domestic violence, which impacted his biological daughter, Audrie Pott, who committed suicide in 2012.

Lazarin has been legally abused by Lisa and Larry Pott. the greedy evil step parents of Audrie, who made a fortune off the young girl’s death. Many  in  the upscale Los Gatos community believe Lisa and Larry  used Audrie’s  death for greed and profit. 

Sheila Pott , Audrie’s mother,  is reportedly being investigated for tax fraud and criminal charges related to claims she  assisted in an unreported campaign donation to Jeff Rosen through here real estate lending career. The Potts reportedly used private lawyer Robert Allard to arrange illegal  payments to Rosen that were not properly reported during Rosen’s 2014 campaign for re-election as Santa Clara County District Attorney. 

Also present at the protest were family members of Alycia Mesiti,  the young girl whose mother and aunts could not afford to protect her in family court, where Judge Persky and Judge Chiarello   refused to follow the law and gave custody of Mesiti. and her brother. to their father, despite his criminal history of abuse and refusal to pay the most basic child support. 

Several protestors had been victimized by divorce attorneys Heather Allan, Hector Moreno, BJ Faden, Jessica Huey, Valerie Houghton, Walter Hammon, Leah Amini, Elise Mitchell, Sharon Roper  and Bradford Baugh, lawyers who are currently being investigated  RICO activity where they obtain court orders to send kids to supervised visitation centers or reunification camps where many local judges and lawyers have a financial interest.  

The protest included both mothers and fathers who are united  in exposing family court corruption where  greedy divorce lawyers are appointed to represent children, and fail. And where corrupt judges use  Kids for Cash to the lawyer with the most cash and favors. 

California’s Judicial Council has tried to silence these protestors for decades. Rumor has it they are frustrated the parents in Santa Clara County, the county that just recalled Judge Arron Persky,  simply will not go away.