Highest Ranking  Lawyer Who Protected California's Judges: Criminal Investigation for the Holidays


Attorney Victoria Henley:  Cockblocker for  Judge Complaints

For decades parents in family court complained about judges violating the law, separating families and acting in a manner that should have removed them from the bench. That time was a heyday for judge crimes and judicial misconduct. 

Parents had no idea where to complain , or who could help. 

Since 2010 the ubiquitous use of the internet has helped these parents to organize. To find others. They have started websites, and blogs. They have flooded social media groups, online chats and Instgram. They have even used anonymous names on popular video games to communicate with children judges kept them from. 

Now the children are growing up. They are speaking out, they are searching for parents they lost through legal abuse and where judges abused their power. 

California’s State Auditor  is now monitoring complaints and Victoria Henley the WoMAN who blocked these complaints and protected bad judges will be called to a special place in hell. and jail, for what she has done to families and children. 

Without your children this holiday season because your ex over paid a greedy crooked family law attorney?  You are not alone. Post for your county and we will connect you to others. 

​ File you complaints to the State Bar and the Commission on Judicial Performance. 

Keep copies and resend if you do not get confirmation of your complaint, as the CJP and the State Bar are known for losing complaints. 

Redact your information on a complaint and sent to Q , we know what to do! Flood them with complaints. Complaints must show patterns of judges violating the law, or the California Code of Judicial Ethics – need help ask. Write often . Post everywhere. 

Through Recall, Impeachment or Complaint Judges who harmed families must be removed from the court! 

Complain about a Judge in writing to: