The Coronavirus Pandemic – My Thoughts and Support

The Coronavirus Pandemic – My Thoughts and Support


There is no more pressing issue today than the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the planet. And all of us are heartbroken by the ravages it is inflicting on our societies.

Most of us in every country in the world are now confined to our homes, with our families; doing everything we can to stay healthy and sane and not crumble from fear.

But what about those people who are stuck indoors long term with a narcissist, with nowhere to go, wondering if they will survive this catastrophe.

In today’s Thriver TV episode I want to show you the common threads between narcissism and the Coronavirus outbreak and how to help yourself get through this crisis.

And, of course, offer you my loving support through this unifying human ordeal.



Video Transcript

Today I want to talk to you about the coronavirus pandemic.

Never before, in our lifetimes, have we experienced such a crisis. Most of us never believed such a situation could ever happen.

Individuals, entire communities and systems are crumbling.

I know many of you have lost your job and are now faced with all sorts of hardships.

You may be stuck with narcissists right now, in quarantine, not knowing how you can survive this.

And, there are many of you who have your children being kept away from you by narcissists because of the Coronavirus situation.

What does all this mean?

What is it showing us?

How can we respond?

I really hope I can share with you how I feel about the Coronavirus pandemic in today’s Thriver TV episode.


The Correlation Between This Situation and Narcissistic Abuse

It’s incredible how many correlations there are between what is happening right now and experiencing narcissistic abuse.

I know that many of you are now going through both situations simultaneously.

All of it triggers fear.

Lots of fear.

Which brings up the feelings of being powerless, helpless and not having control in the situation. Here, just like with narcissistic abuse, you don’t have control. You have no idea of a timeline, outcome, where this will end up, and the state you will be in when it is finished.

Of course, this is terrifying.


The True Solution to Out of Control Situations

The most important thing, now and always, when you don’t have any control over the outside, is to take your power back on the inside.

In times of overwhelm, horror, and literal survival programs being triggered, when your life and hopes for the future are being threatened, it may feel impossible to become fearless. Especially when horrible things have happened or are happening or could happen.

Regardless, the most important work is to lose the fear.

Before narcissistic abuse and Thriver Recovery, I would have said to you that it is impossible to lose the fear unless something on the outside changes so that there is nothing to fear anymore.

Now I know that this is not the way that Quantum Creation works.

I have seen it, so many times in my life and in other people’s lives, that regardless of how shocking things are, when you turn inside to lose the fear and start to value the state of your emotional soul health over and above everything else, that the most incredible synchronicity, solutions and support can appear.

As a profound shift.

Even when logically, no support seems possible.

You see, your superconscious self, teamed up with every available permutation that exists in “life”, has “a way”.

God/Source/Life is unlimited. There are no limits regarding what this Force can create.

In times of great crisis, we are being pushed to become extraordinary.

What is occurring is incredibly crippling, causing devastation to so many individuals and groups of people, in ways that we could never imagine previously.

I know this is huge. I know this is one of the biggest calls ever to lose the trauma and the fear of what is happening right now. And I know that you may have already been smashed by this. And my heart goes out to you in spades.

However, I know that this is what we are being pushed to do right now. We are being called to create an extraordinary emotional, empowered uprising that could not only change your life forever as a result of what you’re going through but also significantly up-level our world.

Those of you who are now Thriving after being narcissistically abused have already made the Quantum Switch.

Meaning, emotionally from the inside out, you created your own personal breakthrough into your values, truths and the health of your soul regardless of the insane, seemingly unstoppable brutal treatment you received from the narcissist.

Against all logical and “reality” odds, you then experienced your passage from the bowels of hell into the glory of your True Self and True Life.

Even when you were diagnosed with health conditions such as C-PTSD and other diminished realities, such as other devastating health conditions, financial annihilation and accumulated losses on horrific levels, that you were told you would never recover from.

You didn’t just recover, you burst forth into a Self and Life that was more buoyant, confident, healthier and expanded than the life you were experiencing even before you went through narcissistic abuse.


Because, rather than try to deal with the narcissistic environment that was out-of-control and uncontrollable, or stay focused on the devastation that it brought you, you turned inside to release all of your trauma that was inside you to come home to a solidness, power and faith within yourself that was unshakeable, and literally unstoppable.

This was the dedication, to resurrect your inner world, even when your outer world lay in tatters at your feet.

As you stepped into your soul graduation of Who You Really Are, the narcissist lost all power over you, and a whole new world of possibility, synchronicity and miracle came into view.

Then you understood the truth, that within the experience that you know as your life every permutation is available, regardless of how circumstances seem. What presents in your experience, as your experience, is the match of the inner experience that you consciously cultivate.

When you lose your fear and become emotionally solid, even before anything shifted outside of you changes, even when there is no way … a way must appear.

It’s Quantum Law – so within, so without.

From every cell within my being, know that the same truth exists here within this pandemic, regardless of outer evidence.

This is the Thriver Way.

This is how we discover just how powerful we are.

The incredible irony is, in non-extraordinary times we are never pushed to find this gear. Often, we just cruise along because there are too many distractions keeping us away from shifting into our true power, and quite frankly there is no urgent necessity to.

The greatest evolution is usually brought on by the times when we are the most powerless, terrified and helpless. It’s by overcoming our inner deepest fears, that we mine our most spectacular gold.

Narcissists push us to do that.

So do global pandemics.


A Beautiful and Powerful Channelled Message

I want to share with you something that was sent to me just recently. Its origin is from Jeff Vander Clute who is CEO of “Sourcing the Way”. Jeff is a visionary and channel for World-Changing Times.

This is what Jeff shared:

“After listening to people talk about the Coronavirus for weeks, I had the inspiration to tune into this novel life form and ask it to tell me about itself. What came through was a list of its top-five gifts, followed by a message for humanity. I will admit to being somewhat surprised by the information. My hope is that these words will help people to trust that life is acting with benevolent wisdom.

The gifts of the virus:

1) Slowing down humanity’s frenetic activities
2) Activating networks of cooperation
3) Spreading helpful DNA
4) Upgrading humanity’s immune system
5) Creating the conditions for peace and well-being

Here is the message that the Coronavirus had to share:

My friends, it is true that I am here to bring closure to the inharmonious ways of being that are causing harm to humans and the whole web of life. All the same, I am not a vengeful being or anything that is intended to be destructive. I am simply the rebalancing agent in the overall equation of life’s evolutionary process. By fighting me with fear in your hearts, you oppose the larger natural systems and cause me to take other forms.

What I am, and my fundamental purpose, will not be deterred, for I am life itself acting through the available forms of distribution. The virus that you see me as is one of an endless series of permutations. This kind of process is one of the ways I innovate life forms and deliver new DNA sequences that will eventually be shown to be helpful. The back and forth between humanity’s collective immune system and the virus is raising consciousness as humans examine their interactions, and it is literally increasing the intelligence of the superorganism that is the species as a whole.

These tests are normal. I repeat: These tests are normal. For those who can hear this message and embrace me easily, you already know that fear is a much more lethal poison. For those who will not be comforted by these words, one day you will know that I come as an act of love. When you can open to the love that is at the very heart of this situation, the crisis that your media and governments decry will transform into a flower of life, spreading new consciousness and multiplying circles of cooperation. Pay attention to your thoughts and see if you can identify the benefits of redirecting humanity’s attention from incessant wars and violence to the common “enemy” that I am willing to be perceived as.

Love will go this far, and farther, to bring healing to the mind of a young species that is still in the process of remembering itself as a divine incarnation. Yes, you are a divine incarnation capable of fabricating realities based on goodness and beauty and compassionate understandings, actions, and beliefs. Believe me when I say that I, too, am here as an act of compassion. Accepting me in this way will lighten your heavy burden for the divine sends only love your way. Sometimes this love takes curious forms in order to circumvent your intricate defenses against waking up to your own glory. I can assure you that the most functional strategy will be to embrace me as a friend of the human family.”

I truly hope that Jeff’s message has been able to bring some love and relief to you.


We Are All in This Together

When being narcissistically abused you may have felt like you were going through this alone. That is why this community is so incredible because we have, or are, all going through this together.

And now, we really are all in this together.

As humanity itself.

And, as Jeff so beautifully channelled, rather than distrust and fight and war with each other, we now have the opportunity to come together.

We can anchor into love, kindness and the recognition of what is really important.

We have the ability to reach out and assist in this situation. We can offer a helping hand, an act of benevolence, the sharing of our resources and our loving support.

We can be kind. We can demonstrate Love itself.

And, we can sign up to our most important mission that we ever have as a human being in our time on this planet. Which is overcoming the fear and pain within the only person who we have the power to do that with, ourselves, to become and lead the way as a loving, empowered solution for ourselves and others.

When our personal life can no longer go on as normal, we can no longer avoid, ignore or make excuses for the parts of ourselves which are not working, that we didn’t want to confront. Or the patterns and people in our life who are not representative of our values and health, and any false trajectories that we are living that are not true for us.

These times signal a season of profound personal catharsis, as an incredible growth and evolutionary opportunity.

In this time of deep incubation and unavoidable triggered emotional trauma, our Inner Beings deeply need our attention to emotionally integrate and heal.

I know that these times are tough. Hard beyond measure, and terrifying in ways that we’ve never had to experience before.

Yet, I also know that in the greatest fear lies the brightest gold and that so many of us, myself and every other activated Thriver in this community, is deeply dedicated to going for gold.

There is nothing else to do if we want to save our own lives emotionally, and possibly literally, as well as enhance everyone we love and everything we touch.

Losing our fear and becoming peace and power is the only thing to do, to help birth, through us, a brand-new world.

I know that we have the power to do this, one person at a time.

If this deeply resonates with you, and you know you have to find another way to get through this, I want to help you achieve your powerful passage through this.

Please come into my free webinar.

In this webinar, I take you through how to recover from the fear and pain of narcissistic abuse, and I want you to understand that what I’m sharing is exactly relevant to overcoming the fear and powerlessness with the Coronavirus pandemic as well.

It’s exactly the same healing that’s required.

It’s all about purging the fear and taking back your power.

I really hope that this has helped, and my heart and love go out to you in spades.

And I can’t wait to connect with you with my love and support in your comments and questions below.