7 Ways To Make Room For Spiritual Healing After Divorce

7 Ways To Make Room For Spiritual Healing After Divorce

Going through a divorce can really rock your world, leaving you feeling confused and fragile. It’s tough to see the path that will lead you out of the fog…now that it’s over and you’re officially done with the whole divorce system, how do you let go and move forward?

How do you create space for your body, mind, and spirit to heal?

Spiritual Healing After Divorce

You are the author of your story. You are your own champion. You can turn your loss into leverage. Take charge of your happiness and feed your soul with these seven directives.

1. Allow yourself time to grieve.

Divorce can hurt physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Allow yourself space to get through raw feelings of grief, to truly honor the struggle before diving into recovery and reinvention. Be patient and grace-driven with yourself in the healing process.

2. Learn to control your thoughts.

Our thoughts trigger our emotions. Our daily thinking patterns lay the stage for what we believe and how we live our life. During times of stress, we tend towards negative thinking. Try to notice when your thoughts lead you to shut down emotionally, and take time to reflect on those thoughts; how can you release and redirect them so you can make room to heal?

3. Free yourself from a victim mentality.

Many of us fall into a habit of blaming, especially when it comes to how we treat ourselves. Often, we self-blame because we see ourselves as the victim. Unfortunately, playing the victim can become a habit that excuses us from accountability and shackles us to shame. But do you really want to convince yourself that you’re at the mercy of other people or a situation? Or do you want to live an empowered life?

4. Notice your fears.

Common fears that result from divorce are abandonment, rejection, judgment, and isolation. Notice your fear “trigger points”, and think about how that played out in your relationship. Are there ways that you can learn to recalibrate and recover from these fears? When you’re conscious of your mind and body balance and you feel secure, you begin to deactivate your fear center which allows you the freedom to walk into spiritual healing.

5. Lean into your emotions.

To heal, it is necessary to face the pain of your divorce. There are feelings you ignored which became stored in your body. When you are in patterns of denying and storing emotions, your brain identifies suppression with trauma. To recover from trauma, you have to face the thing that was painful enough to make you deny these feelings and overcome it. By allowing yourself to honestly face reality, you’re starting the healing process. Facing your vulnerability makes you more able to grow spiritually.

6. Renew your mind.

Pray for the wisdom to discern truth from lies when it comes to your divorce. Surrender the lies, and fill your mind with truth, thereby lifting the burden of guilt. When let go of the parts of your circumstance that you can’t control, you create space to think clearly.

7. Be Present

After divorce, it’s easy to ruminate on where you may have gone wrong. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t be anxious about the future. Being in the present moment, taking part in vital energy that all human beings share, is the essence of spirituality. It enables us to escape from regret and anxiety. All you’ll get from dwelling on the past is bitterness, and that will only stunt your healing. Ground yourself in the present.

This process will take consciousness, choice, accepting responsibility, time to reflect, and an awareness of your energy and thought processes. But things will get better over time. You can heal from the brokenness and reemerge new, whole, and healthy.

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