Episode 5 – Part 4: Promoting Healthy Narcissism

Welcome to Episode 5 of this special “Rethinking Narcissism” Podcast.

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People ask, “Why rethink narcissism?” and sometimes they get a little confused from the title that somehow I’m talking about how great narcissism is – that’s not what this book is about at all. In fact, it draws on many of the most promising and recent research findings that we have in understanding narcissism and includes my own research in helping people understand narcissism in a different way, which gives you a much clearer path through all of this than we’ve ever had before.


If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you go to The Narcissism Test on and take the brief online version of the measure my colleagues and I have developed (The Narcissism Spectrum Scale) to see where you or your loved ones score (if you want to take it as if your loved one was taking it; many people have).

I really think this will help you make the most of what I’m going to be revealing over the course of the podcast and I hope you’re as excited to tune in as I am to share!